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hi everyone....

my dear friends.. i am having trouble posting in the forum keeps coming up that there is a user already in use... anyone else had this prob??

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    hi ses linda and all my good friends

    what a time im having... the pain is just driving me mad.. went to doc she changed my tablets around again to see if it helps..all blood test coming back clear so im really disapointed that know one seems to know why im in pain.. c the rhymatoligy on the 19th of sept... doesnt seem along way away but when u wake up every morning and ur still in pain u think... why is this.

    im getting panicky about tom, the funeral of my dear friend..its at 9am and i might have to go in my wheelchair that ive got..but no one that going has seen me in it so im a bit worried.. my family dont make me feel good about having to use it ..its like u can try with ur stick... but its a buriel and i know i cant stand long.

    oh has anyone ever had breathlessness and heart beating fast?? or is it a left arm is killing me tonight and my feet..hope to find u all feeling not to bad at the mo...

    di xx

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    [quote:ce69d29d9f=\"Anonymous\"]hi everyone....

    my dear friends.. i am having trouble posting in the forum keeps coming up that there is a user already in use... anyone else had this prob??[/quote:ce69d29d9f]

    Hi there,

    I have had that problem in the past but not recently. I will report the error to Admin.

    Melbi x

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    Hi Di,

    Do not feel in anyway silly for using your wheel chair as the length of time you will be at the service may cause you more embarrassment than actually using it, as if you are unsteady on your feet for instance you wouldn't want to fall eh? You should know hun which you feel best xxxxx Have you not got crutches as when I am very unsteady I use both of them for support and making sure my daughter is close by x.

    I have had heart beating fast when my thyroid levels were not right as if I can remember they were going over active and so the medication had to be reduced........ I had breathlessness from taking amitrptline but I think that is as I have asthma too???? Sorry I am not much help xx best see your doctor hun to get checked, it could be that you have anxiety with what has gone on xxx :cheerup:

    Anyway hun have you had x-rays done? as the blood tests are to rule out things like Lupus etc so thankfully it is nothing to bad you have....... that is when the doctor diagnosed my fibro due to all the blood tests being ok!!!! I have now found out though I have cervical rib which is an abnormality an extra rib in the neck that I was born with.........which can cause numbness and pain in your shoulders and arms....... now it is in black and white why I get this pain!!!! just keep getting the doc to get answers as that is what I did and I also have it clearly in black and white due to the x-rays that the osteo arthritis is in my hip as I got an up to date print out for my DLA claim!!!!

    Do take care hun and gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxx :hug:

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    Hi Di

    I hope it all goes well for you today. Will be thinking about you!

    Ses is right when she said don't worry about using your chair! We all worry too much about what others will think! You have to do what is best for you and what will help you get through the day. My daughter use to worry like you! She had to have a tube through her nose into her stomach for liquid feed. People use to stare when I was out with her. In the end she didn't let it stop her going out. :lol:

    It wasn't easy for her but if people wanted to stare it was there problem.

    She used to just stare back at them! :cry:

    The breathlessness could be your thyroid levels or it might also be due to the anxiety of going to the funeral and how you are feeling. :cry:

    Keep going we are all here for you :lol:

    Hope everyone is doing alright today!

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi Tess, Ses and everyone

    GP appointment went ok, pleased I had managed to get up to full dose and that I was feeling more positive. He had a newly qualified doctor with him and at one point, turned to explain to her how the fibro had changed my whole way of life. It was quite comforting for me because at times over the last six months I have wondered if it was all in my mind and not real at all. So to have it explained to another doctor brought it home in some ways that I really do have this condition. What a shame all new GP`s can`t sit in on a consultation about fibro, we might not have so many problems making them understand! Have to go back for a review in a month.

    Hope everything went ok Di and you managed to cope. Hope everyone else has not had too bad a day.

    Take care love Linda

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    Hi Linda and Everyone

    So pleased that you had a good positive appointment with your doctor. When I went last my gp and a new doctor in with him and he was explaining all about fibro and the symptoms. He did ask my permission first. Like you say all new qualified doctors should know all about the condition.

    I have had a few more aches and pains during the day. Think we have some rain on the way it looks stormy outside! Feel better than I did last night not so tired and light headed.

    Hope everyone else is ok with their pain today.

