OCD: Bullied in the Office,Depressed, Know will be okay If I beat him up

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Hello All,

                 I have been clinincally diagnosed as a Depressed Person. The reason behind my Depression is Bullying. I had got recruited in this Company in Oct'14 and some days later, this Person had passed some lame comment upon me and when after some time I approached him to clarify about the Issed, to ask him why did he pass the comment at the very first place, He abused me.

Now It has been 5 months and each day of my Life I have been losing my Energy , I am losing myself. I had consulted a Psychiatrist last week and was prescribed the antidepressant Fluoxetine. 

Now, I had the pill only one time and I do not want to have the antidepressant anymore in my life. I do not want to get in habit of taking pills at the young age of 23 only.

I know it that If I go to that person in the Office and give him a Tight one, I will be out of depression ! No matter I get fired, No matter I do not have a Job, No matter how much Money I lose due to this. But I want to give him a tight one in front of everyone on the Office Floor, So that he does not do the same to someone else next time.

I do not like to talk about the issue to someone else. I am fed up with it. This is the second time I am talking about the issue, First time was with the Psychiatrist and second time is this.

The thing is everyday, I am losing myself, I am losing energy. What should I do ? Help !

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    Lamping the bloke will cause you more problems and a potential criminal record or prosecution.

    Why not write the guy an email and copy your boss in basically telling the bloke exactly how he has effected your life, and self esteem and asking for an apology for being abusive to you. You could tell the bloke that if the apology is not forthcoming you intend to report the matter to HR as a grievence.

    Failing that hit him with a tight one! 


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      Thank You So much for the Comments. 

      No I did not report this issue to my Manager, See I am working in a Company which will definitely not sack the People on this thing, The Manager, the HR would never understand my condition. Here in this Company some body else had used some inappropriate words in the official Chat that we use when we both we discussing over something over our work. I had reported this thing to the my CL(Lead) but nothing happened. 

      I am an Indian and working in Gurgaon. The Company I am working for is not company where a proper dress code is followed, where their is not good People( What I have seen here is Mostly People are graduates, but they do not have humanaterian courtersy and patience, involved into stupid chats discussing other employees) ( I should not say this , but that is their), and I am definitely sure that raising this issue to the Manager would do nothing but create a Buzz around the Office People that I am a Mad Person, which I am not. People here would get a new topic of discussion over their Tea and that would be me. I do know that would be for maximum to to 1 to 2 days after they will forget everything. But this is what will happen.

      I just want to be mentally Free and I do not wish to work with a new Company or something like that. I wish to do it and just go to my Family forever and give a hand to my father in his small Business ( Father runs a small Grocery Store also).

      That is what I want. It has been enough !

      Thank You So Much ! Means a Lot


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    Hi I know how you feel but you might end up in jail if you deck him and give yourself more problems.   Have you reported this to your manager?   Harassessment and bullying at work is against the law you know!   Are you in a union?   If so they will help.

    You need to keep a diary of the dates of the abuse or bullying,  what happened and most importantly how it made you feel.   Also if there are any witnesses who will support your case.   I was bullied at work too and this is what I was advised to do.  

    Let us know what happens please.   Please don't be violent no matter how wound up you are because you will automatically put yourself in the wrong and you will regret it in the future, trust me.   Your best revenge on this person is to get them in  a lot of bother and maybe even sacked.   He will suffer more this way too.  x

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           The Organization I am in is the one full of selfish People. The Company I am woking with is a Company where our Leads want us to be just get their work done , no matter what ever happens.

      Yesterday , I had a word with the HR about something I had done in the Office( Our POC keeps calling us asking about our whereabouts, which is not Professional and I had reported this to the Lead and He made me talk to the HR), I was expecting our Lady HR to be nice to me but she was not being nice to and talked in a way which was not expected, These HRs have a tact of talking , but that was something with a tact and something a bit rude.

      Now This is the whole Situation, sometimes I feel I did a wrong thing coming here working for this Organization. 

      Each day when I leave for the Office I have thoughts something Like " God ! give me strength ! May I today get on him and deck him off on the Office Floor and just escape from the Office forever and ever and go to my family forever and stay with them"

      When this incident had happened , no body was their , He was walking behind me and said in a low tone ( as everyone was their) " ***************, ***** wait".

      Even if I report this to my Manager or HR , I do know nothing will happen.

      That is the thing ! I have to do something on my own

      Thank You smile


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      Hi it doesn't matter a job whether the office is full of selfish people or no one will do anything - it is still against the law.  But you haven't got a leg to stand on until you report it.   I repeat - harrassessment and bullying at work is against the law!  Got it?  They will have to investigate coz they know if they don't and you end up being sacked you can sue them!   Even if you walk out because of this you can still claim for constructive dismissal.   Read up on employment law.   Even if you never have any witnesses you need to keep the diary I told you about and you must report it over the managers head. Understand?  

      And how do you know nothing will happen?  Are you a mind reader?   And how are you going to avoid working in the future and to stay with your family forever and ever?  

      I am quite aware you will do what you want to do despite whatever anyone says so go ahead and deck him and see where it gets you.  in jail probably).   Will this do your depression any good?   I am not going to put any more replies on if you refuse to listen.   I am not saying all this just to waste time you know or because I like typing.   It's up to you.

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    Help is right! You need help and you need to do something about controlling your attitude or it will get you into a whole lot of trouble.  You don't seem to care about losing your job just so long as you get back at this individual and you want to make a spectacle of it and yourself.  You say at 23 you are too young for medication....that it a very foolish attitude from one that obviously needs some medical help.  If I were you I'd go back to your GP and ask for help before it's too late. You are losing your energy because you are so tied up with getting back at someone and for what. Turn the other cheek and walk away.
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    Being bullied or harassed at work is just not right but against the law.  We all have the right to work in a safe work environment when we can do our job without being intimidated and harrassed by fellow workers.  Follow Hyercats advice.  You need to report it management regardless if you think it is going to get you anywhere.  My friend was bullied at work and she ended up needing to take six months of sick leave it made her so ill.  Please don't let it get this bad.  

    You have mentioned working for your family a few times.  Is there a reason you chose to work for this company and not in your family business?  If you choose to go home make sure it is because this is something you want to do and not because you were bullied into thinking it was your only choice.

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