Nobody talks to me!

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I don't know what is going on. I feel lost, stuck in a cave, in a dead end, or in a well with water and I can't get out. I'm 21 years old male. Have no friends, no family, nobody to talk to. Every day is the same for me. Nothing exiting happens. I wake up, go to work, go home and then go to sleep. (If I could sleep at all). It feels like if I was half awake and half asleep 24/7. It makes me sad when I see other people happy. It seems to me that everybody is enjoying life but not me.

Nobody talks to me at work. Sometimes I just start talking to them but then they look at me as if I was a weirdo!

I know that I'm intelligent because people have told me that before. I am good looking, have a pretty face but I'm skinny (6ft2 / 10 stone). (Always have been skinny, since I can remember). I've never had a gf before. Haven't even kissed a girl in my life!

Life is a viscous circle for me. Just gets worse and worse! I spend my weekends all alone in my flat. (Nothing else to do anyway). Nobody talks to me and I don't know why.

Went to the doctor last month coz I nearly killed myself! I don't see the point in living, when it hurts that much. He gave me flu 20mg for 4 weeks, I'm on 40mg now for 2 days. I don't feel them helping though. I'm experiencing a few side effects. Weird taste in my mouth, dry mouth, thirsty, sweaty hands, feel squeamish, All in all I feel like a zombie since I started taking them. Plus I don't really feel hungry, it's more like pain than hunger.

I better stop now I could go on and on forever.

Is there anybody out there who is like me?

Any help would be great.


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    Hi iamalone

    It could be the illness that is making you think everyone is ignoring you???

    Paranoia is very common when suffering from depression :oops:

    Stick around here and also try the depression forum too, there are lots of lovely people who are also suffering depression here and on the depression forum.

    Okay, it isn't the same as going out and chatting with people in the outside world but we are all people never-the-less; we just have a computer screen in front of us.

    Give the tablets time to work - 4 weeks in is still early days.

    Click here for Depression Forum

    Don't give up and keep posting here and on forum above, we are all here to support each other.

    Melbi x

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    You are not alone. There are plenty of us out here who get as depressed as you. Depression is a vicious circle and its very hard to break it, but you have taken a step towards breaking it by going to the doctor and trying out the tablets. It is very hard to take that first step! Well done for doing it. You should congratulate youself. In fact, we all should . smile

    Please post more. We are listening.

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    Hi Mellib and no celebration,

    thanks for the replies. I didn't know that there was a different forum for this. I'll copy and paste it there.

    maybe I'm not alone on this webpage. I stumbled across it yesterday when I was googeling for side effects of flu.

    I'm feeling a bit better 2day. But i never know it could hit me again quickly. I think I'm experiencing rapid mood changes at the moment.

    Is that flu maybe?

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    I feel like you sometimes, dont really have any friends and noone talks to me much. I found this site really good, it just taking that small risk of posting something and someone replies! Its brilliant smile Its easier to talk to people on here because they understand. And if i can talk to people on here it might make the next step abit easier, going and talking to real people!lol

    Keep hold of that good feeling!

    The orb fairy

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    Morning All and especially iamalone,

    Reading some of the posts on here can be extremely scary for first-time might put you off taking it due to the side effects or it could make you realise that taking it is the solution to all of your problems.

    Flu is certainly not an easy pill to swallow...all of us who are taking it are finding the side effects differ....dry mouth, no appetite, lack of sleep, vivid dreams/nightmares....some have none at all. But thinking about it from my perspective (having been on Flu for some 13/14 weeks) I am so much happoer for taking it and feeling a lot better then I was back when i realised I had depression.

    We have all felt alone at some point due to this condition and with help of this website and the people that post on it, i can guarantee you will feel better about life....the support you get from the other sufferers is invaluble and will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Just posting for the first time can make you feel apprehensive as you dont know what to expect back, but we are all here to offer support and as much guidance as we can to help get you back on the right path and back to feeling happy about your life.

    Keep posting, it will make things much easier to talk about your thoughts and feelings - dont bottle them up.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

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    thank you all

    I'm having difficulties to register. Lost my last one.

    Yeah it all looks quit good this place here.

    I have never talked to anybody about this.

    There is one thing I would like to mention, I'm a \"professional\" cannabis smoker for a few years now. It use to make me feel good, but not anymore. Just sometimes like when I play games on my ps3 I enjoy it. Thats when my mind is so to say switched of.

    Can't stop, I'm addicted to it.

    Last night it took me about 4 hours to fall asleep. I was thinking positivly tho. Had a good feeling about this site here.

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    Smoking weed is not going to help your depression, in fact, it will make it worse. Trust me, I know!

    Did you say you were goig to try therapy? I think you should give it a go alongside the meds.

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    Hey everyone, thanks for your post hightower

    I just don't understand why nobody talks to me. Nobody comes up to me and asks something like hey how r u doing? Nothing! There are about 50 people here in the office where I work. There are days when nobody says a single word to me. They just look at me quickly then look away and ignore me! It's annoying and confusing. I just don't understand why not.

