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Hi Ladies

I am new to this group, I had a Lap full Hyst with both ovaries taken out 6 days ago. For the first few days I felt great I would actually say I forgot I'd had surgery until I moved then I was reminded, but still managed to make coffee, walk around (a little not a lot) but I seem to be worse as the days go on.  I know it's very early days but backpain is terrible and only managed to go to the loo today (no2 sorry for being graphic). My problem is I actually feel like a fraud, that the pain is managable and I should be up getting on with things, my family are great and keep telling me to take it easy but I'm finding it really difficult just to sit about.  As I said I feel like a fraud............has anyone else felt anything like this, as I said I know it's early days.


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     You should listen to your body. Allow yourself to heal properly and don't rush it.

    It sounds like your family is great so take care of yourself. Everyday you should be feeling a little bit better so just be patient and only do what you can without pain.

    Good luck with your recovery.


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    OH Tina..

    That was me!  Tough cookie!  I was up 2nd day home cooking and cleaning, and bending, I just held my stomach up... In a matter of a few more days I split open my incision in 2 places sad  It was bad... doc yelled at me sad

    She kinda "sealed me" with Silver Nitrate.  Guess what.. I went home and kept doing... BOOM... split again... had to go back.. NOW I REALLY GOT IN TROUBLE.. 2 days bed rest, FLAT!  I was scared.. but it worked... I kept over doing... was driving and shopping the 2nd week...

    I still have as of today these "side pains" when I sit too long or drive.. (9 weeks post op now)... she said thats normal, takes a good 6 MONTHS to really feel much better...

    Its major surgery... I guess I didnt feel it as THAT BAD, but it is INSIDE...

    I wish I listened better.... please take this time for YOU... it's so hard.. you sound like me!

    The weeks home actually flew... I went back to work 8th week...

    Please take care!

    A friend in the USA smile

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    Thank you Kathee and Mintdream for your advice.  My family really are brilliant Kathee, and "him indoors" has been amazing too wont let me lift a finger, albeit he still hasnt learned the washing machine (we've only had it years and years lol).

    Mintdream, thank you too, I definately wouldnt want anything tearing or spliting and will definately take your advice to calm down a bit. This is such a brilliant site and looking through other  posts and replies I really feel as if I am not alone in going through this.

    Wishing everybody a safe and speedy recovery.

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    Hi Tina.

    I am 11 days post TAH with BSO.I have good and bad days but yesterday was my worst. Cut down on painkillers and decided after a 5 minute walk at lunchtime that i was up to a 10 minute one at tea-time. Well i got to the end of the road and realised the pain was building up.By the time i crawled back through my front door i was crying in pain.Crawled up the stairs and fell onto my bed

    Back on codeine and was still in bed when hubby got in from work

    He was shocked as this was the first time i have gone to bed during the day since leaving the hospital.Today tummy is still really sore and swollen and been on the couch all day😞

    So even when you feel like you are getting better you still need to take it easy and don't overdo it

    Rest,rest and more rest is obviously the way to go.Don't feel like a fraud and accept every offer of help that is given,after all if you are anything like me you have probably spent all your life helping others,now its their turn to repay the gift

    Take care and let me know how you are feeling now 😊

    Sharon xx

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      Hi Sharon

      Im now 23 days post op and I totally feel for you.  I too did the "that felt ok, I could go anothe 5 mins", I didnt realise that those 5 mins felt almost like an hour and I too had tears and got really angry at myself for not heeding the advice.  I think because I felt good and when I looked in the mirror I certainly looked "like the old me", but I forgot that most of the operational trauma is the "inside" of our bodies and not the outside.

      I too ended up back on the painkillers but thankfully I have been obeying the rules since then and now I'm not on any and being VERY careful of my activities.

      I hope you recovery is going better now and like you I am used to helping others so am enjoying the help that my lovely hubby and daughters are giving.

      Hope you are doing well too and obeying the rules biggrin

      Tina xx

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    Hi Tina,

    im 13 days post op everything gone via keyhole/ vacuum procedure and can identify with the feelings of fraud, I've mentioned it frequently to friends and family. However I also know that although this surgical way means generally less pain and a quick recovery it is still major surgery and the body still needs time to recover. 

    30 -40 years ago you would have been in hospital for two weeks for open surgery for a hysterectomy, what would you have been allowed todo - nothing - just walk about, poss the day or so before leaving you may have been allowed to carry a cup of tea from the tea trolley to a fellow patient in early post op days.

    Today stays in hospital are much shorter, cost of keeping you in, the poss. of getting a bug to mention a few, but the recovery time post op really remains the same. Go home keep mobile and do little or nothing for first 2 weeks. Easy if you have good support at home. But the truth is that we forget once we get home we feel pretty good we don't look too different and if the hospital said we could go home we have to be. O.k - right! No it's a bit like my driving instructor said to me after I passed my driving test, he told me just because I passed my test didn't mean I was a good driver,it just ment that I was deemed safe to continue my learning on my own. 

    So when you feel like a fraud just remind yourself that the hospital say your safe to go home to continue your recovery and that is going to take some time and you'll not get any prize for the fastest recovery!

    Im taking walks up the road now everyday, I would have liked a planned, do this week one that week two suggestions, but got nothing but don't lift more than a litre, my friend had similar op a year ago and was told to lift no more than a small cup, so I lift a light mug and avoid more than my iPad / phone.

    i was very fortunate not to suffer any pain post surgery and have only used paracetamol or ibrufen - that's for my stiff knees that I had before op.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth recovery and hope you get one too, don't feel bad, get it right this side of the 6,weeks check and hopefully it'll be smooth sailing over the next few months.

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