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I was given a drug Sertraline to take by my GP on the 15th March 2016 to help treat mild anxiety I was encountering due to work stress. After taking this drug I had a bad reaction which caused me to have ongoing migraines, numbness in right arm and pains inside my head for about 3 weeks. These physical symptoms have now eventually faded however I am now encountering more extreme levels of Anxiety with weakness and tension in parts of my body since taking the initial Sertraline dose.

My GP then prescribed me a further drug Mirtazapine which I have now been taking for 11 days. This drug does not appear to be working and I am finding my anxiety seems to be more intense and I am now encountering intrusive thoughts. I am concerned that the intial Sertraline drug did some damage inside my head as I am also encountering a few issues doing some day to day activities which I used to be able to action with no problems. I have tried to raise these points with my GP but feel like my concerns are not being fully acknowledged. I do not know where to turn to next as no one seems to be listening to me, my only potential hope now is a private appointment I have managed to sort out through work to get a further opinion.

I feel very let down by the NHS and with my overall support provided so far. What would you do in this situation?

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    First of all hope you feel better soon! Anxiety sucks!

    I was prescribed sertraline from my docotor and as a casual worrier like I am I googled it for days before contemplating taking it! I found some nasty stuff so in the end I didn't bother! Good job you're not taking it now doesn't sound to good!

    My only advice that I can think of is to speak to another GP as sometimes other doctors are better than others and understand the situation more! The more different doctors you see the better outcome in my experiences!

    Have you booked another doctors appointment??

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    It seems you only get side effects and no improvement! Weird but possible.. Doesnt always work.. I was also prescribed Setralune but like Jess got too scared.. Tried half a dose and suffered too bad side effects.. So tried to sort out my life instead.. Still feeling sick almost everyday but I know its stress.. Trying to relax and see things from a different angle.. Work is just work, you should not have to take pills because of it.. I also saw different doctors, some are better at understanding.. Try coming off the tablets slowly maybe? With another doctor's help of course..
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    Hi mate

    ​I can help here, as I currently am on both of these drugs 150mg sertaline in the morning and 15mg mirtazipine at night. This was the combination of drugs that finally worked for me. Sertaline is an SSRI and the Mirtazipine is a tetracylic 2 different classes of anti d's. What your Dr is trying is a well established medical practice, whilst both work on the GABA recptors in your brain they work insubtlely different ways. Sertraline is tolerated well by most but not all, call your Dr and ask about citalopram a different SSRI. You'll need to take them for at least 2 weeks before theraputic levels reach their peak onset. Let me put your mind at rest that the Sertraline has NOT caused any damage at all. It is rare, but sometimes it can make the symptoms worse before they get better, but it does get better just keep taking them or call your Dr and speak about different medications. Unfortunately all medicine really is trial and error or best guess if you will. Feel free to contact me if you would like. Hope this helps a bit. Your not alone mate

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      hi Sengal

      ​I feel for you, I know exactly what your going through and it's not a nice place to be, but know that your not alone and it WILL get better. Since your on day 8 I can tell you that the Dr will want to keep you on it for at least 2 weeks (assuming you read above post) however you should be feeling some mild relief by now. 50mg is the usual starting dose, and it can get worse before it gets better. Could you go into a little more detail as to what the "fear" is and your symptoms? you can pm me if you prefer smile

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    Hi sorry your having  a rough time

    I was on 45mg of mirtazapine for 6 years for depression it stopped working in december and thats when my anxiety started.

    My GP changed me to sertraline 150mg and 15mg of mirt at night.

    This is not working for me,I was referred to a psychiatrist on 30/3,I didnt see the organ grinder I saw the monkeys!!!!

    2 weeks later and my meds still have not been sorted I thought going to a psych would get me help but to be honest my gp has been more help.

    I was hospitalised with depression a few times but I was in a differnt part of the UK then and the treatment was excellent.

    The area I am in at the moment are a cross between dumb and dumber and the chuckle brothers.!!!!!!

    I have made a complaint to CWP NHS because the level of care is shocking

    I know how you feel my friend

    stay strongconfused

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      Hi Lynne

      That just proves how difficult it is to find the right medication or combo of meds as I'm on 150 Sertraline in the AM and 15mg PM  and it works fine for me. Everyones brain is uniquely wired and is one of a kind. So to everyone that is following this thread, it's very much a case of trial and error, what works for some might send other people loopy. Important thing to remember is your not alone and keep at it. I get asked alot " you don't seem like you need any anti d's"    answer is because they are working lol. keep on keeping on guys you all can do it, and everyone on this site is here behind you. As Lynne says

      Stay strong guys

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      I have been on prozac anatriptilene mitazapine and citalapram now sertraline

      I have had depression for 16  years and sleep is a big problem and now anxiety

      I just have keep on trying!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      Take Carecool

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      All you can do Lynne

      Have you looked into an SNRI called venlafaxine (Effexor) it increases norepinephrine as well as serotonin. I took it for 6 years and it worked great, but did lose it's efficacy after about 5 and half years, but well worth looking into. smile

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