Post here what helps your Anxiety/Stress levels so we can all learn :)

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I'm hoping to make a post where everyone can post techniques / strategy / lifestyle changes/ supplements that has improved your stress/anxiety levels.

Me personally ...

I used to suffer from a lot of physical anxiety

-Chest pain

-Heart palpitations / Fluttering

-Loss of breath

-Numbness and tingling

I handled these symptoms with

-Eating healthy! No junk/Processed foods as these cause anxiety

-Cutting out stimulants that affect your nervous system / anxiety (Weed/Any type of caffein / energy drink / Pre workout / Sugar sad

-Daily meditation

-Progressive muscle relaxation


- Stress B Complex


-Fish oil

-Rescue remedy for panic attacks

-Exercise is the best if you can do it.. My anxiety is so bad that I can't.

But now recently my anxiety has shifted to these symptoms

-Racing heart

-Head tension

-Muscle tension in my face,forhead,shoulders,legs

-Brain fog 24/7

-Lightheadedness 24/7

-Derealization 24/7

-Numbness like I'm detached from my body 24/7

-Ringing ears 24/7

-Sensitivity to sound and light 24/7

I feel most of it is due to not properly handing my anxiety for the past 8 months and all that stress has built up to severe muscle tension in my body. My shoulders / face is always constantly tensed up severely. No matter what I do it will not release.. Same with my legs. I feel it is caused mentally.. As for those 8 months I always feared something was wrong (Don't google your symptoms!) I feared something was wrong with my heart.. Or if I had an STD or brain damage.. And that added to the fear and anxiety.. After 2 ER visits and seeing 2 doctors and many tests.. It's just anxiety and muscle tension... I have no STD / brain damage.. Heart issues. So I was worrying for nothing...

I'm just trying to figure out how to remove all this muscle tension from my body.. I really do believe it is the reason my anxiety and stress levels is so high now due to my body is always tense and on edge... And the tension is causing the migraines / head pressure / brain fog / Lightheadedness / ect

I'm considering acupuncture but I'm scared I'll have a panic attack during the hour long session lol.

What has helped you all with anxiety / stress / muscle tension? I'm trying to avoid medication. I was thinking about a natural muscle relaxer at the most...

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    Hi Heat.. great idea by placing up a share post.. I would love to learn more about peoples coping strategies also..   Unfortunately I had little choice when it came to meds..    Had to laugh when you mentioned acupuncture as I did try this method.. small needles inserted into my knee caps & 'NO' pain at all - fell asleep on the table & awoken when they wanted payment for the bill..  Disappointed that I would have to continue this treatment for a considerable amount of time..                                                                                                                                              Look forward to keeping watch on your future posts & replies CHEERS lol
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      My mother said she fell asleep aswell lol. Did you notice a difference in anxiety levels or muscle tension if you had it? I mainly want to try it for the muscle tension and head tension.

      My mother has arthritis and she did acupuncture once and it never came back.

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      Hi Heat.. I did notice a huge difference with migraines as they knocked me down for a 3 day run.. also back muscles eased up significantly.. rather surprising when I was sceptical about method he used by placing needles in my knee..    stoked about your mum having her arthritis cured eh..  I should return for more visits, this time concentrating on the anxiety..  did have a panic attack when they landed me the bill lol..  Give it a go Heat - have a talk with a consultant first & explain your main concerns.. I PROMISE you wont feel a thing lol    Dr Po gave a tip by having hot baths when the aches & pains hit hard, also, to place 5 drops of Siang pure oil (red) into the water.. Ordered it online ebay.. aroma pleasant & relaxing I have to admit.
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    Hi heat

    what a good idea and whilst all wont work for everyone even if one does it helps someone like you I feel I have let the stress and anxiety build up for to long this time as this is my worst episode I have had but im also going through the menapause my symptons are


    body tension


    skipped heartbeats and "thumps"


    strange headaches

    lump in the throat

    pains like a heart attack

    crying, feeling of doom

    irrational thoughts

    these are to name a few but as i say the menapause has excasebated these, now after being on medication for nearly three months a lot has settled down but I notice I clench my teeth something I have never done in my life ​I still have palpataions at least 2-3 times a day and im still at times fearing the worst but not as bad. I know at the moment I still need the citalopram and propanalol but what works for me to is

    reducing caffeine 

    no fizzy drinks although i never drunk a lot

    I use a lot of aromatherapy oils


    listening to meditation music but not at bedtime

    I have a cd which plays binaural waves 

    chamomile tea at least twice a day

    washing my clothes in a powder that has lavender and chamomile in it

    and when I go to bed I have no distractions I go straight to sleep because sleep is important too. I believe in the power of healing so I have that whenever I can and deep breathing techniques.

