Peri Menopause

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Hi there..

I'm 42 years old and new to this. Recently experienced symptoms which I've been told are peri menopause.

Am now getting hot flushes but not sweating..also get palpitations and metal taste in mouth, vertigo and a funny head to name but a few...

Had a bad episode last night in bed which woke me up. Stomach felt warm which radiated to chest and neck and heart palpitations...also felt a really strange sensation in my head like I was going to black out or something horrible was going to happen. Never felt this before so terrified me. Called 999 as thought I was about to have a heart attack or something similar.. embarrassing as am usually always fit and we'll.

These symptoms are worse than a panic/anxiety attack.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Im finding this quite debilitating and scary.

Thanks x

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    Hello. I'm sorry you are going through all of this at such a young age.

    I have had vertigo before too. The foggy headedness, floating head feeling.

    I am often woken up by the sensation you describe. I call it an adrenaline rush. My acupuncturist says it is adrenaline and just hormones being out of balance. It is a HORRIBLE feeling. I have anxiety and the occasional panic attack.

    I get the metallic taste in my mouth, too. Usually after I have eaten something unhealthy, like franchise restaurant food or processed food. So, I try to avoid those foods.

    My sister in law went through a period of almost blacking out and blacking out occasionally.

    It is scary and debilitating.

    I have acupuncture twice a week and take herbal supplements. This does help. Especially when she focuses on treating menopausal/ perimenopausal symptoms. I have her treat me for insomnia, too.

    A clean diet, yoga, Tai Chi, exercise like walking or swimming and staying busy. Do something you enjoy as well.

    Hang in there. I hope this helps.

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    Yes I have had similar experiences mostly in middle of night, starts with unexplained anxiety and then varies but usually overall heavy/weak limbs, heart palps, nausea, not taste issues though.  It is a very wierd feeling and I also thought I was having a heart attack, even went to ER, but they never found anything.
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    Good Mroning Dora, oh your poor thing, you seem to have joined the peri group at a young age.  I suffer just as you explain form the anxiety /panic attacks.  I had the same as you a year and 1/2 ago, was so horrible and scared to death.  I have though suffered with anaixety for many years, but use an antidepressant to control, and it worked very well for 14 years until peri really hit a year and half ago.  Your hormones are out of balance, too much estrogen will cause this anxiety, and low progesterone.   I unfortunately made a mistake of taking an HRT, which only bumped up my estrogen, so it really has raised my nervousness daily, no one ever took blood work first to check my levels..i am extremely high on estrogen, which makes it hard to sleep and anciety much worse, they call it the exciteable hormone...if your able to get blood work done, check yoru levels, i am at 1407! which is really high..shouldnt be more then 400, even at its highest...also you may wish to look into progesterone cream, a natural approach, to raise up the progesterone, a calming hormone.  Also, when you wake, deep breathes, follow your breathes, be aware of them..I also take a xanax if i am really scared , it calms me down and back to sleep.. thank God, i am doing better these days...cutting back on the HRT, and will come off of it completely in 2 months...Feel better, hang in there, and just know it will pass.  If your need any more info, just message tc
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    I have just joined, and read your text. I am 44 and think I am experiencing the peri menopause. I have heart palpitations hot flushes but only rarely. My periods were always regular but now can skip for 8 weeks at a go. I get tender breasts and am not pregnant, to be honest they feel swollen. All of this I can cope with, but the inability to cope with normal things is driving me crazy, I forget things repeat my self, get flustered and anxious which is not like me at all. I haven't been to see the doctor but am getting concerned, am I normal? Is this similar to your experience? 

    Yours fretfully 


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      Hi Louise. Yes, we are having the same symptoms, but mine are a lot worse than yours..

      I noticed a definite change in me last year.

      Anxiety, palpitations and hot flushes.

      I've been to the doctors and had a couple of blood tests but both came back ok.

      Just been for another one and get results on Friday. My doctor says my symptoms are definitely peri menopause.

      I had a period 2 weeks after my last one which alarmed me. Doctor assured me it's peri menopause related. I also get very bad PMT symptoms, worse than ever. Very tender breasts which look like I've had a boob job!

      The symptoms are scary to begin with if you don't realise what's going on.

      Enough to drive you mad.

      I was told that having children later in life can bring on early menopause and genetics.

      I've also had seasonal asthma which I've never had before. Apparently this can be due to menopause too! The list is endless...

      Not sure what my doctor will recommend for me. Not keen on taking medication for it and don't think I'd be offered hrt because of my age.

      I love keeping fit but some days I find it quite debilitating. I have good and bad days.

      I also feel different to the person I used to be, but am determined to be as normal as possible if that makes sense?!

      We can only carry on and go with it as difficult as it is.

      Definitely go and see your doctor and talk to them. I'm sure they will recommend you have a blood test to check your hormone levels. If Not, ask them for it. Don't ignore it.

      Hope this helps.

      Keep in touch and message me if you want to talk. X

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      I also get the swollen sore breasts. Even when I am not close to my period. They feel like they did when I was going through puberty.

      I also forget things, repeat myself and become flustered. I start to say something to someone and when they look at me to listen to me, I stumble over my words.

      I feel detached from my loved ones and even from myself and my life. I don't feel quite like myself. This has gotten better lately. Hopefully I am over the detached feeling part of menopause.

      Hope you feel better soon.

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      I'm so glad I'm not the only one, I thought I was going crazy. 

      I know exactly what you mean about it feeling like puberty. 

      It's so nice to be able to talk and share this thank you.

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      Hi dora

      If you are struggling with peri menopausal symptoms then especially at your age 44 HRT is something that should be considered.

      The earlier it is started (should you choose that route and have no risk factors) then research shows the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

      I'm 42 and have just started HRT, attended my menopause clinic yesterday and am even more sure now I have done the right thing.

      Good luck

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      I have found yoga to be very relaxing. I took a 6 week beginners class of Tai Chi. It is a little harder than yoga but I enjoy it. You have to practice it every day or every other day or you forget it.

      It is nice to be able to share with others what we are going through. It is a relief to know that we aren't going crazy.

      Take care.

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      I'm on Estelle Duet 1mg tablets.

      It's the one most docs start you on to see how you tolerate it. It also depends on your circumstances as to which one may suit you best x

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