panic attack breathrough!

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Hi guys! 

If your like me alot of anxiety leads to a full on panic attack of feeling terrified, full of adrenaline and pins and needles! 

I've had one almost every morning for the last week and have had to call an ambulance on one occasion as it got that bad. 

When you get these horrid feelings all you want to do is sit or lay down untill they disperse but it's not always that easy, as with me.. sitting still makes me think more! Anxiety and thinking don't mix too well as we know. 

But I found a way to stop these panic attacks from the onset, yesterday morning I had the most terrifying attack i've ever had, I thought half way through that if I can distract myself enough surely it will go, much to the suprise of my worried parents I got up onto my feet and began doing star jumps, counting every single one out loud untill it had gone! No word of a lie after 20 star jumps I had completely shifted the panic attack and felt normal! I was amazed! 

I had another attack this morning and did the same thing, again.... 20 star jumps later... It had gone, if you have to do more then do more, do it untill you feel normal but make sure you count out loud, shout if you need to. 

After doing some research, your body cannot physically create bad or negative thoughts if you are exercising as too much of your brain is being used to jump, move your arms and legs and count at the same time. 

It's been a lifesaver and I can feel the attacks diminishing, I even do it when I get bad thoughts smile.

Give it a go!.

Won't hurt to try smile.

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    Thanks for this, I will definitely give it a try.

    Like you I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety on a daily basis and if it happens in the morning, it sure puts me in a worse feeling for the rest of the day.

    I hope doing these star junks will help and doing a little exercise won't hurt smile

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      Sure thing no worries, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and i Will beat this so im sure I'll find other little helpful tips I can share smile 

      I promise you it works, do it at the onset of the horrid negative thoughts and the will go away as quickly as they came. 


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      Thank you.

      Like you I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy and unless you're going through it, it's hard for others to fully relate to how you are feeling.

      Any other tips would be hugely appreciated 

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    Hi Lewis brilliant advice I 2 have called an ambulance a couple of times S thought I was having a heart attack, will be doing star jumps next time I get 1 thank u xx
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    Hi lewis,

    Good idea,distraction of any sort always works,I remember years ago in the throes of my really bad days I was working and feeling particularly awful,when all of a sudden a colleague collapsed,i rushed to her aid and my anxiety just disappeared only to return with a vengeance later,but yes it works,although unfortunately for me your star jumps are non-starters I have just had dual knee replacements and am not allowed to do it,but hell i may even give it a go,just have the ambulance ready!

    Well done,good

    Regards Malc


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    Makes sense, Lewis.  During a panic attack and high adrenaline, your body expects you to fight or flight.  If you don't do either of these, all the adrenaline just swirls in your body and brain with no outlet.  By doing the star jumps, you're doing exactly what your body is expecting.  It does not want you to think--it wants  you to ACT!  So glad this works for you!
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    In Dec and Jan 2012 I experience for the first time in my life about five panic attacks, things started to getting weird after seeing a hypnotherapist for help to quit smoking, after three session per week, I decided to stop seeing her as i started having a general feeling of fear ...from watching tv to looking into the eyes of a person, i got to a point where my body would shake uncontrolably from fear of just about everything around me...very soon after I started getting these attacks, started with my heart pounding then my mind took off to where ever, think i had about five or so attacks...I knew i was loosing my my little by little, the last one I had being  no.4...was the worse, i became suicidal, I thought killing myself had to be better and it was the only way out of this situation.. then comes along wife was out of town at this time, I was alone and in bed, after going over by a good friend where we spent hours on end taling about what I was going through, we had a good few vodkas etc. when I left and got home i felt for the first time in weeks that everything was fine, I actually felt great for the first time in weeks and that everything was going to be fine from that point, actually i felt joyful and grateful that I was over this crap and that i had such a great friend who cared about what I had been going through, I took a shower got into bed and i began to praise God and give thanks for the way I felt and for my friend whom I had spent the evening with, I remember lying on my back with my arms in the air praising and worshipping Him.. believe me...i felt so good at that moment, then out of nowhere it started up, my heart started beating fast and furious, I knew what was coming next, the head trip...before it overtook my mind , while my heart was pumping like a pneumatic drill....i heard a knocking/scratching at my bedroom door..I instanly is a force from the dark side come to finish me insanity! Then a verse from the bible came to my mind...greater is He who lives in me than he who he is in the world, I started to quote this scripture out vocally make a long story short...the scratching/knocking on my bedroom door stopped, my heart stopped beating fast..the attack never got further than my heart, in other words i was not affected mentally....this is where it gets even more strange..i think i had an out of body experience right then and there..i saw myself where i was lying in my bed and my head was surrounded or covered with what seemed to be some kind of ovalish opaquely green/dull aqua thing for the lack of vocab here...whtever it is/was..i tend to think it was something that protected my mind from being overun by fear......this is crazy, I can only imagine how this could sound to those of you who read happened and thats it. through this i have learnt that God ..who I choose to beleive exists...saved me that night, after that 'almost panic' attack I had one more...and have never suffered from them since....btw i am the farthest thing from a religious, church going. bible thumping fanatic....i'm just a musician loving conclusion God is the reason for my healing and victory.....i could be wrong ...which I normally, but i really hope reading this will help someone out there....btw wife thinks i'm cou cou...haha.
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