Not sure if I'm in the right place... Stopped drinking 2 days ago :(

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I haven't had a drink Thursday or Friday and I feel like sh*te!  I drunk most days, though seldom spirits.  And most days I functioned perfectly fine. However, i am worried about what I could be doing to myself long-term and about my bank balance - i can't afford to drink daily!  

I've never seen a doctor about it.  Though I have had my mother make plenty of comments over the last 20 years.  And nicer friends.  Right now, I KNOW a couple of drinks (of wine or cider) would stop my head and back from aching.  Without going to the doctor, is there a way to tell if I've done/am doing damage or if I can still have a few drinks?  I can't picture a life void of alcohol sad

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    Tracy, Dont worry about not making it through, the journey may be different for many of us and for  some relapse is part if it - believe me i should have a medal for the amount of times.  Someone gave me this:

    On the basis of their own observations Prochaska and DiClemente believed that a person who changes as a result of receiving help, through counselling or therapy for example, goes through the same processes as a person who receives no help but has nevertheless has changed.








    Just keep trying.

    As for someone else's comment about giving up to a higher force - I to was dismissive about this and still am, but someone pointed out recently that even if you didn't get anything 'from' AA one of the things it does offer is that you are 'around sober people for a couple of hours'  t-his made a lot of sense to me, even though as a lone drinker rather than a social drinker - i.e. I drink at home alone it still makes sense i think dont know what others think.

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    Hi Tracy,

    Please don't feel bad about yourself in any way xx. I took ten years to stop drinking, nobody can do it overnight.. if you can cut down slowly for a start off, say one unit every other day, and if possible one alcohol free day.. if you have days when you

    Fail, just pick yourself up and start again..

    I have to say that I found it easier to think, right. I can have a drink if I want to and

    It helped to take the pressure off rather than thinking if I have a drink I have failed.

    Believe me, I did not find it easy to stop, I was dragged kicking and screaming ( not

    Really ) but I was sectioned four times, and even then I had very many slips along the way.

    Even after giving up, I have been well for ten years, I still feel the need to have a

    Bottle in the house so in some kind of way I still have a choice.. I used to feel the

    Most unbelievable panic if I ran out..

    Just try to never forget that you are in no way a bad person, you do not need to feel ASHAMED of your problem... try to talk to as many of your family, friends and

    Support groups as you can..AA are very good ( even though I am a Catholic I found

    It to be to intense for me ) you can ask your doctor for help, but I found the very

    Best for me were the : community alcohol service : ,you can phone them or just call

    In and ask to see someone, it is in complete confidence, my nurse became a very

    Good friend to myself and my family.. they keep in touch with your own doctor, and

    In my case my psychiatrist and mental health nurse.. you can see how many

    Problems I had with alcoholic... I feel though after all those bad years I have come

    Out the other end as a better person, stronger and much more laid back.

    I truly wish you well , try not to worry too much, I am sure that you can do it, but

    Don't worry if it takes very many tries.. you are in my thoughts and prayers

    Good luck, let us know how you are doing.. xx Deirdre xx

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    Hi Tracy. I'm hoping my story will make you feel that you really are not alone! I have recently just done my first month in 15 years of drinking, possibly longer! I had an abusive partner who tried to destroy me,I suffer from depression, I've completely embarrassed myself in public, broken my ribs drunk, fallen down stairs, hurt my family, nearly lost my husband and children!. I tried AA and other  recovery programmes, ect. Then I stopped going out at all, just drank in the evenings when the kids were in bed. My husband always works late so I became dependant on alcohol, my wind down and my only thing I looked forward too.

    I started to get all sorts of health problems but was in total denial that the vodka was hurting me! I had test after test and because my liver funtion test came back ok I carried on. Recently a few weeks ago, my bloating had become embarrassing, I'd been asked if I was pregnant! And my liver was hurting, I had an ultrasound and they set the alarm bells ringing for me!. They said my liver was fatty and swollen, it had noduals on it which he said could be Cancer.