    I accept I have a condition that will be life long but im learning to manage it better. I believe in talking as this helps I have a wonderful manager her sister suffers far worse than I do so she totally understands and my small team of collegues i work with are really supportive. I know I am lucky because I also have good family and friends but it wasnt always like that and I feel this is what has helped me greatly this time. and this forum has been such a help too being able to share withothers who understand and are going through the same thing. Before I found this site Iwent through a period of three months where I cried every single day people were telling me how ill I looked and I was getting to the stage where I couldnt function. then one night I had palpatations for over two hours and my heart was skipping beats I went to the doctors three times in one week then I broke down I was convinced the stress was giving me a heart attack and i wasnt going to see the end of the year. I found the right help at the right time. I dont intend to be on my meds for long but to make it my life stle with the other things I do. sorry if ive gone on but I wanted to share where I was at and where I am now and its positive and that people can get through it. I thank god every night for the help I have and support for I know there are others who arnt as fortunate as me I come on here because if I can help anyone in any way then I will


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      Chamomile is great I have to get back on that! I stopped for awhile. I get that jaw tension aswell.. It's annoying but I understand it's just stress and anxiety. That's awesome your work and family understands. I can't even work or leave the house.. That's how bad I'm at right now but I'm working my way up slowly.. sad
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      yes its done wonders for me also you can get chamomile oils but they are expensive but very good. I havent always had the support and it affected my work years ago but I try to get on top of it rather than it get on top of me. I only work part time a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the afternoon. i did full time and couldnt manage but i like this job im in and my boss and collegues are very supportive espescially when i do get a bad day at the moment the good are outweighing the bad so im not complaining 
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    I love this I have so many symptoms it's crazy thinking back to when I fet normal. I'd do anything to get back to that. My symptoms are



    Severe brain fog and i believe derealazation

    Weak legs and arms

    Tingling in legs arms hands and feet

    Pressure in head

    Heart Palps/flutters

    Worries of heart beating too fast or too slow

    Feeling of the floor moving /swaying ( which I just learned this is also an anxiety symptom)

    So much more!

    I'm just now trying to except the diagnosis

    I've always ate healthy and worked out daily but it's so hard with the brain fog and just the weird feeling of everything going on around you and your just not ther or something it actually makes it so hard to concentrate and work out.

    But I've also cute my caffeine down to just one cup of coffee a day

    And I take multivitamins now

    And started seeing a psychologist and will soon be seeing a psychiatrist

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      To be honest with you the reason I have anxiety is because coffee lol. Around September - November I had a flexible security job so I can finish school and I was relying on coffee to stay awake. One night I had wayyyy too much coffee because it was a 10 hr shift overnight and I got in my car and put my hand on the steering wheel and couldn't feel it untill 3-6 seconds later.. My body felt numb and felt things were moving slow. I made the mistake of driving home and my chest started spazzing out .. I was sure it was a heart attack. But as soon as I pulled over and got out of my car it went away.

      Ever since that day my anxiety has gotten worse and worse.. And the trigger was coffee. Also quitting coffee cold turkey was bad.. I didn't know you could have withdrawal symptoms.. For that 3 months I wasn't taking care of myself.. Eating junk fast food everyday.. No exercise .., lack of sleep ... No fun. All of that I believe caused the stress and anxiety

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    I've been having "Pins and Needles" for 3 weeks now. I hear it's due to stress / anxiety, how can I stop this cuz its really killing me!
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      I think that is due to bad breathing patterns that's why I don't have this issue anymore.. Your going to have to reset your breathing through exercise or breathing exercises for anxiety and it went away. Just google breathing exercises for anxiety or check youtube. I used to have it real bad..
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    This is a good idea -this thread, I mean....

    Music always calms me. I like many kinds of music, particularly classical choral music.

    Sometmes to 'get away for a couple of hours' I fill  a flask with decaffeinated coffee, and drive to the woods near us. If it's really cold I don't get out of the car. But if it's nice I go for a short walk, then come back to the car, where all my music CDs are, and have a private concert.

    I've had acupuncture and reflexology and they both worked for me.

    Having a body massage with essential oils is wonderful.

    Finally, have a shower, do a hot water bottle and get into bed. I read for a while and if I'm fidgety or anxious I do the deep breathing exercises which I used in ante-natal teaching (I was a midwife.)

    Oh, forgot one thing - a whole malt loaf with butter. Yum Yum   Tess

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      Yes sometimes some good pump music is good... And the relaxing kind. I'm really Gona look into the acupuncture. It's about 75$ per session in my area. I'm hoping it will release a lot of muscle tension and headaches / anxiety.

      How many sessions did you have to go through?

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