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PF and Metatarsalgia - what next?

I have been struggling with foot and ankle pain for over 3 years. My GP has recently concluded it to be a combination of PF and Metatarsalgia. Everything fits, especially the impression of a shortening of the Achilles' tendon. The main symptom of Metatarsalgia being almost constant pain similar to that you feel from extreme cold in the toes. At the consultation my GP gave me print-outs that describe both conditions and suggested I read up on the conditions.

In both cases they tended to major on them being injuries experienced by athletes and suggest that with rest everything would be fine in a few months.

I am a mid-50s male. I am sure weight loss will help (I am close to 15st) , but am caught in the vicious circle whereby diet alone has little effect and exercise is painful.

Other potential treatments appear to be of questionable success.

My current thinking it to focus on diet, bulk up on painkillers and endure the discomfort of cardio exercise.

Does this sound sensible? Is there anything else I could do alongside?


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