Pain right flank and groin

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Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with DD after a recently trip to A&E and a 3 day hospital visit - for which I thought was kidney stones. 

I was in hospital because of the pain that I was in, pain in my lower back and groin, and although a lot of the pain has gone after antibiotics I still have an ache there - could the infection still be there?

I have since had a flexible sigmoidoscopy at which it was determined I had multiple and extensive DD in; sigmoid colon, decending colon, transverse colon, acending colon - along with it in both flextures.

Is it me or does that sound a lot? It sounds bad to me???

I guess I’m still learning how to cope with it - but along with the pain I also fear for the worst, and sometimes struggle to think properly, what if it gets worse? Can it get worse?

I have a consultation next week so I guess I will find out then what will happen going forward. 

Has anyone been through similar, and is also in constant (dull) pain? 

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    I have. When I was first diagnosed I didn't go out I sat and worried all the time about infection and pain over the past few months and with the help of falinia on this forum I have learnt you can live a normal life   I always have a small amount of pain but I have only had one really bad infection in a year.  I have multiple DD I take fybergel mabevarine and a probiotic tablet every morning I don't eat nuts seeds skins red meat or fizzy drinks. Your consultant will explain things to you. But to be honest I got more help on this forum that the DRS   Good luck 

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      Thanks for the reply Susan, it feels so strange having this condition. It’s constantly on my mind, but although I’m 35 it seems like quite a few people suffer with it. 
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    Hi sorry to hear you have got this 😕

    My story, about six weeks ago,pain left side really bad ,antibiotics, they made me so I'll racing heart and high blood pressure, horrible time .

    So after some time things did settle down.

    But like you have pain right side ,low down,I have to think I had eaten something that didn't work for me ,so going to keep food log.

    I have to say for me the more I get stessed about it ,the worst it gets. I was in a bad place with this a few weeks ago,I went to my caravan, that I love, being by the sea works for me...It went within an hour of being there.

    I have been struggling with sleeping, thinking about Saturday morning when I go for a flexible Sigmoidoscopy 😕

    Hope things improve for you soon.

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    Well... that was sort of to be expected. 

    Just got back from consultation - and because of my age (35) they are reluctant to do surgery unless I have another attack. 

    Instead I have been told I will be on laxatives for the rest of my life, and also antibiotics when needed. 

    They have given me a further 2 weeks of co-amoxiclav 

    Is this normal for such intensive DD? 

    They have also stated I have a ‘floppy colon’ which made me laugh, but told me unless it causes problems I shouldn’t be worried. 

    Could that be the root cause of my pain?- they couldn’t answer that, instead saying come back in 2 months for follow up. 

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    Are you in the U.K. If so they don't do surgery unless you are really bad.  I always have a small amount of pain. I don't take laxatives I have fybergel mabevarine and a probiotic tablet everyday. I feel for you at your age you are so young to have this problem 

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      Yes, I’m uk based. 

      It just seems so strange to me that although I’m in this pain I’m expected to deal with it and just treat it with laxatives etc. 

      I’ve bought myself some fibergel today in the hope it works - what else would you recommend? 

      Thanks for your advise so far 

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      Sorry to hear you have been hit with this at such a young age.  I was 51 when diagnosed.  I have severe DD with a long tortuous twisted colon (I think that may be the same or similar to a floppy colon, which is one which is extra long with additional kinks and twists).  I have been on Fybogel now for 16 years, which bulks and softens the stools, makes them easier to pass and has a mild laxative effect.  I got mine prescribed by my GP, so if I were you, I'd compare the prescription charge with the cost of purchasing over the Internet and see which is cheaper.  As I'm now 67 I get mine free. 

      It is important to keep your bowels working as well as possible, so matter does not get trapped and cause an infection.  Fybogel might cause more bowel movements than before.  So don't get sucked into the laxative/binder cycle.  You should let your bowel find its own natural new rythym which may be different than before.  For example I now "go" at least 3 times a day but it keeps me empty and I don't think anything of ir.

      You also need to ensure you eat plenty of soluble fibre.  I get mine from well cooked veggies, home made soups and proper porridge (not the flavoured sachets of dust!!).  As for the pain, unfortunately that is something most of us have had to learn to live with.  It can take weeks or months for it to subside to just the occasional niggle.  It seems it will never improve, but certainly for most of us, things do get better. 

      I took paracetemol when the pain was bad.  I read an article which said aspirin and ibuprofen was contra-indicated as both can cause bleeding.  It strikes me you need to talk to your GP about medications, rather than wait 2 months for your next hospital appointment.  But sadly, you will find they can be lacking in knowledge about this condition.  I am aware of at least one forum member who was prescribed ibuprofen by their GP.  My own GP remarked on my in-depth knowledge, which is purely the result of 16 years of coping.  But to be positive - I have managed 16 years without surgery, and only 3 flares in the first 10 years.  During that time I lived a normal active sporty life.

      I am going away tomorrow, but Susan95516 has learned to cope with this over the last year and should be well able to advise and empathise with you.  Good luck

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      I take a probiotic tablet every morning fybergel and a mabevarine tablet I also have branflakes. I don't have skins seeds red meat I personally can't have eggs but I have most veg if I have a jacket potato I just eat the inside   Most of it is trial and error. I have been ill with certain foods but others on this forum can eat   My DR doesn't know much about DD I seam to know more than they do. I also have IBS which doesn't help   I am living better than I did last year and I can say there is life after DD   I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with your diet. Message me if you just need to talk 

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    Had a lot of pain for several weeks after I was diagnosed, eventually healed some. I'm told it takes several months to heal completely. Diet during healing is EXTREMELY important!

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