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Hi I wonder if anyone could tell me if the withdrawal symptoms are greater if you have been taking this drug for a long time like myself.

​I am going slow at the moment but beginning to feel those familiar anxiety symptoms coming to the surface, racing heart, restlessness and butterflies in the stomach which feel more like BATS!!!frown

Any info would be gratefully received thanks

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    Hi Anne...

    I've experienced more three benzo detox's and the last one that was a success, was

    a lot more manageable, I got my sleep back quicker than the two previous attempts.

    I drank lots of water and had good 👍 people around me.

    I'm not going to tell falsehood , there is a little of restlessness , basically fear, because you're taking this medicine (DRUGS) away, then you're left with a void, an emptiness that needs a positive filling.

    If you detox properly you'll be fine.

    Best wishes. .........

    If you need to chat because a distraction helps with pains and detoxing

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      Thanks for your input. Can I ask what dose you were taking initially?

      ​I was on 19mg for 22 years, going down 2mg per day each month I have arrived at 14mg. Only now have I started to feel the difference. What is scary is how much further I have to go. My first detox was way to fast and I ended up in a psych ward with severe OCD, hence my fear that the same thing will happen again.

      You mention the void, yes I feel that, did you have any particular strategy for combating the restlessness and the fear.?


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      I was on 40mg a day and most of the time I was taking extra, (abusing them), but 40mg was my start off point when I was successful with my detox.

      Try not thinking of how far/long you have to go, try and keep it in the day, (e.g.: I'm going to get through today doing my detox), and before you know it, the time goes do quickly.

      I started meditating to help me breathe better, sleep better , most notably it relieved most of my anxiety and I was able to sit with myself and feel comfortable doing so.

      Well done. You're doing really well.

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      Thanks for your post Raymond.

      Yes meditation does seem like a good plan, also thinking of taking up some yoga again. did you go to classes for learning it or are you self-taught.

      ?I guess I have come a good way from 19mg to 14 mg per day and yes I started on a much higher does similar to you. I can remember the bottles of yellow pills I used to get with no dosage details just "Take one when required" with no control over how many your ordered from the doctor.

      A whole generation of addicts was the result of that, thankfully they are now controlled. I feel angry at times that so many years of my life have been wasted due to the effects of these pills.

      But as you say I will look forward not back and try to stay in the moment day by day or even moment to moment.

      ?Thank you for your very helpful and kind advice. I will keep you updated.

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    Hi Anne. i was on it for 20years. I am 61. Took me 6 months. Was not very pleasant but now I am doing amazing. I am like a normal person who goes to bed at a decent time and get a pretty good amount of sleep. You have to have the will power and do it slowly. I never switched to the diazepam, just reduced a quarter to a half every month. good luck and keep us posted. Sending good vibes your way. Ruby S.
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      Well done you, when you say you never switched to the diazepam which drug were you coming off at the time.

      ​Thanks for the good vibes and the success story Ruby.S

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    sorry about that Anne. I did not read it correctly. I was on Lorazepam which is stronger than diazepam but I was only on 3 mg. I think you will do just fine on a slow taper. Just take your time and believe you can do it. I thought I would never be off the lorazepam. Sleep better than when I was on it and 20 years was a long time for me and 22 years is too long for you. I did it under a doctors care but she let me do it on my terms. As long as every month I had cut a little she was happy. I used hydroxyzine which is for rashes and anxiety and it really helped me. But i only used it once a week. Went with no or little sleep for days and then took 25 mg of hydroxyzine to help. Best of luck. Ruby S
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      Thanks for your post RubyS. I have heard that Lorazepam is a tough one to kick. you did good.

      ​Yes I agree that you need a doctor or addiction specialist who allows you to do it on your own terms. I think I have both now so hope this will help.

      Nice to chat to someone who understands

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    Take a year if you want to finally get off this drug.   The  symptoms you are feeling now  is from the drug.   When you feel you can handle a bit less go for it!  A good two weeks minimum to get used to it then taper down.  Only you know when to use less.
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      Thanks for the post, my concern is that a lot of people seem to come off this drug very quickly ,3 months or so.

      I am thinking in terms of at least a year and as you say 2 weeks is a minimum for reduction. I have an addiction specialist who appreciates my fears and listens to me.

      Hope you don't mind but were you on the same drug as me?

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      I used zopiclone for a few months and knew about benzo medication.  I knew about being hard to stop.

      I am off of it now 🙂

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      No way

      You can come off a benzo rapidly.  Take your time and surely!!

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      Well done to you for coming off your meds. So glad you avoided the benzo-trap, if I had known what I know now I would NEVER have taken them.

      Yes I am determined to go very slowly, thanks for the post and support.

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