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I apologise in advance, as I'm assuming a post like this has probably been written numerous times.

I'm a 25 year old guy who is pretty happy with life, minus the usual stuff; Job/ Money etc etc. 

For about 5 years I've been suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks which has gradually gotten worse over the years, so much so, getting on the Tube was a no-go, trains proved difficult and in certain public situations I can suffer. 

I finally went to the Doctors, about a year ago now, who prescribed 10mg of Citalopram and a course of CBT. I went to the pharmacist and got the medication. However, I done some reading on Citalopram [which put me right off] and haven't taken the medication. Infact the thought of it makes me feel Anxious and I know once I put one tablet in my system my Anxiety will kick in.

The CBT really helped, to an extent. I'm now able to go on transport, although, for example, when a tube/ train stops in between stops I really struggle still. I learnt different techniques to handle the anxiety but I feel that this is subsiding and I'm slowly slipping backwards. When I'm in public, and at work, I feel very anxious which brings on weird twitches and noises which people notice [They think I'm on drugs]. I know I'm doing this which makes things worse for me. 

Anyway, I've had enough and I want to now start taking my medication. I’m desperate to go on a holiday with the missus which I haven’t done in years as the thought of flying is terrifying. I'm nervous as anything.

I guess the reason I'm writing is because a) I feel pretty desperate; b) I would be very grateful to hear of other people's problems/ solutions/ experiences and c) does it really work??

I have a good social life, which usually involves drinking. Yes I can cut out alcohol, but usually once every two weeks, sometimes less, me and large group of friends go to Football and have all day drinking sessions. They're so much fun I don't want to stop this. I'd happily cut out booze on the usual Friday nights out or the quick one waiting for a train home on a rare basis but going on football trips is massive to me. 

Would a heavy session once a fortnight affect me at all on 10mg? 

Once again, I apologise if this post is constantly repeated and sorry for rambling on abit! Any advice or information big or small would, honestly, be hugely appreciated!

Thanks for reading.

All the best,


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    Cit tabs should certainly help. I am on 10mg they upped it to 20gm but these brought back my anxiety again so im back on 10mg. Have the odd blip but hopefully will stop altogether when ive been on them for a while.  10mg not very strong so try them. Good luck. 
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    Hi sean

    Firstly dont apoligise, its different for us all.  Im 39 and have suffered with anxiety/panic for all my adult life. In the past Ive taken a diff ad but had 5 years off it. Slipped back into the usual anxiety this year which got way out of control so have been on cit since July. 

    It does help for definite, Im going to be honest and tell you it will make you feel worse before you get better. At the time it felt that this stage lasted forever for me but in reality it was only 2 or 3 weeks. For me it has enabled me to live my life again. Drinking is fine (some will tell you different) I have found this is the same. Albeit dont be going overboard but your trips to the footy will be fine.

    Hope this helps. Happy to answer any questions. 

    Louise x

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    Hello Sean.

    I was on Citalopram many years ago and it worked wonders for me. I didn't drink at first while I was on it as I wanted to give them the best chance possible to get into my system and work. When I felt totally secure,mood and anxiety wise,I picked up on my social life again and would have a few drinks(ok maybe more than a few)lol. 

    I couldn't tolerate my drink as well as normal,got drunk quicker and I would feel slightly panicky and spaced out the day after.

    I went on them again more recently for anxiety but unfortunately I didn't have the same results as last time.

    Im sure you have tried all distraction tequniques while on the tram like headphones,playing game on you phone,newspaper crossword...One thing that really works for me is making up little spotting how many cows I see or how many electricity pilons. If I'm walking the streets and feeling anxious I may count how many red cars or something like that. It does help distract you and take your focus off the anxiety you are feeling.

    Im sure you won't have many problems on the Citalopram and if you do,you can just stop and try something else. Not everything works the same for everybody xxx


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    Wow I didn't expect such quick responses. 

    Thank you all very much for taking the time to comment, it's really helped. I'm definatly feeling confident enough to start a 10mg programme. Infact I'm going to book a Doc appointment today [I threw away my previous tablets when I moved flat a month ago, Typical!!!].

    Thank you so much! Looking forward to being able to contribute in the coming weeks/ months! 

    Kind Regards,


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      Good luck with them Sean.

      I do hope that very soon your anxiety will be a thing of the past.

      We are here for you if you need us.

      Take care xx

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    Hi Sean

    Don't be afraid, I'm now on my 4th course of citalopram (spread out over a number of years) and YET again it has changed my life. Or a better way of putting it is, I got my life back.

    Yes for 2-3 weeks the side effects are tough. Keep people near you at this time and look after yourself. After this period you will start noticing hte days just getting better and better (as long as cit is for you - if after 6-8 weeks you haven't felt any difference at all go back to the doc as there are plenty of AD's/SSRI's out there)


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      Thanks alot, Holly.

      I'm glad to hear it's worked for you and improved your life.

      I'm now looking forward to it! 10mg isn't exactly a high dose either so I'm gona go for it.

      All the best!!

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      Yes 10mg is very low so you may not feel much of a benefit on this. I was on 10mg for about 7 days and moved straight up to 20mg from there (this is usual to allow initial side effects to settle)

      Good luck and let us know how you get on!


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    Hi Sean,

    I'm on 20mg for the second time in my life and quite honestly I can't recall ever feeling so relaxed as I do now. The start up (on 10mg) was a bit rough but nothing worse than the anxiety I was subject to anyway.

    Just a word of note, try having a couple of beers before a big day out on the pop. A lot of people say they have no trouble drinking on them but I certainly cannot. Hangover and crushing anxiety / paranoia like you wouldn't beleive.

    Anyway, all the best



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