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hi all,

I had a lap chole yesterday to remove my gallbladder after years of messing about with it (long boring story).

im very glad it's out, but I'm in a bit more pain than i thought i would be, and I just want to see if anyone else had anything similar - so I know it's just me being a wimp, and nothing I should worry about!

The op was apparently a little more complicated because of quite a lot of adhesions, and my gallbladder being bigger than usual and more full of stones, so they had to fiddle about with it to get it out.  Can't really remember exactly what, I was a bit out of it!

I got out of theatre at 2pm, drank straight away, no nausea, no pain, nothing at all.  Home by 5:30pm.  All good.

7pm, bit of discomfort.  Took painkillers.

9pm definitely pain now, not discomfort.  

Its now 6am and I still can't sleep!  I'm VERY swollen over the gallbladder area. And that's where the pain is - radiating round the right side, through to my back, and into my upper back.  Liver area VERY tender to touch.

occasional shoulder tip pain from the gas, but this pain is constant. No pain at all over wounds sites, just a tiny bit of leaking.

im slightly better sitting up, but not enough to sleep, lying on my back is almost OK, but can't lie on either side.

no nausea, no vomiting, eating is absolutely fine - it's just this pain!  I'm tired and I want to sleep!

Anyone else had anything similar, and will I be able to sleep soon?

should be getting a call from the nurses today, so I will ask them - but sometimes it's just nice to know you're not alone.

thank you


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    I've had a shower and that felt lovely!

    im still not seeing quite right though?  Does anyone know if that's common?

    i can wee, so the nurses said don't worry too much, but it's VERY slow, and I never feel as though I've emptied my bladder completely.

    plan is to give it a week, and if it's still not right, then I suppose I should tell the GP?

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    Hi Rachel, I'm 3 weeks post op with an uncomplicated procedure as they called it and I'm still having problems with pain. Please don't expect to be up and running around in a week, whereas some people heal really quickly some of us don't so it takes alot longer and much longer than I expected. As yours was more complicated then expect to be sore but if you're unsure please go straight back to the hospital. Mine gave me numbers to call if I was unsure which I used at a week as I didn't feel that I was healing quickly enough but what I was going through is completely normal.

    Sleep seems to be a common problem because you can't get comfortable, I ended up going back to my gp for some sleeping pills to help.

    Remember your insides will take longer to heal than the outside, you've had major surgery and it takes time to mend.

    If in doubt about your symptoms then go back to your hospital but let us know how you're getting on and you're definately not along, we're here if you want to talk however small.

    Take care of yourself. x

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      Thank you.

      im feeling better and better every day.  My bruising is quite spectacular, but not painful.  But if that's what the outside of me looks like, I can only imagine what the inside might be like!

      Ive been outside for the first time today, and that was good to get some fresh air.  But the little things do tire you out don't they!

      I'm also sleeping OK now, which makes all the difference - everything seems worse when you can't sleep doesn't it.

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      Just take it really slow as you will tire very quickly and if you have any problems then go straight back to your hospital. While we can say if we've had something similar we don't always know if its something that should be seen by someone medical.

      Fresh air is good, it really helps me and you're not just sitting all the time.

      I don't think anyone prepares you for life after surgery especially as its keyhole so just don't rush it.

      Take care of yourself.

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      Oh my goodness my stitches are itching today!

      They're all dissolvable apparently, but sooooooo itchy.

      im very tempted to take them out, but I know everyone will shout at me if I do that, so I'm doing my best to ignore them at the moment.

      i wonder how long they will take to totally dissolve?  I imagine another week or so, and I probably won't let them last that long!

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      Hi Rachel, have they put a dressing over the stitches? Did they not give you any advice when you left hospital about them?

      For me the dressings drove me mad and soo itchy especially in the evening. In the end I took one dressing off on day 4 and the others on day 5 and I gently cleaned the wound. They did say I could take them off on day 6 anyway I did redress one and just put a plaster over it as I knocked some of the scab off. I did also put some gentle antiseptic cream on them and this seemed to do the trick. It did help having a shower. Obviously be careful as I found the 2 smaller incisions just had steri strips under the dressing which I left on until they fell off naturally with healing.

      If they don't look as though their healing very well then go and see a nurse to have them redressed or to ask for advice.

      Let me know how you get on. 


