Persistent 24/7 lateral ankle pain

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Have had persistent lateral ankle pain - no swelling since March.

went to hospital because pain kept getting worse and had trouble walking especially first steps in the morning sheer agony had to hold on to wall to walk also had pins and needles feeling .

Then I had pain in my lower back so sent me for EMG and MRI.

Prescribed Gabapentin and tramadol which does absolutely nothing.

I have been taking Advil and extra strength Tylenol and getting worried since I did MRI of ankle and all it shows is calcification heel area - but pain is lateral ankle constant pain had to stop working because getting only couple of hours a night.

Was prescribed oxycodone which does nothing either - don't know what to do.

I think it is tendon related because I feel thick vein type on the side that hurts and the normal ankle has no ropes feeling

would appreciate if anyone would have any insight - have been to the doctor 4 times and getting nowhere

thank you


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    I am assuming you saw a general practitioner.

    I would see an orthopedic physician.

    In the meantime, very hugh elevation on pillows. Frozen gel packs, available from Amazon, or a pharmacy.

    Get at least two medium so one can be used while the other is freezing.

    Advil is a NSAID, you might try a different one. Motrin, Felden, many are on the market.

    Also consider an ankle compression sleeve. Do not put it on untill you get the swelling down with the elevation and ice.

    To sleep consider a natural remedy. Melatonin 3 mg taken two hours before bedtime.

    The more sleep you lack, the more pain you will have.

    A knee scooter or a iwalk2 will help you ambulate so that you can work.


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      thank you so much for you reply

      the doctors sent me to a rheumatologist and then a neurologist

      gave me Gabapentin, oxycodone, etc - just barely numbs pain

      have no swelling but using ice packs - worse when I get out of bed so take 

      NSAIDs an hour before so I can walk to bathroom without being in excruciating pain

      saw an orthopaedic who sent me to physio - since not swollen and I can walk nobody thinks it's serious - yet pain is horrible

      i had to have my gallbladder out last year - excruciating pain - but that would ease sometime -this is relentless

      don't know what to do - everyone is pointing me in a different direction sad


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      give a ring and ask if you can increase the Neurotin-gabapentin.

      Perhaps consider acetaminophen like 500 mg to replace as much of the oxycodone as you can...I usually take acetaminophen 500 mg and oxycodone 2.5 mg together so that I use less oxy.

      Have you tried the heating twenty minutes...then do twenty minutes of ice...back to heat.

      I complained bitterly of ankle pain for quite some time before avascular necrosis became obvious. hugs

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    Sounds really similar too my experience. I would say see more than one foot and ankle doctor. and try too get a liquid MRI. They'll give u shots in the place too be examined with liquid.too see inside better. Idk what the name of the MRI is. I just know i had one before. and it shows stuff a lot better. also just follow what ihavenonickname said that's really good stuff too do for it too. and you can ask your doctor send you too your pain management clinic too get sleeping pills they should help you sleep better.

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      Thank you so much for your reply.  

      I'm waiting to be called to the pain management clinic - will be months if not a year before I get called.

      Started with ankle pain worse at night  and now I have pins and needles can't even walk without a cane in the morning after resting it's excruciating

      are you better - Did they diagnose you and give you medication that helps

      is there light at the end of the tunnel


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      MRI with contrast...what did the neurologist have to say...pain on waking that improves sure sounds like rheumatoid.

      so sorry, hugs

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      Np and months? That's what happened too me also. I had to go on a waiting list for the pain clinic.nd your symptoms are so similar too me I get the pain at night and in the morning its terrible I have too use 2 crutches not one so yea no I never healed I just started taking my pills about 2 days ago and they just make me sleep a lot so far. I'm still in pain though.and they still did not diagnose me they just said try these pills and if they don't work for the pain come back and we will give you something stronger. It can be a long time for your healing proccess sometimes I heard just hang in there find things too keep busy and stay on the doctors about your foot or else they won't care and forget about your care just keep going.i mean pills didn't work for me but they can be your answer for your pain good luck.

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      so the ankle pain is being caused by a nerve compression at L5?

      Did you see a foot ortho or a spinal ortho? You need a spinal ortho.

      L5 is beginning of sciatic nerve which travels down behing buttock, through greater sciatic foramen, down back of thigh where it biforcates into the tibial nerve and the fibular nerve

      yet, you have no sciatic pain...Yes to the gabapentin but not so sure that you are feeling L5 compression in your ankle.



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