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Hi just had staples removed wound healing well after partial knee replacement. Am in pain in morning hospital sent me home with minimaln pain releaf and no physio. I am now taking ibuprofen every 4 hours, I am going to ring the Doctor to see if I can get more pain releaf. I feel abandoned. can anyone suggest the best pain releaf?

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    Well that is shocking Isabella, you will need much stronger pain relief

    than just ibuprofen. I think most people are given Tramadol but l

    have an allergic reaction to them so I was given co codamol 30/500mgs.

    You can also keep taking your ibuprofen with these. You are going to

    have to keep on top of the pain or you will no way be comfortable doing

    your exercises. You should also have been given an appointment to

    attend physiotherapy before you left hospital. I would certainly get

    in touch with your GP to sort out pain relief and physiotherapy

    I was given a sheet of exercises to do as soon as I got home also.

    I also had a PKR. Good luck with your recovery, Susan x

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    hi isobell51157 i had tkr 1 year 1 month ago and i know it is an invasion of your body and mind due to the high pain and the useless feeling afterwards because my wife had to bed wash me do my toilets as in carrying things to and frow to me and because of pain manegement if not treated right it will become a big issue and the physio part are so important though painful wich it should not be , my docter put me on tramil for two weeks 2x 4 daily i had my physio done from day one and the method was tell me if you feel pain and she will stop gave me a house plan to do and once a week a therapy sesion at the practice, as my mind was playing little games with me due of the useless feeling i had the docter put me on a regime of meds like all oldish people develop over years the no 1 is pain meds icing lots of it legs elevated and please ask the docter for a depresion med like prozak or nuzak  i think nuzak is for men i dont know my sleeping was as in nothing to two hrs a night and had to ask for sleeping tabs not strong stuff just to get maybe 3-5 hrs a night this is along reply but it seems to me you were left to your own decisions wich we cant make, physio a must it must not hurt ice a must lots of it pain meds strong ones and for the mind if you do have a spell of depression a good medaction and believe me you will go trhough it much better, i am going in again on the 20 june for the 2nd tkr left knee this time all prepared lol be strong and know the healing part takes some time regards danie 


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    I got tram adolescent every 6 hrs then 2 paracetomols and 1 max strength ibuprofen for in between ....really helps so far pain is well in control x
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    Hi Isabell,

    I am almost 5 weeks post op.

    Medication I recommend is Tylex painkillers. I was taking 2 three times per day. Trying to pull back a bit in the past week. I also take Keral, an anti-inflammatory, I take 1 three times per day. When pain hits really hard (becoming less frequent every week) I take Oxynorm x 1.

    There is no way I could've done the exercises without pain killers & anti-inflammatories.

    My hospital/surgeon/physio put a huge emphasis on pain management to allow exercise, even a booklet was issued on this.

    I am 5 weeks out since op and think I am doing OK, down to 1 crutch this week. Leg feels stronger, still a lot of swelling but managing with ice.

    I can take baby steps without any crutches, but am very conscious of over-doing it and causing damage.

    I find Tylex the best by far.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hi Isabell!

    I was given Oxycodone with my first TKR and Hydrocodone with my second TKR. Both contain Tylenol AND a percentage of NARCOTIC.

    For me, Tylenol does very little. I have MUCH better results with Ibuprofen. The NARCOTIC portion was making me very loopy. I would drop things. My brain felt very disconnected from my body. It was a very odd feeling, AND I needed two pills to get pain relief.

    At the hospital I got injections of Toradol every six hours, I had a nerve block, AND I was being given two Oxycodone (first surgery) or Hydrocodone (second surgery) as well.

    My doctor wrote a prescription for just ONE PILL every six hours for when I got home. Obviously once home I didn't have the nerve block or the injections of Toradol. THEN I had half of the amount of Oxycodone or Hydrocodone I had BEEN taking.

    I have to say I was panicked when I realized I either had to rely on ONE PILL ONLY of pain medication OR take the two pills like I had been used to in the hospital and hope for the best once my prescription ran out!!

    Some doctors will refill prescriptions that contain narcotics. My surgeon was not one of them! I began to panic as I thought about having no pills left sooner because I was taking TWO like in the hospital rather than ONE like my surgeon had prescribed.

    The combination of feeling loopy, diminishing pill supply, PAIN, discomfort, having to move SO SLOWLY even to get to the bathroom and having to give myself those blood thinner shots in my abdomen plus icing and elevating my leg so often was QUITE EXASPERATING!

    I envisioned terrible pain once my pain meds were gone.


    After the two weeks of narcotics, icing, elevating, doing minimal exercises because I had LOTS of swelling, those blood thinners, walking with the walker and worry about not having suitable pain medication, I began taking Ibuprofen, like you.

    I was VERY pleasantly surprised that it helped with swelling, didn't make be loopy like the narcotics did, AND it did a very good job with my pain!😁

    Everyone is different, but I wanted you to hear MY TAKE on over the counter meds versus prescriptions containing narcotics.

    Nobody wants pain, but side effects can be worse. Addiction to pain killers containing narcotics is even worse than pain OR side effects. It can be a slippery slope!😞

    I found that rest, drinking plenty of water and MOVING helped a lot. I prayed often asking for strength and calm.

    Things get better in time. Be patient, and don't let worry make you feel worse. Being positive increases endorphins which actually help control pain.

    See ding prayers of comfort and clarity to you today!😃

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      Hi Cheryl

      Thanks for your reply - also thanks to all the other replies I am overwhelmed feel much better now I have some colleagues on the case! I have arranged a phone in appointment with my Doc today after 3.00pm and I am aware that the stronger pain killers can be addictive, but would like to hear what the Doc has to say anyway. I might see what he suggests and maybe take them only when I am in agony - like first thing in the morning.  I have also just noticed that the swelling has gone down a little since yesterday when I started taking the Ibuprofen.  I am terrible at drinking water - and will try drinking more and maybe an ice pack.  Again many thanks for all your advice I really appreciate it.biggrin

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      Glad you are feeling better!

      Medication effects people in different ways. We all just want to have our pain and discomfort under control so that we feel more human and less like a PATIENT recovering from a trauma.

      That's good that you have more information and are going to discuss it with your doctor.

      Take care! Let us know how things go!

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    Hi Ispell, I am 2 weeks post op after partial knee replacement, I was given ibuprofen and co-codamol (paracetamol and codeine combined) on discharge from hospital, when the co-codamol ran out I rang my GP who prescribed just codeine tablets, so I can then split the ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine apart so I was able to take some form of medication every 2 hours, I pretty much did this until a couple of days,ago andI sstill take the the paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly but I am only taking the codeine when I go to bed and when I wake in the morning, I am planning to cut the codeine to 1 tablet at these times over the next few days, also make sure you ask your Gp about physio.


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    Isabell I've been on gabapentine but had to come off them after 2 days due to side affects now on5 mg oxycoden paracetamol an an anti inflammatory plus lots of ice 
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    I have taken Tramadol for a long time plus Naproxen, prior to my procedure,   and had my gp prescribe Severodol which is part of the Morphine family. I'm 6 weeks po today, and almost off the  Severodol. You definitely need to be seeing a Physio.  Where do you live?
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      hi Lucie

      Doc has given me Voltarol and Co-Codamol so am trying these tonight.

      I live in Loughborough and I asked about physio and Doc said that he cant offer it to me for a few weeks. Im going back to the hospital for a check up on 5th July and will ask at the hospital. I have a booklet with exercises in from the hospital so I could see if I can do some myself!

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