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Hi, i'm newish to this and started taking orlistat on monday. (I had tried before but to be honest i don't think I was in the right place so I am determined this time) I've read people saying they're not eating enough fat and i'm confused. Any help would be great, some ideas of what is best to eat would be really great :lol:

I would like/need to lose 56lb realistically.

I am going to make a point of coming on here at least once a day to keep myself motivated!

start weight 13st 14lb (ah even writing it hurts :shock: )

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    Hi there,

    I have been doing this nearly 3 weeks now although I had used them many years ago and had great success then....just didn't keep the weight off which was very stupid.

    The tablets need you to be eating small levels of fat to work, 30 grams a day and no more than 15g in a meal otherwise the side effects kick in.

    A rough idea of my day is bran flakes with fruit and a fat free yoghurt for breakfast, salad for lunch with lean meat and to make it a bit more interesting and add the fat i use low fat dressings and have a bit of cous cous or something, dinner is usually meat and veg or pasta. I think most people keep the breakfast as abt 5g, lunch at 10g and dinner can be the remaining 15g but of course than can vary day to day depending on lifestyle etc.

    I read people's comments every day and it really is helping me, using bits of everyone's advice is a fantastic way to keep us on the straight and narrow!!

    Best of Luck.

    I have a lot to lose and I am finding myself setting smaller targets in my head so I can pat myself on the back at each small stage like 1/2 stone or something so that I am not daunted by the actual loss needed!!


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    from reading peoples first posts on here it has become apparent that they are not being given enough or correct information when they are initially put on the tablets.

    What you need to remember is to look at TOTAL fat content. best to stick to things that are under 5g's per 100g's of total fat. You are only allowed 30g's of Total fat per day but no more than 15g's at any one sitting/tablet.

    I have tried to split my fat out over the day, I know my evening meal is going to be the one which has the most fat in it so have allocated 15g's for that. Then lunchtime 10g's and for breakfast 5g's. Obviously don't always take in that amount of fat so this enables me to have some nibbles during the day if feeling hungry. I nibble on snack a jacks and/or dried/fresh fruit.

    My breakfast is usually a bowl of mixed cereal's. special K, fruit&fibre and shreddies with a handful of cranberries.

    Lunch is usually ryvita with WW cheese spread, grapes and carrots low fat crisps of savory snack a jack followed by either current bun or soreen bread or low fat dessert/yoghurt.

    4pm usually have a snack a jack or dried fruit

    Tea could be anything from pasta bake to full flung casserole (from low fat cook book) sausage, egg and chips followed by WW dessert. to beans on toast or salad.

    Couple of cups of green tea along with a few coffees and a tea before bed.


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    WW do brilliant sausages 1.9g's per sausage, (grilled)

    Sainsbury's low fat chips are 3.5 per 165g's, and that is enough believe me.

    Egg is about 4g's

    add some fried onions (fried in low fat spray) and you will be stuffed :D

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    Welcome I weighed 107 Kilos/16st 12lbs when I started on 13th April I know gross! I've been struggling with my weight for years with an underactive thyroid gland and had hip replacement two and half years ago. I've recently been going to see a Nurse practitioner at my GP unit for reviews and results of blood tests. She put me on the blueys when I got really upset (I really made a show of myself :oops: ) about putting weight on and struggling to lose it for years she to she asked if i'd like to try the tablets just wish I'd been to see her ages ago. I pop in to see her every two weeks for a chat and a weigh in, she is so supportive and as chuffed as me when she sees i've lost weight. smile

    Since then i'm pleased to say I've lost 10 kilos loads more to lose and weight loss is slowing down but i'm determined to keep going. I now eat far more, make healthier choices and eat far more regularly- I used to skip meals which didn't help just made my body go into starvation mode.

    My diet roughly comprises of

    [b:6742b43149][u:6742b43149]Breakfast[/u:6742b43149][/b:6742b43149] Special Kay/2 Weetabix/or other low fat cereal & cup of tea

    I log 400ml of 1% fat milk as my allowance for breakfast, cups of tea but rearly use all this but it's easier than measuring milk out.

    apple/satsuma for[b:6742b43149] [u:6742b43149]snack[/u:6742b43149][/b:6742b43149]

    [b:6742b43149]Lunch[/b:6742b43149] (in the week ) salad with tomatoes cucumber, thin sliced ham, Asda Good for You Pineapple cottage cheese, Mullerlight low fat yoghurt (Cheese cake flavours are my favourite), small apple,

    [u:6742b43149]Tea[[/u:6742b43149]b] weight watchers meal/Good for You(Asda) Frozen meal/Jacket potato with tuna & Extra low fat mayonaise/home made veg stew & weight watchers dessert or low fat trifle

    I drink No Added Sugar Squash with water (from a bottle at work further cups of), two tea, one cup of green tea with added flavour and a drink of Good for You Hot Choc before I Go to bed (Just found this week tastes like proper choc and frothy with only 37 calories for two heaped teaspoons, and 1.1 grams of fat I must admit I use 3 teaspoons :twisted:

    My treats are snack a jack caramel rice cakes , mini milk lollies, mini twister lollies a few maltesers, wine gums or a small yoghurt pot container of cookie crisps.

    Sunday lunch now comprises of a lean loin chop brushed with olive oil with bits of onion and peppers on top cooked in oven covered wrapped in foil, jacket potato, processed peas and gravy.

    Sorry i's so long but thought it might help to share what we eat[/b]

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    I really struggle with knowing how to work out calories and fat content of home cooked meals so if I do have anything else I tend not to take a tablet to be on the safe side - I'll have to look for low calory/fat cook book but must admit I usually end putting them back on the shelf as they usually have too many recipes I wouldn't use.
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