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Im so scared. I don't know what to do. 

I had a couple of days that the side effects weren't to bad but I still had the depression, crying and no desire for life. Just upped my Prozac dose this morning from 20mg to 30mg as per doctors orders. I feel horrible. Anxiety, nausea, the shakes are returning. I know that can and probably will happen every time I do an increase. I'm just so scared that this depression will never go. That nothing will ever help again to make me feel better. That I will never enjoy life again and be a constant burden to my family. 

I want to cry all the time. 

I feel so hopeless please help me.

Im so scared.

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    Please someone talk to me. Just talk to me. Tell me the truth. Help me please.


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    A combination of things. From my history etc. A brain chemical imbalance. My med's were working okay before Christmas then I got a horrible cold and was taking tons of over the counter medication which screwed with my antidepressant and made it stop working. 

    I have also had childhood trauma but I have worked on that throughout my life and am working with a therapist now as well.  I am making good progress there. 

    The depression, anxiety and nausea got worse when I started the Prozac almost 4 weeks ago. I have had a few good days and usually now my evenings are better. But today I have had a big crash. I just took 1mg of clonazepam about 45 minutes ago and am starting to feel calmer thank goodness. 

    I read that many people have experienced these feelings and side effects while starting Prozac but I just seem to need a lot of support and reassurance. 

    My so called best friend of 40 years is not talking to me. She seems mad at me and I don't think she has much patients or understanding of me and what I am going through. Her phyliosiphy is to just get up, forget about it and move on. 

    I try everyday to get up, make the bed, tidy up, have a shower, do laundry, think positive. But some days are harder than others and I feel like I just can't go on. I can't cope with the pain, anxiety etc.

    Today is one of the worst days I have had so far. I just hope it starts to get better soon. I want to be happy, whole and healthy for myself and my family. I love them so very much. I know I am blessed in my life but I just can't find any comfort in that right now.

    Its so discouraging and debilitating.


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      Hi Laurie

      sorry to hear that you are having a really bad time, did you have these sort of side effects when you started this med? If so how long did the symptoms last before getting less? 

      It is good you make the effort to get up, make the bed etc keep on focusing on these things that is more than I do. i get up go to work but housework stuff etc goes by the by very often and looking after me too.

      It's good that you are feeling that you are making progress with your therapist too you hold onto these positive things.

      You will get there I'm sure you will.

      Take care of yourself


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      Hi Tina,

      Thank you so much for responding. I find such hope and comfort from the people on this site when they answer posts.

      I did not have any side effects to the Prozac when I started it 25 years ago but this timeI am suffering with quite a few of them. 

      From the posts I have read on this site that seems common. But I just had the worst day today and actually had a panic attack. 

      I worry that I will never get better again. Feel happiness, contentment, joy.

      Feel calm and capable.

      You should be proud that you are able to go to work. That is something I know I could not cope with right now.

      Are you on any medication? How are you doing?

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      My medicine is diazepam when required try not to take it too often as I am restricted by the psychiatrist, got migralieve last week from my gp due to getting regular migraines been abusing them as they make me tired, my other medicine is alcohol and chocolate not a good combination I know. Struggle at work quite a lot of the time but had to go back as they thought it was better for me, plus lack of money got to keep a roof over my head again not sure why either. Suffer anxiety, panic attacks self harm etc etc but keep plugging on, not sure why at times.

      Bet you wished you hadn't asked. rolleyes

      Happiness content and joy what is that? Haven't really felt that for many years.

      You take it easy tomorrow treat yourself to something nice and hopefully you will have a better day. As they say take each day at a time or hour by hour. 



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      No Tina,

      Im here for you too. I asked because I do care.  I hope that somehow, someway we both get better.

      You take care of yourself. You are an important person.

      You have touched my heart and I am thankful for you.

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    I felt exactly the same way you do now two years ago, and no one could convince me I would ever feel better again. Then in July 2015 my psychiatrist found the combination and dosages of meds that worked for me and I have felt great ever since. Try and hang in there; it really can get better.
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      Thank you Phyllis,

      I keep trying, more for my family. I don't want to hurt them anymore than I feel this illness is already. 

      May I ask what combination of medications you are on? Did you have side effects and if so how long before you started to feel better?

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