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      I'm washing and redressing the wounds every other day.

      every time I've had surgery before, I've ALWAYS had a wound infection.  So I'm trying really hard not to this time!

      I'm washing them with antiseptic soap and putting clean dressings on.

      I think they'd be absolutely fine without dressings now, but I know me, and I know that I'd pick and poke and mess about with the ends of the stitches.  So I'm keeping them dressed for as long as I can just to stop me messing with them!

      Theres only one (the top central one) that looks a little bit icky.  Not really bad, but there is a bit of pus oozing from that one.   But onky a tiny bit, I'm not worried about it, and I'm already on the big antibiotics.  But if it gets worse, I'll get it swabbed, just to make sure.

      its just the itching!!

      i should mention, that I'm a terrible patient, and I always take my stitches out myself, always do it before they say I should, never take whatever pills I'm supposed to - but I'm trying really hard to be a better patient this time!

      (I even took some of my staples out after my first c-section.  That was definitely not a good idea, and definitely not something I would recommend!)

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      Yes, I do that too, I did tweezer out the ends of the stitches and one bit was longer than I expected, just remember to stop pulling when it starts getting difficult!!

      The itching does stop, when I took my dressings off they told me to leave them so the air gets to them which did help. It does take a little while though for the itching to stop.

      Just keep an eye on the one thats oozing. 


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      Oh dear - it all started to go wrong after this!

      youve got to laugh though.

      i couldn't deal with the itching any longer, so I removed the knots - please don't do this folks, it's a really, really dumb idea.

      then in the night I must have scratched my belly button wound, and disaster!  Blood everywhere!  Clots everywhere!

      had to wake the hubby up while we worked out how I could get myself to A&E because it was Sunday, so nowher else open, without me bleeding all over the new car!

      tea towels and sani pads to the rescue and I trotted to hospital and admitted what I had done.  As I'm staff and should know better, they laughed at me.  Quite rightly.

      poked about a bit and decided that my massive bruises weren't normal (I thought they were) and that I've got a haematoma under there somewhere.

      but at least the itching has stopped!

      So now I'm dressing them again every day - and yesterday i realised i must be allergic to whatever the sticky stuff is, so now i have to try to think of another solution to that!

      i knew i was getting too full of myself when i said everything was wonderful.

      no pain still thiugh, so that's all good.

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      Oh dear RAchel, yes it was the sticky stuff that drove me nuts too. I could hardly see my stitches  they were so well done and they were dissolvable too so when I did tweezer the end only bits came out as they'd already dissolved. You must've got through to the internal ones too, and yes if you're staff you should know better smile but then we all do things that we shouldn't.

      Yes I was curious about your bruising as I didn't have alot but then we're all different with how our bodies deal with things.

      How is everything now? Is everything ok? You did say you were a bad patient and you picked with things!!

      Its good you haven't got any pain though. xx

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    Well, yesterday evening was interesting!

    as I was getting up off the sofa (which involves kind of twisting a bit because we have a corner sofa, and i cram myself right in that corner), I also managed to sneeze at the same time.  Then I got a REAALLY sharp pain in the sort of gallbladder area, and was in pain all night, so much so I couldn't sleep.

    went out today with the family, and walking around was really not comfortable.  I had to keep stopping and bending over - what with the swelling and everything, I'm sure people thought I was in labour.

    i thought I was going to have to call the out of hours Doc it got that bad - but it seems to be settling now.  So I don't know what I pulled or tweaked in there, but it didn't like it!

    dressings are off now, and wounds are looking as good as you'd expect I suppose.  I know I don't make neat scars, so I'm not expecting them to look pretty, just as long as they don't get infected, and today they're looking OK, so I'm not going to redress them, as long as I don't pick and poke at them.  Otherwise I'll have to either put the dressings back on, or find some gaffer tape for my hands.

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      Hi, sneezings the worst just try to hold yourself when you do it, it does help. Someone has also mentioned before pushing a cushion into your stomach while you sneeze.

      Don't over do it with walking, you really need to take it easy as you're healing inside so it'll be really sore. I think it was 2 weeks before I walked upto the village shop and that really wasn't far but completely wiped me out and gave me pain under the ribs. I would do smaller walks and increase them slowly. 

      There's alot of healing going on under your ribs which does take sometime.

      Yes if you can leave your incisions open without covering them it'll stop them itching and forma better scab as long as you don't pick them!!

      Take it easy and let me know how you get on x

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