    I came away from the hospital with more wracked guilt than I normally felt daily, and the sick feeling that I might be too late to see my children grow up. I was so in denial that all that mattered was getting pissed! I never in a million years could imaging an evening or going out without a drink!!! But I knew I had to, this was my turning point. I didn't shake but I sweated it out a couple nights and it was bloody hard, but I did it. I was as moody as hell and horrible to be around, I slept in the spare room for 3 weeks, couldn't go near my husband! I had to wait 4 weeks for my liver results but stopping drink, all my symptoms disappeared!!!. My scan showed alcohol damage and my liver is still swollen. I still have to have a MRI to be sure but it looks like I stopped in time! We are now on holiday and I have had some sangrea, but sprits are a no no. I never thought I would say it, but the theripst  said to me. Don't let your mind control your body, let your body control your mind. Your mind tells you you need a drink, your body tells you it's hurting you! Every time I want a drink I think of a shrivelled up liver, which takes a good 6 months to repair and some days it still hurts. Message me when ever you like, even if a private message, if I can do it, I know you can. xx

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      Lesley you have done really well and I congratulate you. The liver has amazing powers of self-healing if it gets a rest from alcohol so don't worry too much about that.

      One thing I will say, for other people's benefit... It is EXTREMELY dangerous to stop drinking without medical help if you are physically dependent on alcohol, unlike other drugs, the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can kill you. You need medication to do it safely over a period of about a week.

      You did it the hard way Lesley, if people do get in touch with you, please advise them not to go cold turkey. An alcohol detox is safe and comfortable if done properly and gives a good start to a new life of not depending on alcohol.

      Congratulations again smile

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      Hi Paul, I'm really sorry, I forgot to mention about the detox bit. I was aware of cold turkey and I was worried so I did seek help. My friend works for a Alcohol recovery service, I was assessed and I didn't need any medication, although I drank most nights, I was not as bad as I thought as I had no symptoms apart from pain! Liver mainly! But yes I agree, for me it was a wake up call, and I actually don't miss that out of control feeling! And I drive everywhere now!! Never thought it possible!!! 😀
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      Ok smile I was just concerned that other people may read your post and think they could do it without medical help. You have done really well so far, keep going and enjoy the benefits smile
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      Hi Leslie.. Good to hear UR doing well and feeling the freedom..

      “Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

      St. Francis of Assisi cheesygrin

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    hi Tracy how you doing?

    I'm not doing so good but today is another day!


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      Hi there.  I ruined it on Thursday for myself, but I refuse to go back to my previous lifestyle so I will continue to try and try again!  

      I've found that im going to bed much earlier (though not sleeping) since I simply don't know what to do with my evenings.

      Not drinking has left a huge hole in my life. (Which I must have been filling with alcohol.)  I've visited the local gym and booked an induction so that I can start going there, ive also spoken to my old 'boss' at the agency I used to do voluntary work for and asked that I do a few hours a week with them again from October.  Furthermore, ive got the forms to apply for a college course in the new year.  All big things that I used to love.

      Meanwhile, the doctor has given me antidepressants & ive taken to watching documentaries on my laptop in the evenings and have taken steps to spending time with friends though right now I'm not feeling particularly sociable and i know im not strong enough to visit a pub without drinking.  Baby steps.  

      How's you? 

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    hi tracy  you seem to be doing so well  i did all the things you are doing, my hobby is fly fishing i went as often as i could, away from everything, i now have the strengh to go in a pub with my partner, while she has a lager i have a soft drink,keep on doing what you are doing,  if you fall get back up there, good luck and best wishes  
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    Hi Tracy, I used to drink every night of the week and I'm sure that my drinking habits contributed to  me being diagnosed as being diabetic. I'm certain that heavy drinking does damage to vital organs. I haven't given up alcohol but now I drink 2 or 3 nights per week and stay well within the government guide lines. when I feel the need for a drink, I have diet soft drinks or sugar free soft drinks. Half the time it's just feeling the need to have a glass in my hand! Best of luck
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    Keep On keeping On. Everyday is another opportunity to continue or restart
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    Hi Tracy,

    How is it going i am 4 days and going strong so far... I was having major liver pain, Kidney pain and also racing heart so i though it was time to give myself a rest after many years of abuse.

    I hope you are still going strong, i know how hard it is please keep me updated

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