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morning all,

I have been having really bad panic attacks which stop me from leaving the front door. Even when someone knocks on it I start to worry and panic.

I can go out into the back garden only when I know that my neighbours are all at work and wont see me.

I have to ring doctors at 8 for an appointment to see my doctor for more flu and already I,m panicking.

I feel absolutely useless and worthless. After having such a good week last week I feel as though I am back to square one.

sorry about the negativity guys but I feel so low :cry:


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    Hi so sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment. I know it will be extremely hard for you to go to the doctors but its probably best that you are going whilst you feel so bad so that you can explain exactly how you are feeling....

    Im afraid i don't have any magic words of wisdom to make you feel better i just wanted to let you know you are not alone and we are all thinking of you and sending you some virtual hugs :hug:

    Just try to think about what a good week you had last week and how that made you will feel that way again in time....i know it doesn't feel like it but you will....

    Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on at the docs xx

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    Morning NikkiM

    The panic attacks are all part of the illness, they will go. When I took myself to the GP to get started on flu I had attacks constantly for about 12 hours, so much that my fingers were going numb. I was told to breathe through my nose slowly. Since being on flu i have felt attacks coming on, and this method seems to work most of the time.

    As far as going out is concerned, I too think people are staring at me, I have lost weight and have been told I look ill, well I am! What I do know though is I usually experience a sense of relief once speaking to my GP.

    As to feeling useless & worthless, that feeling will go, maybe as you walk out the door, think I'm going to beat this, with the help of GP and everyone on here! We change moods so quickly, in a few days time it will be you on here encouraging someone else!

    Hope they dont keep you too long waiting for an appoinment, let us know how it goes.


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    hiya Nikki :cheerup:

    not much i can add really to the good advice given so far, im in the same boat for what its worth Nikki :? i had another lousy week last week but this week im on the up again yippeeeeeeeeeee, but heh lets get this in perspective, at least were having UP times AND down times instead if that awfull 'bedlum' place we thought we were permanently trapped in :wink: im afraid getting well again is a slow process, thats the nature of the beast :? the main thing is you ARE on the 'mend' Nikky wooooooooooot :rainbow:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :ok: :rose:

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    Dear Nikkim

    Please above all get to your Doctors, if he or she is anygood you should

    come out feeling a lot better ! The more you don'y want to go I find you

    have a better appointment. It's better when you are at your worse cos

    they usually have more time for you.

    The nature of this illness is that you are never sure how you are from

    one week to the next. So you are feeling crap today but I think tomorrow

    you will feel a lot better.

    I will look out for how you got on.



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    Hi NikkiM,

    I have good news 4 u. To me it sounds like flu is starting to work. You usually feel worse b4 they really \"kick in\". It was like that 4 me, It was terrible. After that you might experience another good day and then feel bad again and then you will experience rapid mood swings. I don't know 4 sure if it will be the same for you, coz it works differently on evry1. But hang in there flu is just \"finding\" the right \"balance\". You will feel good soon. I promise. :wink:

    Enjoy your day


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    smile Hi all,

    Just an up date to let you know that I,ve just come back from the docs,

    I am so sooo glad I went as I have talked and talked to her and she let me open up and spill out my heart which has helped as I am beginning to feel like I have off loaded some of my worries. smile

    You see yesturday my daughters grandad collapsed and died in his garden and although we werent that close it has come as another shock as my daughters father was killed in a road accident when she was 6 and the news of her grandad has opened up old wounds.

    Now she has to face the fact that she will soon lose her stepdad to cancer.

    Life is being pretty damn cruel to us at the moment.

    Sorry for waffling on (again!) but I feel I can open up to all of you.

    There is some good news though, my doctor is writting a letter for me to get counciling where they visit you at home smile

    Should take a couple of weeks but at least then I will be able to off load


    I hope you are all okay and having a good day :wink:

    I,m gonna stop waffling now as I feel exhausted from docs so speak soon xx

    All my love NikkiM

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    Oh Nikki, it does somethimes feel as though everything is just piled up on top of one another.

    Yes, life is being a bit of a b1tch to you at the moment but there IS a bright side.........

    At least you are gettign everythign out of the way in one lump. You can scream, cry, throw things or whatever you do to vent but you can do it for all the unfair things that are going on. I hope this is easier than just getting over one to then be hit by the next bomb shell.

    Please don't think i am trivialising any of your experiences recently. It is not my intention. I just try to look on the bright side (hard when you have D) rather than concentrating on the negative.

    Your daughter losing her stepdad after losing her dad and grandad is dreadful and she will need love and suppoort BUT (getting on my soap box here), DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU ARE ALSO LOSING THEM. You do not have to stay strong all the time for her. You are also allowed to shout for help and support. You can cry together. It may help you both to see you are not alone in grief.

    For your daughter, have you thought about going together to one of the charity \"tree\" places and dedicating/planting a tree in granded / dad / step dad's name? That way she has something beautiful, long lasting and positive to remember them by not just a cold piece of stone.

    You could even, if you prefer, pick one out at the garden centre and plant it in your garden? Maybe, on a good day, step dad could help with the planting?

    Anyway, look after yourself as well as everyone else. Coz if you are not OK you can't help anyone else.

    Bright Blessings!

    Lelly xx

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    Hi Lelly,

    Planting a tree in the garden was great advice smile We are all plodding along at the moment living day to day.

    I am feeling pretty low now and flu doesnt seem to lift my spirits either just makes me feel numb.

    Will see doc again on Thursday so see what she says.

    Many thanks and hope you are okay,

    All my love NikkiM xx


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