please tell me if theres someone who used to suffer from anxiety and now ur feeling better

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please if anyone used to have anxiety and feels better now share your story , i believe that we all need motivation.  thanks x 

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    Panic disorder and anxiety disorder pretty much gone after I slowed down my life, I still have a fear of heart problems now but that's because the doctor told me I have a heart Arrhthmia and heart murmur

    I think I'm only worried because I have to wait 3 weeks for an echo test.. But my panic and worries are gone along with all physical symptoms now, just a little nervous about my test

    It would be a shame to find out I have some horrible heart problem at 20

    Keep your head up! It always goes away eventually

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    This is assuming that you have gone to the doctor and have been diagnosed with Anxiety. You will feel better when you learn to accept that your anxiety is just that. Anxiety is purely thoughts in your mind which we all know that whatever we think we feel. Anxiety is no exception. Try telling yourself the next time you feel one of the many symptoms of anxiety that it's anxiety and I'm ok. And label it only as that nothing else. Don't give it any emotion any other label or any other focusing time any other attention. Instead focus your attention on anything else but the present symptoms. Each and every time you do this your anxiety symptoms will lessen. And the severity of them will also. You see it's all in the way you react to your thoughts is what predicts how you feel or will feel. I have done this and I can personally tell you that I don't have anymore full blown anxiety nor panic attacks and whenever a symptom appears out of the blue like we all know they do it pretty much goes away quickly. The key here is to not allow it to frighten you. This isn't always easy but within time it will become habit the same way it became habit to become frightened and panic. You're just doing the opposite. Good luck!! 

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    I am into my 6th week of anti depressants and I have had little side effects and I sense I am getting better slowly. I agree with what the other person said about not fighting the panic. It's very hard but I have read that the panic feeds on our fear so if we tell ourselves it's ok and just allow the emotion to come, our body will recognise there is no threat and the adrenaline will calm down. I have found reading up on anxiety and our brain/bodies has been useful.

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    My anxiety has reduced substantially. I've slowed down my life too. Tried to bring my thoughts back to me in the current moment. I like making things and being creative , I spend time alone but I hav new contacts from a therapy grp who were going thru similar. When I'm relaxing or even when I'm driving I try to actively think positive to reinforce my beliefs about myself. I used to compare myself unfavourably to significant people. Now I don't. I now believe I'm on level with everyone else. For a while I wanted to be better but that doesn't work, so I try to think of all the ways I am equal to other people, even the ones I thought were better than me. Eg, we're all trying to better our lives or we all want good relationships. It's brought about a calmness in my life. I'm no longer in battle with people.

    I've also been able to step back from arguments and rationally discuss them and not instantly retaliate or be defensive. I've never been able to do that in my 42 years. I guess I'm in the positivity breeds positivity zone now and I'm determined to keep it going. I look at my failures as being a part of learning how to do things better next's taken many many years to get to this place. I was so bothered bout what others thought about me very self conscious. I guess u gotta truly believe in urself that the only opinion that matters is urs.

    I hope this helps in encouraging others here.

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    I have been on medication for years now, a low dose of lexapro, just enough to keep me level.  I was ALWAYS an anxious person, even as a child I was scared of everything. Now I can medicate it and feel better.  As long as I do not forget to take my pill I am "normal" lol. Its a good feeling to recognize that from time to time, like driving to the movies with my kids and thinking "wow I feel good and this is a great moment" since that was not always the case, in the past I woudl be fearing a panic attack in the theatre or not being to enjoy myself or eat dinner. If I do miss my pills I can feel myself slipping into those patterns of thought so I know that I need the medication to keep me level.  I am ok with that for now, its good to feel good and enjoy moments!

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    Hi Sarah, yes mine is definitely reduced.

    I'm 38 and I first had a panic attack when I was 19. I had an awful period of about a year where my anxiety was debilitating - couldn't leave the house, constantly terrified I'd collapse.

    I remember not being able to walk to the end of my road, my chest tightening, hardly able to breath. I remember contemplating flagging down a passing taxi to take me to A&E. trying to explain things to my doctor, my girlfriend, my family. Sitting on my bathroom floor thinking "why... why is this happening?"

    Now I have some mild anxiety still; it's a part of who I am I guess. But it doesn't stop me from doing anything and it doesn't rule my life.

    I very very rarely have full on panic episodes anymore and I take no medication.

    I'm not saying I've got it all sussed out but it's under control!

    It might sound like an odd one but... I'm grateful for my anxiety. It's part of who I am; it's a signal that I value life, value my friends and family. It's a sign of strength to manage anxiety, not weakness. Every time I confront anxiety and win it's a personal victory.

    Be sure to reward yourself in some small way when you confront an anxious situation and get through it and try not so avoid anxious situations.

    As for practical stuff, i use meditations (there's a ton on YouTube) I felt a bit silly at first but they really work subliminally. I make sure not to fight anxiety but accept it in - let it happen, let it pass - it does take practice I guess... not ignoring it, not fighting it, not running from it. it feels unnatural but with practice you get there! I try not to drink too much (hangovers give me terrible anxiety still unfortunately, but again, not full on panic level) , limit my caffieine, get a little excercise.. never Google any sign or symptom (ever. Ever ever. Google is a one way ticket to anxiety hell) That's about it. Anyway, hope that's of some use, there is a way out! Good luck on your journey.

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