no more Prozac for me...coming off of it

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After various rounds of antidepressants and 3 psychiatrists, I landed on Prozac a few months ago.  Here are the problems: 1)  I am not depressed, I suffer from anxiety Sunday nights, Monday mornings and this leaks into Tues morning sometime (work related).  Rest of the time I am fine 2)  I have had multiple blood tests at my endocrinologist since Dec 2014 when I had half of my thyroid taken out and was diagnosed with hypothyrodism.  For the first time in over 5 or 6 blood tests, my liver enzymes test as elevated.  Drinking the same, if not less, than before.  What's the one variable that has changed?  You guessed it....Prozac.  I am tired of dumping 60mg of this crap that is mostly for depression 7 days a week when my issues are 2 - 2.5 days a week centered around anxiety.  If you are going to tell me that I can't have 6 - 8 beers a week without damage to my liver, well than forget this crap.  Not really doing anything for the anxiety and hosing my liver in the process.  No more thank you

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    Have you considered giving up alcohol for a few months and seeing what effect the Prozac has then?

    Prozac is great for anxiety as well as depression.

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      It's not great for MY anxiety.  Just got back from a physical today and my liver readings were within normal range (along with everything else, except a high blood pressure reading (the smaller one). New psychiatrist on Thurs morning.  He is the husband of my psychologist.  We'll see how the "team approach" goes

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    Hi Dan

    Prozac is for anxiety and depression, so if you have both or either, its a good medicine.  Of course if you're considering coming off it, then do speak to your doctor and whatever you do, don't just stop or you'll be in a worse predicament than taking the meds.

    Anxiety on 2.5 days.  You know, when I sufferered with anxiety (constantly) I used to feel quite low on Sundays and it eased on a Monday.  I can only put it down to change in routine.  I looked forward to the weekend but when Sunday came round I think subconsciously I was thinking of going back on a Monday.  But I liked my job so it wasn't as if I was depressed about going back.  I didn't feel really ill about it, but could always feel this gloom descending on a Sunday.  Probably most people feel like that with the thought of returning to work after a great weekend, but when you have anxiety it just feels worse.

    It used to happen with holidays too.  I'd get excited about a holiday then when I was there I'd feel gloomy for a few days (maybe the excitement wore off)??? and then I'd feel gloomy again the day before going home.  It wasn't just the 'oh no, my holiday's finished', it was a real gloom plus anxiety.  Once home, I'd settled back down again.

    Do you enjoy your job?  Is there anything bothering you at work?  It may be just like me though, feeling uneasy/unsettled for no reason at all.

    Prozac really will help though - it does take a long, long time to work and takes a lot of perseverance.  Its not for everyone though.

    I took meds for many, many years and I never gave up alcohol.  I didn't drink excessively, but had my usual couple when out, wine at dinner, cold lager in the summer ....... didn't harm me at all, but of course we're all built differently.  It is of course better not to drink when on these meds, but I certainly didn't want to give up one guilty pleasure for years wink

    Try reducing the meds first - slowly over many months.  You might actually then find a lower dose is better, but if not, then continue to lower.  Do this with your doctors help though.

    K xx

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      Thank you so much for your kind words and advice. Your comment about the holidays is so me. We have a family reunion in wildwood nj every late June and everyone so looks forward to it but the day before leaving I am a mess. I am sure no one is bumming out as much as I am. The other thing about Prozac is the side effect of having anger issues. I have almost gotten into 3 fist fights (me as the challenger) since taking Prozac. That's not me. I have always been told by all these docs that "antidepressants can help with anxiety also". Operative word "can" not "will". Not working for me and f'ing up my liver. I am paring down off of it and have a new psychiatrist that will actually listen to me that I have a 2 -2.5 day anxiety problem not a seven day depression/ anxiety problem

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      That's interesting you mentioning anger issues since starting Prozac - I had exactly the same on the first SSRI medication I ever took which was Seroxat.  The meds helped me recover from years of anxiety / depression but made me incredibly irritable and I got really, really angry over the slightest things, which started upsetting me.  I was changed medications and I became calm and happy.  All SSRI's work differently for different people, and probably why your doctor said they 'can' help you because you have to find the right one for you.  Its trial and error and can take a long time.

      It could be worth trying a different medication, but of course you don't know how that one will react for you either.  I've heard Escitalopram is a good one. has less side effects and works quicker than most - I've not taken this one, just what I've read and heard on this site.

      For me, having suffered 16 years of anxiety / depression which took over my life, finding medication that completely cured this and suffering the side effects was better than continuing with more years of anguish.  But they're not for everyone - some people can't tolerate them.

      Since I've been off medication I've taken an 'over the counter' medication called 5-HTP and l-tyrosine - a natural SSRI which has no side effects and can be started / stopped without any withdrawal - works quicker too.

      I need something as I do slide into a gloom, so I researched for ages and found these, which are becoming popular.  I buy mine in our town shop or you can get online.  You can't take them when you're on Prozac or any other SSRI's as can't mix them.  I bought a book all about 5-HTP too (can't advertise here but can pm you) and it really opened my eyes about why we get anxiety, depression etc - its physical (though of course the mental state can play a huge part in a lot of people too).

      Have a look online about 5-HTP - these can really help if you're thinking of coming off Prozac.

      Its good finding a psychiatrist / doctor that listens.  I had a super doctor (who did eventually leave boooo).  Its good talking on this site too as many people understand completely what you're going through.

      Something else which has helped me is relaxation.  I don't just mean slumping on the sofa, but learning to let go of all tension in your body throughout the day and in whatever you're doing.  Difficult, but with practice it does work, not immediately, but with continued practice it does.  Learning to 'float' through the day, when you're walking, driving, anything.  Anxiety thrives on tension, and we subconsciously hold our bodies in a state of tension when we're anxious.

      You will get over this - I never thought I'd ever recover, but I did.  

      K x



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