Not being able to "Catch" Breath? Silent Reflux?

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Long story very short, I am on an extremely limited diet as I have had debilitating IBS and GERD for many years that left me in misery. I have very few foods I can eat comfortably but now, after a few years of being fine on this diet, I am getting what I think are symptoms of silent reflux.

I do not really have flatulence but do get gas that seems to be trapped. If I position my body a certain way during these times, I can feel and hear the air bubbles leaking up. Pretty weird. Also I can make myself burp but it doesnt seem to relieve anything most of the time.

My biggest symptom is a feeling and inability to catch a deep breath. I yawn all the time trying to catch a deep satisfying breath. If I eat anything bad (chips) this sensation gets worse but it happens after eating anything. This morning I ate homemade turkey broth and got it!!!!

It is bothering me a great deal. My doctor recommended Zantac but I do not want to be relying on medications. I will be buying some the next time I go to town as I am desperate.

Does anyone else have this symptom? Were you able to 'fix' it? I find the difficulty breathing gets a bit better once food has been digested and SOMETIMES (Not all the time) it helps to get up and get moving.

I am grateful I do not have my old reflux symptoms, which was awful heartburn, chest pains, acid burps, sulfur burps, even worse difficulty breathing, etc but this is concerning as well because I don't see how I can improve my diet further to stop this happening.

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    Sorry you are feeling bad symptoms again, when you say you were fine for years on a particular diet wot you mind sharing what the diet was, I would try anything to help reduce these awful daily symptoms



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      Hi Kate, My diet is so restrictive most people think I am crazy but its the only thing that stopped my misery. My diet doesnt bother me at all whatsoever and there are lots of ways to cook the ingredients so it "feels" different.



      Potatoes (IN MODERATION!)



      Swiss Chard

      Bok Choy (in moderation otherwise makes me gassy)


      Rice (White)

      Bananas (only half a banana at a time and only infrequently)

      Cherries (a few at a time)

      Brown sugar


      Mustard (check ingredients, some have garlic powder)


      Apple Cider Vinegar

      Make sure to take a good multivitamin. I also eat tons of chicken and turkey broths, home made from the carcasses of poultry I cook. It is very important to eat the broth, especially at the beginning as your body heals.

      My diet is only so strict because I am a chicken s**t. I have had anaphylaxis twice, (throat closing is not a feeling I ever want to relive). Unlucky me has developed adult allergies, and I have been slow at adding back foods due to the fear of it happening again. And also the fear of getting the pain back. So that is my own issue, anyone else could easily add new foods back in. You just add ONE FOOD every 2 weeks. Start small, track how you feel on a phone app, and go from there.

      I have tried to add in a few foods  such as spinach, brocolli, cauliflower and squash. These all caused a variety of reactions, from allergic itching to stomach discomfort. I added the bananas, cherries, swiss chard, bok choy and brown sugar back in and was fine.

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      Tks for sharing your experience, I have suffered reflux for almost 2 years with horrible symptoms, worst was really bad pain between shoulder blades and days of endless nausea, on various ppi, make a small difference, I would live to try get my diet right so maybe I can come off ppi, I avoid spinning your and fatty foods, no chocolate, I notice on your list no bread, maybe I should give that up, I take multivitamin, probiotics and slippery elm every day I too have ibs, have you considered having surgery?
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      Sorry for missing spelling, should have read spicy food
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      Hi Kate, what kind of surgery? My doctors gave me the diagnosis of IBS/reflux and there was never any talk of surgery. Thankfully I'm mostly managing by diet alone. What surgery are you considering?

      I would absolutely give up wheat and see how you feel.

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      Hi chicken loop

      The surgery is called nissen fundoplication, part of the stomach is wrapped around base if esophagus to stop reflux, I have read where lots of people get long term results, what country are you in, some countries do it on NHS

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      I am in Canada, I will talk to my doctor. I need to pursue this with her, I am constantly experiencing trapped gas and heart palps, even first thing in the morning! Thanks Kate

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