Please help im at the end of my rope

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I have just had an attack or whatever it is im getting every so often.

I dont get it as bad as ive just had frequently, the last attack put me in A & E for the day to be told it could be gall bladder or cholecystitis.

I got my gb scanned in December 2013 and was told it was fine.

Now im waiting on a HIDA scan which im dreading.

This is what happened today...

I had a sandwich ( egg and cress) I had a large starbucks strong hot chocolate with soya milk and sugar free hazelnut and then stupidly ate a cinnimon bun.

Withing about an hour this familiar but rare excruitiating pain came over me. I find it hard to explain , it is in the upper part of my stomach right through to my back, its the worst cramping pain ive ever had, almost like a contraction.It makes me sweat and feel nauseous, it lasts for about 20 seconds then eases off, to return again about every 10 mins.

It almost feels like chronic indigestion, but the pain is so deep within my stomach and back it just doesnt feel like normal indigestion.

Even drinking water hurt me.

Now im hungry again and wont eat as im too scared the pain will come back. Im still getting spasms now.

Ive had two Gastro Docs and the last one is as clueless as the first one. He wants to give me the HIDA , other than that I honestly do not think they have a clue what this pain is.

I also have a small benign echo free liver cyst which they are both 99% is not connected to this pain.

Please , does ANYONE recognise this pain? and please give me some insight into what this could be? I need to know so that i cant tackle it head on and try to keep this pain under control.



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    It does sound like the gallbladder and dairy can often set it off. The scan will see how the gb is functioning from what I know and hopefully this will start the right plan of treatment. I'm not a medical person but it would be worth limiting high fat foods etc and see if this helps. Good luck!
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    Oh, it's diffently gallstones. Exact same pains here. Had the ex ray and blood work, nothing wrong. Go back again to doctor, in even more pain, she was treating it maybe a ulcer but this time she could see how sick I was and told her, ". There is now way I I can go through another attack. So they did a ultrasound and found gallstones so I'm having surgery the end of this month and I can't wait.

    All I eat is fruit and soups, saltines and diffently no meat, dairy, sweets anything greasy or spicey. Everyone on this site will explain their pain as the same thing

    Its hard to explain anything be ingredients worse that this pain.

    I have been trying alka seltzer to help with the tightness and it helps to burp a lot.

    I sure hope you can push the doctor for another MRI scan and you might have a stone lodged in your bile duct.. Just push the doctors ans say I can't go through another attack.

    Hand in there Kim and keep us informed on how your doing


    there is not relief, just have to ride it out, it's like being struggled in your stomach

    You pains are exactly what all the people on this site having been going through too

    All I do is eat fruit, no eggs, dairy, meat, choc., sweets

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    Hi I agree.. Try no fat diet . And chocolate is deadly caffeine irrates it . So caffeine free fat free and really easy to digest food like boiled potatoes boiled veg and cut out meat for a few days.. Chicken ok but red meat hard to digest.  If your attacks ease then gallbladder is your cause. A diseased or a gallbladder full of stones causes pain when your stomach sends a message for extra bile needed to break down fat and red meat etc... The message makes your gallbladder spasm / squeeze extra bile into yout tummy. If your gallbladder is inflamed agony or full of stones agony... Caffeine makes it spasm . You will find out with the hida scan. But try the boring diet I lived on boiled potatoe boiled veg and bisto gravy everyday for 2 months before my operation as it kept me pain free.. And toast and weetabix with skimmed milk ... But now after operation ... Wonderful ..
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    thanks again,,,,,

    its hard to believe it is gb especially after the scan showed nothing , but anyone i know and have talked to that has gb issues have the same symptoms as im getting. I know i cannot tolerate that pain i get when i get an attack. I only get it every few weeks though , it isnt constant, should it be? if it is gb i want my gb out asap.

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    sally thats so comforting to read you are better post gb removal.

    I dont drink caffeine although these hot chocolates do have powdered milk in them and obviously the strong choc flavour. I find it really hard not to have some sort of dairy EG skimmed milk in a cup of tea, but to be honest i will do anything to not get these spasms. Im dreading the HIDA thouhg i have heard horror stories when they inject on the 2nd part of the scan. Im not sure I can take the pain but logically i need to go through this to see if it is my gb. i rarely get diarroeah but have been constipated recently, is that typical of gb?

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      Yes . Constipation . Nausea ,general digestive problems, I used to continually vomit but I had stones .. If you've got infection keep an eye out for jaundice and your poo being pale and get to the doctor or A and E if u do ... It is treatable . Unlike many digestive disorders it can be resolved with removal... Some people are left with problems ... But the majority are cured ...
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    before this sporadic pain/attacks started i had been having chronic heartburn for about 2 years which i still have. Then i got a campylobactor bug and had horrible  diarroeah for 10 days till they diagnosed it. The gastro thinks its post infection IBS i have a small hiatus hernia too. But i have had to be careful about not eating too soon to bed time, and certain things can upset my stomach for days. My digestive system has been a mess if im honest for around 3 yrs now, but whats prompted me to push this now are these attacks of such bad pain that i dont know how to cope with it. No pain relief helps it. So things have not improved if anything they got worse in past 6 months.
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      I too have had years of gastro problems.

      i was on proton pump inhibitors for gastritus and peptic ulcers. Always having attacks of chronic heartburn/gastritus. 

      Very nervous stomach diarroeah in seconds of any stress.

      very acidic gut.

      slight hiatus hernia too.

      ok I had shares in gaviscon munching away on them.

      gallbladder removed... In February. 

      No gastritus, no heartburn. Can eat fruit, tomatoes, curry,no absolutely no acidic gut. 

      I can only presume that my trickle of bile from the liver is so much less than I was producing before the operation. And it has enabled my stomach to heal. 

      I do get bilious if I eat fatty rich food like ribeye steak as I don't think I produce enough bile to digest it easily. But I am delighted to have no more gastritus etc 

      i know some people are left with a trickle of bile that irritates there gut a little too much maybe and they have diarrhea etc... But glad mine is a little bit less than I need... 

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    I had this problem last year where they sent me for an ultrasound scan but couldn't find anything but then in March this year, I went for another ultrasound scan and it showed that yes i did have gallstones. I had been suffering for over a year but finally got it sorted. But I ended up having so much pain that I had to have a couple of weeks of work and then being careful what I did or what I ate but still ended up in excrutiating pain that I ended up in A and E who sent me to SAU (surgical assessment unit) but there wasn't a doctor on that could operate so I went home only to be alot worse over night so went back to SAU like I was told to and ernded up staying in Hospital and had my op on the Saturday and discharged on the Sunday and that was 2 weeks ago. Now alot better, just got pain from the op where they glue you back together

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