Peru and HRT? Does it help?

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Just been to the docs today cos I feel rubbish. 

Keep feeling weak and dizzy, incredibly tired and then the sweats ( worse just before and after my period). 

My FSH level was normal and my periods are around every 24 days but the doc is convinced it's Peri that's causing all of this. He wants to try me on a low dose HRT as he says that will make a big difference. Just wanted some unbiased opinions so I can go in armed with a bit of knowledge.

Thanks ladies xx

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    hi stella....sorry that you're struggling. i've been taking low-dose birth control pills for four or five months (combination pill since i'm still having periods, although irregularly) be honest, i'm not sure they're doing much for me...i still feel dizzy/lightheaded, muscle weakness/fatigue, gp has suggested that it's anxiety and not perimenopause that's causing all my physical symptoms (although it has been confirmed that i am perimenopausal) this point, who knows? from what i've read (and i've read a BUNCH), the symptoms are remarkably similar....that being said, i tried an ssri for anxiety and couldn't manage the side effects (made me feel the same as i was feeling, only more so, if that makes sense) for the moment, i'm slogging through best i can....i have a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication (lorazepam) that i'm using VERY sparingly, as i've got myself terrified of the side effects and withdrawl symptoms....all of this has created a nice mess of health anxiety for me, so if i wasn't anxious before, i certainly am of luck to least you know you're not alone in this...hugs
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      Hey Weary, yes that was the other option, ssri's. I think I'd put up with the whole thing if I was sure what was going on. I'd love to miss a few periods, then I could convince myself that everything was hormonal rather than cancerous! ( I have HA too).

      hate being a bag if out of control hormones! Xxx

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      the uncertainty is what's doing me in as well, stella....i keep going to see my doctor in the hopes that something will show up (nothing bad, just something i could do something about)...soooooooo frustrated!!
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      Hi wearykitty, i was very interested in your post as we sound alike.   Yes all these peri symptoms has created health anxiety for me too but i am better than i was until something sets me off.  What i'm interested to know is when you feel dizzy/lightheaded does it last all day, several days or just minutes.  I feel i've been dizzy all week and if i stand for only a short time i feel faint but yet i have never fainted. I've had such a bad day at work today with the dizziness that it just gets me down and i wonder how long i can carry on working.  I don't really want to stop cos although i struggle it keeps me going if you know what i mean. I did take citalapan for six months but i hated it and felt out of it most of the time so came off.  Only you can make your decision on the lorazepam as i know nothing about them.  Your not alone weary, we may look like were drunk to others but we know different.  love to you x
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      I've been feeling dizzy/off-balance for several weeks now...and yup, it lasts all day, worse when I'm standing still (I even feel it when I'm sitting down)'s a dufficult sensation to describe, because it's not exactly dizziness but it's not exactly lightheadedness either....I just feel as though I'm going to tip over (like my head is too heavy for my neck).....and I get the wobbly/weak's gotten to the point where I'm afraid to drive long distances by myself, as it just feels too makes me very angry because I've become such a frightened, dependent woman...I know it's counterproductive, but I spend a lot of time just crying and grieving for the life I feel I've lost....this all came on so suddenly and I get scared that it won't ever go away....starting CBT week after next, so maybe that will help....hang in there 💜
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      oh bless you hun, i really feel for you..

      when i started peri, i had awful feelings of loss of balance, infact my hormones were so crazy i too felt faint and actually did faint on three occassions, one time was when i lived in UK and went shopping to the nearest city, i drove and was alone, i went into boots to buy some makeup, i felt this feeling again, and i asked the makeup lady if I could sit on the stool, it was a high stool, then whooooosh i fell to the ground, i hit my head, i woke and parmedics were in my face and a policeman looking into my mobile phone, my blood pressure just dropped so low... it happened a lot, but then other days i felt fine, i use to fear shopping alone after that, i got familiar with the feelings and would just sit down straight away and put my head in my knees...  i found that eating little and often was a help ....

      i remember the feeling alot when queuing ... oh my.... the sensation that your blood is draining and the weakness kicks in  ... 