    Love Theresa x x

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    Hi there folks,

    Getting a cold, as I keep sneezing, I guess there is bad weather again due to my aching body :oops: Glad you had a positive appointment Linda, it is so nice to know some doctors sympathize with us, as a lot do not as we all know!!!! I have received a letter as I requested for a doctor to have a chat with my group members, but as it was he is very busy but as told me to contact a Rhuematologist in a hospital, and so today I contacted someone else that believes in this illness, I hope he does reply as it would be good get support from him, anyway we will see? :roll: I do hope you are ok Tess xx and I hope Di you are taking things easy xx

    Just hope tomorrow is a better day gentle hugs to you all xxxxx

    :cheerup: :rose:

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    Hi Ses & everyone

    Its the last thing you need is a cold! Do you have the flu injecion each year! I don't normally have it but last year my doctor gave it to me while we were going through the process of finding out what was wrong. He had probably go Fibro in mind at the time and that is why he gave me an injection for flu before I left his room. :lol:

    Going to ask for one again this year now as sure if we caught the flu would be far far worse for us all on top of everything else :cry:

    I hope you are ok Di and yesterday was bearable. It must have been a very distressing day for you! What Ses wrote in her poem makes you feel that at least they are not in pain anymore and with their loved ones!

    Do come on at talk to us when you feel up to it!

    I didn't sleep to well again last night and couldn't settle as more pain than usual. :cry: Try to keep myself busy during the day take my mind off it but not always that easy lol :cry:

    My last day looking after Molly today! Shall miss out little conversations now she is going to school. Will see her a lot still as my daughter only lives ten minutes away walking distance for me!

    Hope everyone as a better day!

    Love Tess x x

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    HI there Tess, Everyone

    I had the Flu injection one year and I had an awful bout of flu so I do not have it anymore due to that reason, it did however stop me from smoking as I had trouble breathing and so put me off the dreadful habit, and there is no looking back, so it did something for me, but I wouldn't have it again!!!!

    I do too hope you are ok Di xx my cousin that passed, it turns out that they do not know her cause of leaving us and the sudden shock of her passing was awful so I kind of understand your pain, we just have to take each day as it comes and it does get easier as she is now a :star: twinkling in the star watching over you xxxxx

    I did not sleep very well last night due to the pain in my shoulders, so distressing it must have been three o' clock before I drifted off? and then I was woken by my two year old so he greeted me with a kiss......... very sweet but extremely tired....... my turn for a sleep in tomorrow as we take it in turns me and my husband smile

    Anyway I do hope you all are having a good day and I hope the sun comes out ? 8)

    Take care xx

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    Well its 7:19 in the morning and have been up most of the night. The pain in my shoulders and my hip has kept me awake most of the night but also the pain in my broken toe. I caught it yesterday and think I have rebroken it !! the pain is the same as last time but am having my MRI scan this morning at 11am so will get them to check it out then.

    Hope every one is coping well at the mo but with the changeable weather not too sure. I had a wonderfull time for my birthday on the weekend in cornwall, my husband took me to rick stiens restauraunt in Padstow for dinner and did loads of walking but did find it a bit hard to keep up.

    Have to go and see my orthapedic surgeon on wednesday as well so hoping that my scan results will be back through by then.

    Hope to speak to you all later and let you know how I got on

    Helen A

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    Hi Helen and Eveyone

    Hope you get on ok at hosptial this morning. Bet your toe was really painful when you knocked it! :cry: Hope you haven't done anything else to it :cry:

    It was good you had a nice birthday and managed to do some walking!

    Like you say it is difficult keeping up though. When we were away I did quite a bit of walking but for the last two days couldn't manage it and had a rest. My husband didn't mind as we went to the Telford Ironbridge and their were muesums that he was interested in. He went out for walk on his own and liked it better as he could stand and read all about things.

    I was quite happy resting and having a read :lol:

    We can't win with the weather with this condition. Theres hardly a day where we don't get some form of pain! :cry:

    Talk to you again soon.

    Love Tess/Jane x x

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    HI there Everyone,

    Had a bit of retail therapy yesterday due to my birthday this coming Monday!!!! but I am in so much pain in my arms today!!! NIGHTMARE......... I just wish that the weather would get better as we have had no summer, at least we would have a break from this pain, hopefully???

