paradoxical muscle problem caused re-prolapse

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Well I've just been to see the consultant regarding the re-prolapse - rectocele. Though it is not so much a re-prolapse as in failure but a new prolapse.I had a proctogram which shows a paradoxical muscle problem at bowel motion - so everything goes back up the other way. This has cause dth ere-prolapse. Consultant is unwilling to do re-surgery as - if the paradox is still there - I will just re-prolapse.

?She asked about the pelvic phsyio, I've had two sessions and due another in Jan. I can't say I've warmed to this physio as her implication is everything is my fault - I'm too fat, lift too much etc. Her best suggestions is to carry less equipment for work. I have cut out the caffeine, drinking more water. But I thought I was seeing the physio for the bladder weakness - not this paradoxical muscle malarky. This has only just been diagnosed and I saw the physio before that. The exercises she has given me - which I do  - are for pelvic floor - bladder - not sphincter. I've just looked up  these exercises and they are quite different.

?I told the consultant that I didn't feel splinting is a long term solution - I'm 53 I could have another 40+ years of this. The physio does think it is a practical longterm solution. (possibly another reason I don't like her!!) 

?When I saw the physio last - a few weeks ago - I hadn't had the results of the proctogram but she had obviously seen them - she asked me if I had and I said no. Later in the conversation she said "well you have a substantial prolapse" but I wasn't quick enough to pick up on it with her.

?So I have now been referred to the colo-rectal team. The uro-gynae consultant said if they give the go ahead to do more surgery then she will.

?Should I have a go at these exercises I have found online (university hospital birmingham leaflet - very good info) to get ahead as it were before I see physio again in Jan.

?Feeling a bit down about this. I'm not in pain as such. I do have that constant low level ache, by the end of the day I can barely stand up straight. I would like something sorted..............................

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    My own Dr told me it takes months for physio to actually make a difference, have you asked for a 2nd opinion, im waiting for a proctogram as colorectal said he thinks I have a rectocele but that was a 2nd opinion as first surgeon wasn't interested I'm ages with you and totally agree that why should we have to put up with splinting, pain etc , if you don't get any joy with colorectal surgeon I would ask for a 2nd opinion

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      Yes the physio did say it would take 3 months for there to be a visible difference in the muscles so she is going to do an internal when I go again - she didn't at the second visit. I do understand the reasons for that.

      ?I'm ok with the referral to colo-rectal. The uro-gynae consultant did it there and then - she said it was unlkely to be before christmas - which I didn't expect - so hopefully and maybe in th enew year. I did point out strongly to the consultant I wasn't happy

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    Hello trizwizz. Firstly I know the Birmingham exercises you mention and they are excellent and I do recommend them. Secondly (and this is my personal opinion) I think your physio is unprofessional and I would ask for a change because unless you have confidence in the professionals working and looking after you it could be an uphill struggle. I have never heard of a physiotherapist talking to a patient the way she has spoken to you. The issue regarding her seeing your results and skimming over the "result" is extremely unprofessional and I would be telling her so! Is she a specialist physiotherapist trained in urogynaecology? The last few days on the forum haven't been very positive reading about ladies prolapsing again but your diagnosis needs careful handling and seeing a colorectal surgeon is a positive move. Please try and remain positive trizwizz xx

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      Thank you - yes I thought the birmingham exercises well written and informative - have just done some work from home (writing) and sat here doing them!

      ?Normally I am good with people - I work in the commmunity and am good at listening and getting to know people at quite traumatic times in their lives. So I am a little surprise dthat I can't get an typs of relationship with the physio. The consutant I have seen only a few times and would say we have a positive relationship. So I don't think it's down to not seeingthe physio much.

      ?The first time I saw physio she didn't have my medical notes - they were apparently lost somewhere. So it was the last time I saw her she asked about the proctogram results. I was waiting and waiting for an appt with the consultant - had to chase it up in the end - I had again been "lost." So the physio obviously did have access to the proctogram results. But really it wasn't her information to give - which was why her comment, I think, just slipped out, and I wasn't quick enough to pick up on it.

      ?She is a specialist urogynae physio. I did tell the consultant I didn't like the physio and why. There is another specialist physio. I got the impression from the consultant that the next physio visit would be the last.

      ?My first visit involved an internal examination with me squeezing muscles etc, given exercisies to do. Also had to fill in a liquid intake chart ( I had done this at urodynamics a few months previously)

      ?Second visit involved looking at the liquid intake chart (and ripping my lifestyle to shreds) so came away with having to give up caffeine, take in more water. She said the third visit would involve an internal again to see how the muscles had responded to exercise.

      ?It was the consultant who gave me the impression there would be an end to the physio - and I suppose there is a limit to what physio can do


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      I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't share the same physio as she has suggested I wear this elastic band which my daughter informed me that they are for pregnant women to help keep the baby off the pelvic floor, and at 52 post hysterectomy I'm definitely not pregnant😁😁😁

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      It just surprises me that someone who works with people has no ability to build a relationship with people. I do understand that physios have to be a certain type of breed of  people -  after all they will be causing pain to people through exercise etc so they have to be tough. But.......there are ways of doing things. I work a lot with paediatric physios an dthey have to balance the children and the parents - not easy  - and some are better than others but not all are dreadful. I'm quite a tough person but I have felt like crying after each physio visit I've had.

      Never heard of the elastic band thing - pregnant or not!

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    Hi Trizwizz,

    Good to hear from you although I'm sorry things haven't improved. Did the colorectal consultant mention Botox? I know someone who as far as I know doesn't have a prolapse but is going to have a Botox injection into this muscle.

    At one of my many appointments (I may have already mentioned to you previously) it was suggested to me but in my case we decided it would not be a good idea.

    If you don't get on with your physiotherapist it may be a good idea to go private, I did & it wasn't too expensive (there is a serious lack of NHS physiotherapists in my area). Hope you get this sorted.

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      Thank you - the support on here is very welcome. I came home feeling very grim indeed but am gradually bouncing back  - shame my muscles aren't as bouncy!

      ?Waiting for the colo-rectal appt - hopefull yit won't be too long.

      ?Have spent the evening trying to do both the new exercises and the pelvic ones already - have got hopelessly confused and don't know quite what I'm squeezing/clenching where!

      ?I shall see what he says about any type of treatment. I may investigate private physio - I could afford it if neceesary but in reality nothing is going to happen til th enew year and I may as well keep the physio appt then. I will endeavour to have somewords with her!


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