Period arrived and the normal 'me' is back!!

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hi ladies

My periods have been irregular, terrible anxiety and depression. I'm off work as I could not cope. I feel like I'm going mad!!

Obviously not sure when my period will appear, had a terrible week this week crying, depressed etc then period arrived this morning and by mid day it was like a switch was flipped and the old, normal, happy, motivated me was back!! I am delighted but then, how long for?

Anyone know? Also doc has said HRT but I'm not sure, does it just put off the symptoms, it's anxiety and depression I have worst, will HRT help that?

I'm smiling now but I'm dreading waking up tomorrow as it might be back to hell!!

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    Mine began at 48 ,started by going to bed fine. Next day got up and it began ,think the anxiety is the worst it gave me  just couldn't get it down  so I know where your coming from Liz  just got to see what the ladies on here say to the anxiety  never had the depression  not that I ever noticed .Think HRT is a tricky one to answer ,as its not for every female. HRT can give you as many probs ,as its suppose to relieve long term . If it's for you then go with how you feel towards it .Menopause is a terrible condition to go through  I keep some Bach rescue on hand for those really not going to drop anxiety days ,have you tried that .Everything changes from day to day  that's the nature to menopause .No easy answers to it. Just go with your gut feeling Liz .
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      Thank you so much, I'v not tried bach rescue I will have a look at it.

      I'm but sure about the HRT but there is no rhyme or reason to how I feel each morning and I can't work when I am bad so I need to be able to function. I never thought menopause would be this bad to be honest, I was waiting on the hot flushes kicking in but none so far! Just need to go with it all and hope it passes soon x

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      Liz the Bach rescue you can get any chemist or supermarket  many use it  but there are other natural stuff on the market ,Jay on site says the B6 is good ,go look up that ,won't hurt to get into these Vits ,menopause robs you of a lot .How old are you ? Menopace is another good one they say .

         What I will say as far as myself and anxiety  Ive had far worse anxiety from just one packet of drs meds  it shot my anxiety really up  so be wary of them ,hence why I went for the rescue spray that's been around now for years  keep it in your handbag ,always got it handy .Stay on here see what others come up with ,they've all learnt a lot about meno from each other  look for Jay and her findings .Your be fine  these things will pass  just need lots of patience .xx

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    Could have written this note myself Liz. When things first starting coming unhinged for me, I remember telling my GYN I'd rather have regular cycles and be my normal self instead of the bat $hit crazy woman I was turning into. Apparently by hiis comment, I and you are not alone. This is normal.

    A better than a year later and no HRTs, I went from 4-5 months without a cycle to having them return for 6 months (felt great!) back to going on 4 without and feeling those awful feelings again, but not as intense......point is....I'll do without as I believe and really hope as time goes on, the crazies lessen. My fear of HRTs and this is specific for me only....not telling anyone what they should or shouldn't eventually I'll have to come off and I don't want to have to eventually go through this anyway. It seems like I'd be delaying the inevitable and I'm always seeking ways to keep the blues and anxiety away without the HRTs. 

    So for now, while this is my 2nd time without having periods for  a couple months..this isn't as horrific as first round...and I pray that as the hormones dwindle down more, I'll stay somewhat sane.

    Hoping the best for you in how ever you chose to navigate through this journey.

    Annie xx

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    Oh, I feel your pain!  I also feel like I am going mad and trying desperately to carry on working, but I feel like a total zombie most of the time and the anxiety is bad.  I have to psyche myself to go into a supermarket now, am stressy if there are too many people in the office and even have taken to walking the long way around to get to my desk so I don't have to walk past so many people.  I couldn't find the car today, have to keep checking and rechecking I've turned the household appliances off before I go out and went to pull the cord to turn my kitchen light on yesterday.  I have a cord in the bathroom, not the kitchen 😥 and I've lived in the same house for 10 years.  Loads of other things, like a total confusion sometimes.  It's really affecting my life.  am taking vitamins but can't tell any difference.  I'm sure people must be noticing things, which is making me more anxious.  I've never ever suffered from anxiety in my entire life before 😂
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      My anxiety only begN at meno ,didn't know what the heck was going on ,and pulpatations out of this world ,Drs see and here this throughout their working life ,it took an old Dr weeks later after several other drs couldn figure it out. But one old Dr put up menopause  one blood test by him ,yes there it was  why hadn't these others done that  beggars belief .

         Many females out there in the dark on this subject  and don't know where to get help  suffering in silence. Not all have a comp or IPad 

         Least Liz has found company now ,that's her bonus now  it's not her. But damn hormones going up and down ,and yes I've avoided people whilst like this ,all normal to meno  me its anxiety I find the hardest ,always have .Didnt know what that feeling was ever till this began .😝

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      Hi Marlene

      Had meant to comment on this a few days ago, but I was too busy having a Melt Down to even both opening any emails, until today!!

      I'm with you about this being a Peri thing.  I too told my Nurse Pract'r that I had been a bit tearful (and that is literally what I mean: nothing OTT) and I was prescribed SSRIs = ADs.

      Not for me ta. I totally understand that will and have helped others, but I think Perimenopause is ALL about hormonal imbalance: get that back on whack, and I'd imagine I'd feel a bit better all over. 