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    That was me who posted the last post. (Guest)

    @no celebration:

    I know that weed just makes me feel worse. I find it very difficult to stop. Must say that I have only smoked about 5g in the last month and that is nothing really.

    Have the feeling that fags r much stronger too since taking flu. They taste totally different too.

    No, I didn't say anything about therapy, don't know much about it. I would like to hear more about that. How does it work and where can I get that?

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    Well you can ask your GP for NHS councelling but you will only get 6 sessions I think, but that will be free. There is normally a long waiting list though. I had a long waiting list so I asked my GP if she could recommend anyone and she gave me the details of this group of therapists (in London, are you London based?) who are private psychotherapists which I contacted and arranged a meeting with. I am now seeing a therapist once a week and its helping I think. Maybe ask you GP to suggest some local therapists if your NHS waiting list is too long. Or you can go onto the BACP (British Association of Councelling and Psychotherapy) website who have a list of registered therapists. (Google BACP)
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    Good Day every1,

    every1 have a good weekend?

    I got steaming drunk on Friday. Woke up with 1 off the worst hangovers ever. It was dreadful! My head was killing me! Don't think flu and alcohol goes well. Was fine when I was drunk. Day after was almost not worth it. It was that bad!

    Anyway, felt a lot better on Sunday. Somehow I think flu started to work. Sunday was a great day. I feel as if I have nothing to worry about, don't give a f**k, it's all good kinda way. But yeah can't really explain how. Maybe really chilled out and laid back. Today feels even better than yesterday. Hope it lasts.

    But still the same crap as usual here in work. No1 talks to me. No1 said anything to me yet. So annoying!

    all the best

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      Hi Guest:

      How does it go when you initiate conversation with your coworkers? Try a low-intensity style and show interest in them. They may warm to you.

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    hey imalone

    well done you on your positive post

    who cares about getting drunk lol

    you are feeling good now that is all that matters

    melbi x

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    Did a quick google search to find a little hope and inspiration from people who have experienced or are experiencing something similar to what i feel. You posted "Nobody talks to me!" a year ago and it still has relevance ... 7 billion people on earth and to some degree we have all experienced some sort of extremely similar pain.

    You sound a lot like me. How you were raised and how you were treated has everything to do with who you are as a person, the energy you give off. Your circumstances condition you to be who you are. With that said, what you felt a year ago (hopefully has changed) attracted energy associated with loneliness. 

    I am in my mid 20's, highly qualified, goodlookig, slim and suffer from loneliness as well. I have never had a few gf's (3-4) which lasted probably a month each. Ive only kissed a girl once. So what is wrong with me? Am i attracted to the opposite sex? Confused somewhat? Lack confidence? Why did i not have family i can depend on or friends to converse with? 

    Truth is... i do not consider myself worthy enough. Pretending to be confident at work and accomplish earthly things without the relations with people means its all pointless. 

    So what have i done to try and feel worthy? I seeked sexual relations with guys but never found peace. Was that me? I dont think so. Im not as confident as i think (perhaps it the circumstances i faced that conditioned me to be this way). All i did was open myself up to emotional pain.. digging myself deeper a hole i already find hard to get out of. Typing this is difficult enough, my this allows me to begin to learn that i am the capitain of my soul. 

    I began gymming and swimming to try and build self confidence. God could not have placed us on earth to suffer, He surely wants the best for us and right now, im opening myself up to receive that. I dont want to be alone anymore, i want to share my life with people, share my thoughts, share my earthy possessions....

    I know that things can no longer continue like this forever and that eventually the pain wears away. 

    Thank you for posting "Nobody talks to me" Knowing that someone out there feels or has felt somewhat exactly like i feel gives me assurance that there is a God and He is working in our lives. The mere fact that i found your post affirms that. It gives me hope that i was not chosen to experience a divine pain designed for me... pain is sometimes self-inflicted and other times every single moment in our lives prepares us for what is to come. I would not have the empathy, sympathy, care and compassion for other people had i not experienced or currently still experience what i felt and feel. 

    You are being prepared for something greater in your life, hang in there, its tough i know, but pray to your creater for strenght... 5 years from now you going to be in a totally different space. 

    Goodluck Friend! 

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    I am at the opposite end of the age spectrum ( and female) but I do sympathize with your troubles. You are not alone but it is really difficult to get things into perspective when you are so low. I have had serious issues for most of my adult life, and am now on Flu - the latest in a long line of antidepressants. My advice to you is to join in with something. Whatever interests you have, there are people out there who can connect with you in some way. If it is at all possible, get a pet. Even a hamster or fish, will give you a focus to have something else to care for. You will learn empathy and love for another creature and become slightly less focused on your own issues. Both Mind and the Samaritans are good to talk to. Good luck.

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