Possible Prostatitis?!

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I am a 31 male.

Have been suffering with symptoms for around 4/5 months now.

Having to push/strain to start to urinate

Feeling of needing a poo but not actually needing to go.

Pain/discomfort when ejactulating mainly in the top/head of the penis

Having to shake a lot to get remaining urine out.

Weak flow at the end

Feeling of dull ache in the perineum ( this seems to be more in the evening )

Head of penis feels sensitive/ dry/ sore

Sometimes stinging when urinating.

Feeling of urine in the urethra going along sometime but nothing comes out.

My first symptom was the discomfort when ejaculating when I first though this doesn’t feel normal then the urinary problems started to appear later on and the dull ache etc.

So far I have had a prostate examination which felt painful upon the GP touching which they indicated sounded inflamed from my reaction. Said they couldn’t feel anything abnormal though.

Thought it could be Prostatitis so have me a month of Ciproflaxin.

Took urine sample and from dip test there was bacteria present but they didn’t send it off.

Month later I still had Symptoms and felt worse.

Was recommended to be screened for STIs which came back all clear. This included swap and urine sample.

Back to the GP and asked me to do another sample which showed no sign of infection when sent off to Microbiology.

GP then gave me a months worth of another antibiotic (Trimethoprim) and 2 months worth of Naproxen to help with inflammation but this was just before the sample came back confirming no infection.

Has also referred me for ultrasound of all that particular area and then onto urology once the scan has taken place, which currently waiting for appointment.

Very frustrating and debilitating. Put me off from sex because I generally don’t feel great and the thought of discomfort but also just knowing going to the toilet and having to wait until you go.

Definitely sitting down for long periods of time doesn’t feel like it helps and always seems to be worse as the day goes on.

Has anybody experienced same symptoms or similar situation?


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    Hi Andrew,

    I would see a Urologist for  second opinion. Symptoms show inflamed prostate. Acute prostatitis can become chronic if not properly taken care of. Ultrasound will provide measurement of the prostate and check for urine still in the bladder. Some Men will not respond to cipro. Cipro can cause tendon issues.  It may take a few different antibiotics to figure what works for you. Sometimes eliminating alcohol, spicy foods helps. Try ibuprofen and warm bath at night. Did  they provide alpha blocker for urine relief?  Having to push to urinate can slowly cause the bladder wall to thicken over time, Irreversible with permanent bladder damage. Uros will not tell you this until its too late.

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      Hi there,

      Thanks for replying to my original post and I appreciate the advice.

      I am wondering now if it was acute at the beginning and became chronic due to the failure to act of symptoms until 2 and half months later.

      I just thought it would sort itself out.

      The GP did say once the scan is done the referral would then go onto the Urology department at my local hospital so the correct path sounds like it is set.

      No alpha blockers have been provided so far and after reading up on them I hoped the GP might off.

      Currently on another antibiotic for a month and naproxen (stronger pain relief/anti inflammatory.

      I’ll try and not try to strain and push to much then and let it come out naturally but it’s always hard as you feel like your in the toilet for ages!

      Least I know the scan will answer some questions and provide the Urology department with next step.

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      Check this site out. Another member sent a sample in and the company listed best antibiotic to treat.

      I contacted this company and they are sending the sample kit. My Dr. signed off to receive the kit.

      Moderator comment: I have removed the link(s) directing to site(s) unsuitable for inclusion in the forums. If users want this information please use the Private Message service to request the details.

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    Do you know how much urine you are retaining after an NV (natural void)?  There are several strings on this forum that talk about UTIs.  

    I had prostatitis (first time that I know of) and was also put on Cipro although it was only 2 weeks. My GP told me that urinary infections are much more common in women due to the shorter path to the bladder but when they do occur in men they almost always are in the prostate.  

    I'm convinced that my protatitis was primarily caused by urinary retention.  I was retaining way over 400 ml at times and didn't even feel it.  Didn't feel like I needed to pee.  I felt like s**t though.  Stomach problems etc. and eventually ended up with overflow incontinence.  Even then, my GP didn't catch on to the fact that my bladder was not even coming close to emptying.  I didn't have as bad of symptoms as you're having but similar  My prostate was sensitive as well but not now after the rounds of antibiotices.  

    Sounds like you definitely need to go to the Urologist.  If you had an ultrascan and haven't yet seen the results (actually they can show you right away typically I think) you might see that you are retaining fluid.  


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      Hi there,

      thanks for coming back to me.

      I’ll check those out regarding UTIs. I don’t really know how much is being retained. It can only be minimal at the moment as i’d say 4/5 drips then escape afterwards. I always try to empty my bladder by pushing even though it feels like I am finished.

      How did you find out you was retaining 400ml of urine?