      it did go away hun, it was all this peri mallarky for me, i sometimes think early part of peri is the hardest... be strong, listen to your body and relax when you can

      jay jay xx 

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      weary / anxious face

      have you had your blood pressure checked when you have been to the docs  in the past..

      mine is generally always abit lowish... my doc use to say i had the blood pressure of an athlete, i sure never felt like one  .... ' usually 100/65 - 110/75 range' 

      when i was in ealry peri and had my public faint my blood pressure dropped to 65 over something.... crazy. ....

      the paramedics said i dont know how you stand up - i replied well i didnt for long... mine was all peri hormonal ... 😏 but fine now, it does get better..

      abit of iron helped and a good vitamin boost... eating little and often and never skip breakfast ... force even abit of toast down before you go anywhere in the morning...

      Symptoms of low blood pressure

      Fainting, feeling light headed or giddy, seeing spots or having tunnel vision on standing up

      Feelings of weakness and fatigue 

      Sensitivity to hot and cold 

      Chilly extremities

      Low endurance

      Rapid pulse on exertion 

      Low libido

      Difficulty in getting off to sleep

      Sleep disturbances, night terrors, sudden waking with no obvious cause

      Difficulty getting going in the morning

      Frequent headaches or migraines

      Low mood, sadness and hopelessness

      Potential causative factors


      Low protein intake 

      Adrenal exhaustion

      Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)

      Hypothyroidism (low thyroid function)

      Anaemia (lack of iron)

      During menopause, the root cause of dizziness is often changes in hormone levels. Dizziness can also be related to other symptoms of menopause. In rare cases, dizziness during menopause can indicate a more serious condition. While these cases are very rare, it is wise to be informed of all the possible causes of dizziness, further outlined below.

      Hormonal Causes

      Changing levels of estrogen during menopause can produce changes in the blood vessels and nervous system, which can cause bouts of dizziness.    

      Menopausal Causes

      Other menopausal symptoms can also cause a woman to feel dizzy. These include:

      • Hot flashes


      • Ear problems

      • Anxiety and panic


      Other Causes

      • Low blood pressure


      • Low blood sugar(hypoglycemia)

      Arthritis (especially of the cervical spine)

      • Medication use

      • Cold and flu

      • Viral infection

      • Heart problems


      One's sense of balance and equilibrium depends on the proper functioning of at least two of the body's three balance control centers: the eyes, ears, and sensory nerves. If the brain can't process all of the information from these centers, the messages become contradictory, or if these systems are not working properly, a person can experience dizziness, loss of balance, and equilibrium.

      Low blood pressure and other cardiovascular system changes can also lead to dizziness.


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      Hi Jay....yup, my blood pressure tends to run on the low side (always has)....I do make sure that I stay well-hydrated and eat something small every couple of hours....the sensation I get is less like a feeling of faintness than it is of being unsteady on my feet (if that makes sense)....happens even when I'm laying down. I've been doing physical therapy for a week or two and think it might be helping a guess is that it has to do more with hormones or anxiety than anything else....I do tend to tense my muscles even when I'm not aware of doing so...may be a factor too.
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      Hi Weary

      well i hope you feel better real soon hun...

      we been discussing magnesium today and how good it is for relaxing tense muscles etc... and aiding a relaxed sleep state ..

      see the discussion on here ... maybe help you too..

      nite nite sweets

      jay xx

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      hello weary, yes my dizziness is sort of a feeling of my head being to heavy for my neck, it feels tight and sometimes as if its about to explode.  I too have always had low blood pressure which i was told was healthy but when i got really ill from all this my BP was having readings of 89/51 , 92/48 and 85/58 all too low and now i have developed Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and my medication for my pituarty tumour can cause lightheadedness and got the peri to cope with so after having all the tests you can imagine i still have no magic cure.  I too cant drive too far cos i feel funny and cos i've felt faint in the car before i dont trust myself.  I know exactly how you feel about being a frightened dependant women i was like that but i have had to push myself and set myself goals just to do a little of what i used to as i was so independant but not so much now and i too wonder if we'll ever be the same. i do hope the CBT helps you, i had 6 sessions.  hugs & comfort to you 
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