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Ever since giving birth I've had very bad dizziness I have days where it's not so bad but today has been one them days where I can't walk if I get up I have to sit down and stay there for around a hour because I'm scared to get up I've had chest pains on and off all day they have just started up again now so I took my blood pressure it's 132 /91 my pulse is 80 ! I really believe it isn't anxiety I know I'm anxious but I really believe it's symtoms of whatever it is causing me to be so anxiouse with it its not like I read something and have them symtoms the symtoms come on there own I feel asif I have the flu constantly or something that's how dizzy I am ! The pains in my chest go all in my arms and my back range from sharp to tightning dull pain I'm also getting headaches all the time I have anemia I'm on iron on third week of iron pills now ! I've had 2 lots of paracetamol and nothing goes away not the head pains or the chest pain my partner today has just made me worse he basically lost his head with me telling me he's sick of these made up symtoms and that he is fed up of going to doctors ect with me he said I go thinking I have one thing then they tell me I don't have that so it changes to another thing 😭 I'm telling myself it's all anxiety but the symtoms aren't getting better instead I feel I'm getting worse and worse I feel like I'm dying ! I'm under major amounts of stress I've become scared to be on my own because of how poorly I feel my blood pressure was high at gynos yesterday too but when I got home it was back down to 110/77

I'm at a loss end of never feel well and if I do its for a split second of me feeling a little better and I'm back to worse again I'm actually scared to stand up on have ways to cope with my anxiety i write or I tie my hair up constantly to take my mind off the feeling but none of these work for whatever this is !

It's asif I'm dieing and nobody cares or knows

These are my symtoms

Tightning in head causes pain for minutes then goes

Fullness in ears

Dizziness I feel I'm spinning or something

Blood pressure low then will go randomly high

Tight chest / feel I'm not breathing

Chest rib back shoukder pains

Leg pains hand pains arm pains

Randomly will get thuds in chest /throat

Shivers in head /face like when you get shivers up your spine

Randomly will go really tiered and everything seems bright

Random coldness I will shiver violently and get goose pimples

I can not explain how poorly I actually feel I feel drunk / hungover severely constantly

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    This sounds,like anxiety. You blood pressure wasn't horrific or your pulse. In the middle of my first anxiety attack my pulse was over 100 and BP was 165/116.

    The best thing to do is calm down and breath slowly through your nose. I have also started taking a walk if I felt that I was getting nervous.

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    Hi Steph 

    I can say I have had most of your symptons you have described the thuds in the chest pains in joints legs/arms/back and I had the fullness in the ears and dizziness I have convinced my self ive got heart problems cancer and all sorts you feel a sense of being lost /going mad and doom,you feel every heart beat and i was constantly checking my pulse, My heart felt like it was missing beats and I would wake up having a thump in my chest and i even had palpataions for two and a half hours one night oh then theres the "lump in the throat". all symptons of anxiety and Im sure others will relate to other symptons. along with this im going through the menapause. so you are not alone my love. Maybe your partner is reacting like this because he doesnt know how to help my husband used to be the same but this time my symptons have been a lot worse because of the menapause but my husband is now a lot understanding as it has/had hit me quite bad this time. But im on meds hopefully for not to long and im seeing a bit of light. going through anxiety/ depression is totally awful this site is really good as those on here are going through the same and understand they dont diagnose they are people going through the same thing and are very supportive. I hope you get the help you need my love and your partner will start to understand a bit more 

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      Perfect response Sue. I am 8 years post menopause and I used Paxil for only a year 7 years ago.

      I am now on different meds that appear to be working well. I don't care if I have to take them the rest of my life if they make me feel good and normal and have some joy.

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      I am the same diane I think I have being going through the menapause for about twelve monti didnt have the hot flushes as i have the mirena coil so it was more difficult to tell.for three months I cried every single day I was so low in mood I put it down to the SAD condition I have in the winter, I was irritable and I just wasnt snapping out of it. I knew I was going through depression and anxiety as I am an anxious person but i asked for a blood test just to check and it came back yes i was going through the menapause too. Thank you for sharing as you are bad enough with the anxiety when my doctor told me I was having it twice fold because of the menapause symptons I think she felt geniunely sorry for me. If i was to come back again im going to choose to be a man!!
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    Hi I found out I was anemic back in January it caused my first panic attack I was put on iron tablets 3 time a day and I had nearly all your symptoms it was terrible for week until my doctor changed my iron tablets to different ones and made such a big difference I still had anxiety but a lot of the physical symptoms we away think I had a reaction to then might be worth a shot could be the issue for some of ur symptoms x
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    Oh wow how is this not sinking in that it's anxiety ?? I really am not getting relieve from anything I'm trying normally I can I feel like I'm too far gone like I actually do feel really unwell but I've had bloods taken for a few different things don't know exactly what as it was gyno stuff and doctor stuff ect but surely if anything was wrong it would of been picked up ? I had a ecg done after my son and it was normal too but I really just 100% belive there missing something I feel like ill never get better and I've never been this bad before I'm actually not leaving my house which I'm a outgoing person it's crazy I feel lost I couldn't even eat tonight because I started feeling really poorly and getting strange symtoms does everyone get like 15 different symtoms a day ?? I feel like I'm mad like ill tell doctors my symtoms and they can't find a cause at a all but look at me like really are you sure ? Lol they all say my symtoms don't add up either which really frustrates me xx
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    Hi Steph,

    Have your doctor give you a complete check up. Make sure you are not dehydrated.

    Dehydration causes blood pressure to change when moving from flat to standing position causing dizzness. 

    If your doctor gives you a clear bill of health then pursue getting some help for generilize anxiety and depression. They both may cause tingling, body ache and chest pains.

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