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I have just received a letter from these people say I have been referred to them and have been put on the priorty waiting list!

Oh wonderful LOL.

Melbi x

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    Melbi, can you make this post a winner? Can you actually give these people something that they can work with for your benefit? Can they Help?

    This may be an opportunity for you?


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    Oh yes Breezman - I can do it!

    I have so many negative thoughts in my head and even though on good days I can turn them around and see the other side (the positive side or the poitive reasons for why people or life seems so against me) on the bad days - like yesterday I fear all those thoughts, I am convinced no one likes me, they are avoiding me, etc etc. Love that film....Ect. ect etc, The King And I.

    They dont make films like they used to, do they?

    The most difficult part to start with will be staying focused on one thing! My mind races so fast - flicking from one thought to another - it can takes days for the first thought to come back to me.

    Yes, i know I can make these people work for me! Will they survive is another matter! :roll:

    not so long ago my boss had me in the office to praise me on my work - I turned round to him (well I didnt really turn roubnd to him because I was already facing him - it would be rude would it not to not be facing someone - especially your boss - when they are speaking to you) and told him not to be so bloody patronising and get to the point as to what he really wnated me for.

    He said there was nothing more - for days and days I pondered on what it was he really wanted me for - extra work maybe?

    Well, it is now 12:54 pm and I'm still feeling not too bad.

    So far today I have:

    Cleaned the bathroom

    put some washing in - taking it out is another matter

    Washed the breakfast pots

    tidied the lounge

    had a bath

    now here eating a salmon salad and making a right mess because I'nm trying to type at same time.

    Well it isnt a mess like say your roof just blew off because of the gales is it - no it's a superficial mess - one that will take seconds to sort out. nothing to stress about.

    Well i still cannot believe I have receievd this letter - I've read it, says an appoointment will arrive one day - could be in another 20 years time but hey - who's counting?

    tick the box if you no longer require it. Don't worry if you dont then do, we can re arrange another appointment and a later date - sheesh I'd be wobbling there to them on my zimmer frame. Priorty waiting list - am I really that bad? Bet they tell everyone that!

    holy smoke ------- shhhh! window cleaner at my window and I'm here in my bed - poor gy had he come earlier I would have been wet and naked too! :oops:

    BRB going to go hide under the rug - hes a bit dishy too :wink:

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    Hi Melbi,

    It's now 20 pST MIDNIGHT AND I'm still at the keyboard because I can;t sleep.

    No, they don't make film like they used to. And as for thoughts, it sometimes takes months for thoughts to come back to me! Congratulations on telling your boss not to patronise: he probably suffers from 'phallus minor' syndrome ... I think he wanted to test you to boost his own ego. Men do that.

    I wonder that you ask, \"Am I really that bad?\" Melbi, you have helped countless people who have read your posts and taken something from them. But you are a wonderful mum, a wonderful grandmother, a caring, loving friend, and someone the world is the better for having.

    Take care, you are a loving, caring girl and you have helped me to maintain perspective in this crazy worl. When I find out how to get to sleep ans stay asleep, I'll let you know. In the meantime, take care of you/ xx

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    Oh Breezman - you old softie you LOL

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Bless you x

    Sleep is like our train services over here :oops:

    Never on time - if it ever arrives at all.

    Did you go to You Tube and listen to some alpha stuff?

    I'm here anyway, so type away - if I hear a thud I know you have fallen asleep at your computer and your head just hit the keyboard. :yikes:

    Melbi xxx

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    Yes I did go to You Tube but it didn't work. My legs are numb, my eyes are strained, I yawn but I can't sleep! If it were not for sleep, how the hell would we stay awake? I don't know, but lately I am getting less sleep and I know there will come a time when Mother Nature says, \"Time to pull over, driver!\" Melbi, you are a loving, caring girl. Do you remember when you were a kid, maybe 6 or 7, and you were happy (for whatever reason)

    I am trying to engender that happiness so that I can be a positive influence to others, but it ain't easy!

    Thank you for being there. I get drowsy and I lie down and then I'm awake again. I should read a book, perhaps. War and Peace? A Man of Property? Mein Kampf? Khalil Gibran, Plato? No, P G Wodehouse beats them all!

    Melbi, thank you.

    Nicky Jane, I hope you are feeling positive today. Your thoughts buoyed (sp??) me as I try to relax.

    Take care. xx

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    I am really sorry breezman that I can't offer any suggestions to help you sleep. Like you, when I discover somehing that works I'll let you know.

    Well other than my lovelt concoction of over the counter products - but I wouldnt recommend that to anyone - too dangerous if you ask me - I know you didnt ask me - I'm telling you anayway :wink:

    I have just had a lie down in dark room with the cd playing - relaxed a little more but ouch! the top of my back just between my shoulder blades when I relax is really painful and sends stabbing pains to every part of my body.

    I am just about to start my daily routine now of topping up on things that help mke me feel drwsy. I know it isnt the answer but if it helps me get a few hours sleep tonight - who really cares.

    Then I'm going to do my weekly shop - online at tescos - have it delivered when my mum is here so I dont have to stand at the door making idle chit chat with the lovelt man that delievers it.

    I think I have developed a new side effect - can citaopram cause dyslexic fingers when typing :shock:

    Breezman - if you ever heard me sing lol you would most definitely fall asleep just so you wouldnt have to continue listening :wink:

    Melbi x

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    Melbi....citalopram and dyslexia .....typing...speed... :lol: :lol: :lol:

    makes me dyspraxic as well.... :lol: :lol: :lol: citalopram makes my hair fall out :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Yeah...I was doing the dishes and em my hair ...what is this?? Hope I got them all out the sink.....dont want to be choking at the dinner table ...and have to be given the hi man ouvers lick :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: you get it??????

    Melbi....[b:24ae3195b5]Laughing now!!! Sorry I forgot to mention my ADHD!!!![/b:24ae3195b5]

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    These threads !!!!!! Hanging on one :lol: :lol: :lol: eh?
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    It was funny!! Felt strong enough to go to the pub for the first time in three weeks tonight. Told that joke and everyone laughed their ar*e off!!

    So thanks :ale: I felt a bit like the old me!!

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    Cool! Thought it was funny too. THANKS MELBI! cANT SLEEP, FEELING HYPERACTIVE! dID YOU GET THE CHATROOM MESSAGE. Is anyone going ot log on? (lo) take your time huns!
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    Stiltman...oh sooo funny. Hope your not drunk ! Melbi has sent me many funnies there great to get you going again! huh....what do youdo to sheep north of Scotland? (lol) feminist joke!
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    I'm just back online after not being able to connect to internet all night

    exhausted now but have time for a chat ion the chatroom. I can emailthe link to anyione whio wants to join us


    Melbi xxx

    (For those not in the know the joke was a bit near the mark and so removed from this forum - I'm sure Melbi would be happy to 'tell' it via the chat room - Patient Admin Team)


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