      So it sounds like the prostate is always the catalyst for these then.

      Glad to hear cipro helped you out a bit.

      Perhaps this new antibiotic might help along with naproxen.

      I know the scan has to happen first so they can go from there but helpful to know they will be able to show then and there regarding size of prostate and if retaining any fluids.

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      I found out I was retaining when I started overflowing.  There are a couple of different varieties of incontinence and I was experiencing overflow incontinence; even though my GP led me to believe that my prostatitis was the cause.  Thats when he gave me the two rounds of antibiotics over about 4 weeks. It got rid of the prostatitis but not the swollen prostate.  I guess he thought that the inflammation was causing the prostate to swell or something.  Anyway, they finally sent me in for a ultrasound of my bladder and I was retaining @ 1600cc.  I had tried to give them a sample but could get nothing out.  Complete retention.  No wonder I felt crappy.  No appetite, etc.  The ultrasound showed that my bladder had gotten extended almost up to my navel.  And the weird thing is that I didn't even feel the urge to pee all the time or anything.  I was like you, just getting a small amount out with frequent trips but in between just sort of jittery like too much coffee or something. 

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      Sounds like it was very uncomfortable for you retaining that amount.

      Complete retention sounds horrible.

      It will be interesting to see if my scan shows similarities.

      Thanks for more information.

      Are you back to normal now?

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      Things are much better for me now.  I do CIC (clean intermittent catheterization) 4-5 times a day.  I'm on medicare with a medigap policy so my cost is minimal.  I'm using speedicath hydrophillic FR12 because they seem to be the least traumatic to my urethra and they are easy to use.  One time use and then throw away.  This is keeping my bladder empty - at least near as I can keep it - and my creatine levels in my blood which indicate kidney problems immediately started going in the right direction.  I was also getting a spike in my PSA level which could have indicated prostate cancer.  This went away with cic.  

      I still have BPH which I think is the major malfunction here so I'm simply getting around having to have my prostate cut, burned, scraped... whichever the procedure is, for now.  But I can do this long term and it completely empties my bladder which is a much better environment for my bladder to ward off the UTIs.    The urologist had scheduled me for a pre-op appointment with surgery scheduled the following week.  In the two weeks I waited for the pre-op I discovered the CIC strings on this message board.  At the same time I was getting pretty used to self-cathing and I was experiencing such relief it was wonderful.  Before the urologis I was having overflow incontinence and I was thinking I was going to have to rush into surgery to alleviate that problem.  But the cathing took care of that completely as I had "overflow" incontinence, so with an empty bladder several times a day = no incontinence.  I can live like this.  Some things in my life help my situation as I don't have to work; although some extra money would be nice; so I can stay home a lot.  I can cath when I go out and I take my kit with me but not have to be at a job all day definitely makes this solution easier I expect.     

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    Andrew  sound like you have it.  It will affect men in different way.  All of them suck.  You can get prostatitis at any age.  I have a friend that he has had it from the time he was 17  He is 32 now and has been on medsb only has a few spell a year.  Hope you get better  Ken
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    Hey Andrew,

    Reading through your comments I've shared many of the same symptoms for the last 15 years I'm now 46.

    In that time I've had the antibiotics, scans, investigations etc but if it's chronic prostatius - in my case - it's been more about self management than a definative clinical diagnosis and response.

    I've also found that some of these forums serve to confuse further rather than help but that said he's what's helped me:

    Condoms / protected sex all the time even if you're in a long term relationship. If you're not regular STI checks as well.

    Exercise has been so important / helpful for me i exercise religiously particularly pelvic floor for examples squats, lunges, hip flexors I do this most days it's helps massively in reducing tension and is the main response for CPPS. Gives you a massive psychological boost too.

    Keep hydrated all the time, constipation wrecks your prostrate.

    Don't sit at work for extended periods of time

    If your GP can not be definitive about a baterical infection don't take the antibiotics because they don't work it's that simple. You might as well be taking a placebo.

    Keep positive, eat well, relax and try not to let it consume your thoughts - easy said then done but mines now lift music - always on but less noticeable.

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      Thanks for your response Jamie.

      All of your suggestions make sense and I will give them all a try.

      I try to do a lot of exercise generally but recently I haven’t felt like it due to this.

      I will look to get back into it and give everything you suggested a try as it worked for you.

      Sitting down for long periods of time definitely doesn’t help.

      I have been stressing and tense because of it all so i’ll do my best to remain positive and relax as much as I can.

      Work has been very stressful this year and in March I came down with an unknown virus which completely zapped me of energy.

      Took me until end of August to start feeling back to normal.

      Am sure the combination hasn’t helped this rearing itself.

      I think as you said if it is chronic then self management is the key.

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