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elena60917 elena60917

pityriasis rosea

Hey guys, my whole body is covered with red itchy rashes because of pityriasis rosea gibert...its spreading really fast and i am devastated... i recently heard about the Prreze cream, and i want to buy it from ebay. Can somebody please tell me how to use it, how many times a day, how many packages shoud i buy? is one package enough?   waiting for replies... thanks

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  • john80615 elena60917

    Definitely buy it! Buy the large container. Use it once in the morning and ones before you go to bed. Rub it all over the areas where you have the p.r. Do this for five days. The directions are on the container, just follow the directions. Go tanning if you have the ability! 

  • taylor49850 elena60917

    I used Prreeze! I got the 16 oz container off of Etsy.  For the first few days I followed the directions it comes with (morning, noon and night).  But after I noticed how oily it is, I only used a generous amount at night before bed.  (make sure you wear an old t-shirt or something it’s super messy).  Let me know if you have any other questions! 

  • hannahoneill elena60917

    Has anyone used it on themselves and it work?

    It's quite expensive and I've already spent a good 90 on prescriptions and different things people have been suggesting and nothing's working for me so I'm a bit hesitant spending up to 60 on a cream that may not work sad

  • joanna09505 elena60917

    I had it everywhere but my face too. It’s completely normal and perhaps the sunbeds are calming it down only for it then to flare up. My advice would be to stop trying to make it go away as it sounds like you are in a vicious cycle of stress! If you google it it can take anywhere from 2-5 months to clear and worrying will only make it worse. For a cheap solution to help dry your skin out you could get the head and shoulders clinical strength and wash with it twice a day. It will only improve when the spots start to blister and dry out but then it gets super itchy so moisturise and take anti histamine. Sorry but there is no miracle cure. I took mine as a sign that I was too stressed out in general and that’s probably why I developed it so whilst you are waiting for it to go - look at how to relax more x

    • hannahoneill joanna09505

      Is it due to stress Aswel then do you think? Hmmm I need to try and calm down then sad the aunbeds really helped but it's because I went to the gym sweat alot and got all hot and bothered it then all came back sad

      My partners just said the same I'm one of the most impatient people out there I've had it for 4 weeks and the doctor even said it would be able 6 to 12 weeks. Think cause I've never had it before and i keep having clients comment on it when i do their treatments it's bothering me more. Otherwise I wouldn't to bad. Such a pain. I've tried head and shoulders and it really burnt rolleyes I've been letting it completely dry out and not moisturizing. I've just used a body brush to try exfoliate it a little.

  • joanna09505 elena60917

    I understand your devastation but i would really think about the cream. Several people have bought it and by the time it arrived their rash had started to clear up and so it was a waste of money. Or perhaps the rash was clearing anyway but they thought the cream had cleared it! I am not saying it cannot help but unfortunately this is a rash that has to run its course like any other viral complaint. I used head and shoulders clinical strength for approx 5 days to wash in and tried to not to scratch when the rash dried and itched. My rash took about 5 days to fully come out and boy - did i look a mess! It definitely looks worse before it gets better but around 5 days of the rash being fully out - it then very gradually started to improve and then quite quickly went apart from some darker patches which took another few weeks to fully go. There is said to be a link to stress so although it's difficult - just try to accept it xx

    • taylor49850 hannahoneill

      I completely understand! Just try to be in the sun as much as possible, stay hydrated, rest, try to exfoliate, keep your stress as low as possible and keep your skin moisturized.  I don’t know if it helped or not, but I took Vitamin C & zinc as well.  It goes away.  I promise.  

    • hannahoneill taylor49850

      I'm taking vit c and zinc vitamins smile I thought I was getting somewhere and it started to go then I went gym and it's come back like everywhere! The only places it's not is literally the middle of my face and inside my bits! It's spread to the bottom of my legs all up my arms and everywhere :'(

      I literally haven't got a clue what to do and I'm just going in circles :'( I'm going on the sunbed everyday for 6 mins.

      What are people using in the shower? I'm just having cold showers with no soap because I'm scared everything will make it more red and angry sadsad what can I moisturize it with? I'm going to look at getting the prrezze cream though. I'm meant to be losing weight for my wedding and instead I'm gaining because I can't go gym :'( it's now stressing me out I was calm about it till it spread everywhere :'(

    • hannahoneill joanna09505

      It's so annoying sad it was going really well when I was on aunbeds last week then i stopped for 3 days and they've come back red again. I just don't know what to do its gone back red and dry and it's just like I don't know the fact I can't go to the gym is stressing me out because I'm gaining weight Aswel but it just nothing seems to be working so I literally have no idea what to do sadsad I'll have to try it. It's cause we're saving for a wedding I don't want to be spending that amount unnecessary sadsad

  • stazstaz elena60917

    I used it, it worked for me. I think they have the directions on the places where they sell it.... Yup, here it is: Apply liberally on areas where rash is apparent twice a day for five days. Areas where cream is applied may become red and scaly within hours of application. This is an expected result, and means that the active ingredients are being ACTIVE! Some people have thought it was actually infected. Nope! Just working the way it is supposed to. Prreze is formulated specifically for pityriasis rosea, it may not work on any other rash, and certainly does not work on any other rash fast. Be sure your diagnosis is correct! Get a biopsy!You will have discolored skin after the rash falls off. It should be smooth but may appear lighter or darker than surrounding skin. This is NOT scarring! It will fade into skin tone within a few weeks. Safe to use on scalp, and “delicate” skin areas like inner thigh and underarm areas. If rash has not subsided within 5 days after your initial application period you may repeat it. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. DO NOT INGEST. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

    Ingredients: Pure coconut oil, beeswax, aloe vera gel, modified food starch, maltodextrin, corn oil, canola oil, safflower oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, geraniol oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, lemongrass.

    It also said there what each size was for. There is a tiny one for trial size, and a big one for whole body, so I would say they probably know that if you are covered from head to foot, the full body big one should be enough for the time they say you should use it. Please let us know how it works!!!! There are so many people here saying stuff about dandruff shampoo and tanning, which did not work for me, we need more voices just saying that Prreze worked.


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