      Funny, just like Liz, once my proper bleed came to day,I feel like 'Me' again. Just a bit sorry that I went into one that I seemed to not be able to control and feel very sorry for my son having to trip around me.  Maybe he should have told me to get over myself:  there's nothing like being put straight to pull you back into shape is there?!

      Thank God for a son that doesn't give me grief and an ol' man who just let me have my 'moment'.xx


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      I do feel now I jumped at the anti depressant but I was having such a hard time and now feel trapped on it as scared to come off. If there was a menopause hotel I could go there and come off as you would have 24 HR room service with someone to help you cope at dark times!!
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    Hi Liz

    I have anxieties and depression myself my doctor told me that HRT will just add to it you would be better off being on an antidepressant like Zolft 

    Talk to your doctor

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      I'm on anti depressant sertraline which I've been on before and it helped but not sure if surge of hormones too much this time and that's why I've f felt bad.

      My doctor said hrt would be fine for me to try, I'm not sure though. X

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      Liz this is why I don't think those Benzos are the right thing for menopausal women  well put it this way for some ,they can mess you up way more ,then women want this HRT,hey who can blame them either.Lack of hormones and benzo's together just simply don't suit everyone out there .

         Can see why some on HRT swear they will never come of them though,if they feel better .

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    Hi Liz,

    ME TOO!! Mind, I only had two bad days, yesterday and the day before. It was depression, irritability, unreasonable anger. 

    I am on The Pill.

    But my period started last night and today I am fine, YIPPEE!!


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    Hi liz

    Thank God I read your post the other day, or I'd have not believed it!

    I've had the 'Mother' of all starts to my Period this month.

    Arrived like bloody usual: dead on time at 28days!  But it started with my good mate 'Brown Sludge' - oh! how I hate this stuff. Either have a proper bleed or don't, I say!

    By Friday night I was turning into a Rottweiler - only needed the hind legs and tail by then........which arrived after a major Melt Down on Saturday morning.

    Now I don't know if this will resonate with any other ladies, but really little things REALLY bug me sometimes.  And Satursday morning's 'bug' was not exception.

    My dead 6yr old grandson got in bed with me with his Tablet, and was 'playing' Minecraft (oh, how I hate ALL computer-based games!!. Well that was OK, until I became aware of two guys with Irish accents rattling on about*p!!!!   I didn't want to turf my grandson outta bed as he was going to a sports class within the hour, but those two bloody fools, nattering inane rubbish just about done me in - and set the pace for the day!

    In short, I took myself back to the bedroom, set up the ironing board and steam-generating iron (girls, I'm no big fan of ironing, but they are something else!!), put the TV on and watched the equivalent of 2hrs of rubbish TV (yeah, 2 back episodes of TOWIE was right up there in that 2yrs!!) and spent all that time doing my backlog of ironing. 

    Had a shower, ate, and felt like I'd reappeared as Joan Collins in the Snickers advert!  Boy, was I a miserable, horrible cow or what? 

    I felt very, very angry and tearful - just for a couple of hours I now see - but a certain someone bore the brunt of my vented spleen: we'll mention no names, but boy do I feel better now having got that person out of my head, off my chest and just out there!!

    My poor son.  I apologised to him for being such a cow for making him listen to my rant (he is a complete Diplomat that fella x).  This morning I stayed in bed, sent emails, had a shower and came down and had a big 'Sorry' session and a big hug. My husband didn't need one:  he's used to me, and I think he appreciated that I haven't been like this in a long while.  Good Lads, mine. xx

    But this morning I found that I too feel a bit better and I am assuming this is because I have started what I'd deem as a normal Bleed.  Have to say though that I'd found myself very shaky, like you'd get if you had low bloody sugar. 

    So I stuffed a piece of chocolate in my gob (much to my son's amusement), and thought I'd better have something to eat.  Actually I know I could have had the banana that was sat there, but I had something hot and felt 1m times better for it. 

    Like you, wondering now if HRT might be something I really need to think about, but I can't say for sure whether it would take that 'nutty build-up' away or not.  Maybe some of our HRT-taking friends can tell us how they find this time?

    Sorry for using your thread to vent off, but I completely understand how different we are with a bleed.  Almost makes me now want to miss a Period......which I haven't since 1987, when I was pregnant!!!

    Glad you're smiling.  I make take a leaf out of your book therebiggrin!!Sx

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      Hi you poor thing this menopause us total crap! It's just hit me like a bus!

      My period is still flowing good style no brown sludge here!! BUT I'm back to weepy depressed and anxious again!!

      My life feels like Groundhog Day!!

      I just want to be happy again!!

      Hugs x

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      Yep, I can relate to Groundhog Day Liz. 

      Only got MDF in my reach at the mo, but want to 'touch wood' as after eating I've felt so, so much better. 

      Got a rotten day tomorrow which takes us away from home ALL day, into the evening (not socially tho').  Any bets that's the day the 'Red Niagara'* comes a'knocking?!!   I'm taking a bigger handbag and have already packed it with half of Boots the Chemist in the event that I have my 'a change an hour' Day. 

      I ain't looking forward to that.

      Hugs back to you x


      *Got Dawn French (Brit Comedianne) to thank for that term from way back in the 80slol!

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