Not been well at all....

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Hi ladies haven't well really since last Sunday.....what with one thing after another with peri symptoms........

anway Wednesday,I really wasn't well,2hours after staring my shift I was becoming hot, on way way upstairs to my locker BOY,I felt I well it killed me walking up those stairs I was becoming hot, I'm mean real hot, my body absolutely bloody ached very lethargic, ANSIt was becoming black....when I made it paseed my 

locker to the window i was slowly going the point that within seconds I had passed out and 2ladies from personnel found me....

i have NEVER fainted at all....I'd hit my head Obviosly falling back

anway half an hour later I was told I could go home obviously not fit for work, they were brilliant 

anway that day I made an appoitment with my GP...and hey I'm ok nothing wrong blood pressure was fine just to be told it was probably a 1off?

im guessing probably peri related?

then the following day at work for a few times I'd go black again and get hot BUT only lasting seconds then I would bee ok? Probably happened 3times all in the morning ?

now I'm ok except for the bump on my head boy I must of given my head a massive bang the bump is a big one?

has this happened to anyone else? Or do you know if it's peri related ? The doctor wasn't at all concerned 

can anyone help me out here? If it is related to the peri what should I be helping me :with : vitamins:food etc

not at the moment taking any vitamis

oh and 1more thing come just after lunch I'm starting to become tired! What should I be taking for this...I'm getting on average 8-9 hours sleep so I know this isn't happening because I'm lacking sleep

im 46..slim build...NOStress drink plenty of water any advice would help me out massively here ladies.

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    I have mentioned it elsewhere, but since I have been taking Vit D and magnesium my hot flushes/night sweats have all but vanished. Don't know if that's all down to vits, but I do know, unless we live in a very sunny country, we are ALL Vit D deficient. Worth a try.
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      Hi thanks for replying....

      my vitamin D has been low abit now and I'm on Fultium-D 800iu capsules.have been a while now.

      as I should b reading 50 and was only 40!

      been a while now this has only happened this once though?.

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    Awww Shelly,

    I'm sorry that happened to you. You seem to be doing everything right. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions on that. But that happened to me one time. I didn't pass out, but I got suddenly so hot, that I thought I was, I started sweating, head got woozy, and had to sit down. I believe it is peri related. Did you get the bump on your head checked out?

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      Also thanks for getting back to me......

      It's so frustrating when things happen and no one knows why?

      my doctor wasn't at all fased at all, that I'd passed out, took my blood pressure. Just saying its probably a one off?

      my bump is a mighty big bump, and bloody hurts when I brush my hair and catch it!!!!!!. 

      Luckly had no headaches though, Neh didn't get it checked doctor didn't even ask to check my head!!!!!?.

      just interested to hear of someone anyone for some advice as to what it could be? 

      What I can do/ eat /take to help myself and try to prevent it happening again? God I don't know just abit a tiny tiny bit of help would be ever so helpful!!'.

      thanks anyway.

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      Your doc must be friends with mines. He disregards everything I say or he has some answer for everything in say like I don't know what I'm talking about. My doc sucks.

      I'm sure one of the ladies will have some advice for you. Hope you feel well soon. Big hugs to you.

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      I felt that way yesterday however... I do believe I was dehydrated. It passed and because I was around the family I had to push through. Also I was having anxiety attacks around the same time. 

      I do feel the dr should have done more. I mean if your hormones are making you faint then he should have ordered some blood work.

      What IF it happens when you are driving....

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      sorry also if your vit d levels play a part get them checked again.

      i live by the beach in a coastal town and MY levels were bordering on low. I take up to 5000-7000mg vit d per week.

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    really sorry to hear that shelley.

    i so feel like  that when im walking that i purposely keep both my hands up front flat ready to shock proof any fall i might have so i dont hurt my head ( maybe we should wear helmets !! )

    on stairs i always hold on to the side banister ( or whadyoumaycallit )

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    Your blood pressure may have been ok when your dr took it, but that wasnt when you blacked out.............typical stupid dr, you wont know for sure what it is, could be anything, a sudden peri flare, low blood sugar, incase you ate too much carbs the hour before, and you were now getting a reaciton, or, yes low blood pressure, if its a low blood sugar fall sit down as soon as you feel it coming on, if it goes as soon as you sit down, then its your sugar dropping, but it will be because of peri thats its dropped, you shouldnt actually pass out with it, unless its a really bad sugar fall, so, try cutting out refined sugars from diet, and eat more protein little and often.   Or, sit down when you feel it coming on, and drink water immediately after, to bring bp incase it is this, but both can be caused by a peri flare. both blood pressure system, and sugar systems are affecting dyring menopause, some people bloods go up, some down, same with sugars, you can suffer with low blood sugar during, or, it could go high instead, just depends on your body, so along with vitamins, etc, to help peri, try this lifestyle changes as well, even if your already taking water in generally, if your pressure did drop, water helps to bring it back up, our systems are only affected temporarily, it shouldnt leave us with high or low blood pressure problems, and your not a true diabetic.  
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    Hi, lucky you being able to sleep!

    I found a good quality multivitamin plus separate b12 and magnesium.

    I never actually fainted but was close a few times.

    Worst at at shop once when like you I came over so hot and it wouldn't go I ended up sitting on the pavement with my head between my legs.

    The awful tired suddenly they call crashing fatigue. I always seemed to get that worse after a really hot time as well.

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