    I hope you are ok Helen with your MRI as I got a bit claustrophobic, but it was to find out why I had lost the spacing in the spine and it showed the degenerative discs, but I do not expect you would go into the machine like I did like...... an overhead scanner tunnel, I remember getting palpitations and the noise from it startled me!!!!! I hope the doctors find out your troubles? I think it was a few weeks before I got my results, so you may have to wait before your results come through.

    I hope you are ok Di and Linda? I know how you feel Tess as walking well, that is a task and a half especially when you are with a few that walk as though they are in a rush to get to a queue for the biggest sale in Debenhams lol, they are like an Olympic contestant and we are like a contestant in a snail race lol anyway we do get there in the end!!!! :smile:

    Going for a meal next Saturday due to my husband working so that will be nice for a change as we do not have a social life due to me being the way I am, pretty rubbish as I am 36 on monday but anyway just got to go with the flow!!!!

    Anyway I do hope everyone is having a lovely weekend xxxx Gentle hugs xxxx

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    Hi Ses, tess and everyone

    Hope everyone is not in too much pain! Been trying to rest this weekend as we are driving to the coast on Monday to see my brother in law. I know the journey will make me stiff and that I will be more fatigued than normal afterwards! I just wish I could get a nights sleep its so awful waking every day as if you`ve not been to bed. I can be fine one minute and planning what I should next then its just as if someone switches me off and I feel dreadful, sick and not able to carry on.

    How is your cold Ses? I have not been offered a flu jab, should I ask about one? Both my husband and daughter get one because of their health problems.

    well take care all will let you know how journey goes! Lol

    Love Linda

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    Hi Linda, Ses and Everyone!

    If I were you Linda I would ask for one if you want one. My doctor gave me one before he knew I had Fibro. Don't know if it was because I was anaemic at the time or whether he suspected that I had Fibro!

    I was alright with the one last year and going to see him and ask for another one this year! Think Ses said she had one and she wasn't very well with hers. :cry:

    I know I am ok so would rather have one and stop the risk of getting flu on top of everything else lol :cry: Have you ever had one before!

    Where about on the coast are you going? Have you got a very long way to travel! I hope you don't suffer too much with stiffness its not very nice.

    I don't drive as my husband does but I still have to keep moving my legs around on the journey. Although not too bad in our motor home as plenty of leg room. :lol:

    I know what you mean about not sleeping too well at night I am the same.

    You feel as if you have a hangover but haven't drank anything. I don't drink much anyway and wouldn't mind too much if I had been drinking lol! :lol:

    I hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow Ses and you really enjoy your meal when you go! :lol:

    I am going to a evening Wedding Reception with my daughter on Friday night so hopefully will feel ok for that. At least my toe is a lot better and may be able to have a dance if not too tired. My husband is at work and my daughters friend invited her and she had no one else to go with. So she asked me. :o I do hope we all get a good nights rest :lol:

    Well take care everyone!

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi there Everyone,

    Well it is officially my birthday now...........36 :oops: and I am so sick of this pain in my shoulders, off to see the quack tomorrow to see what she says about it as my hands seize up now and I do not think it is the fibro I predict it is one of my other complaints...... :evil: anyway my hands clam up and I drop things, or loose grip, it is awful, and the pain in my shoulders is constant, so much for getting orthopedic pillows :oops: I feel like I have been dragged backwards somehow????? anyway we will see what she says....... wear and tear they say???? :twisted:

    I do hope you have a lovely time Linda, and just take it easy with the driving goto a few service stations and rest hun do not over do it xx.

    Helen how did your MRI scan go? I do hope you are ok?

    I do hope you are resting Di too :cheerup: Not long now till your rhuematologist appointment, I hope they will support you xx

    Thanks Tess for your kind words..... hope it is a sunny day tomorrow ? I do hope the wedding you goto is pleasant too for you as when I went to my sisters I cried as I was one of the younger ones there and everyone was dancing but I couldn't due to the pain in my hip, so bless you hun, I hope you have a great time xx:cheers:

    Goodnight godbless to you all and I hope today is a better day for us all (pain wise) xxxx :roll: Anyway I invite you all to my cyber party :lol:

    at least we do not have to worry about dancing!!!!!

    :diva::redwine::smooch: :diva: :redwine: :hug: :diva: :redwine: :smooch: :diva: :redwine: :hug: :diva: :redwine:

    :choc: :bubbly: :cupcake: :choc: :bubbly: :cupcake: :choc: :bubbly::cupcake::choc::bubbly: :cupcake::choc: :bubbly: :cupcake:


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