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I've been drinking quite heavily for a couple of years now and want to quit but the idea of managing without alcohol scares me. I drink when i'm happy sad, scared, excited...everything. I have 2 young daughters and want to be a role model for them. My parents are both heavy drinkers and I don't want that for my girls. My husband is threatening to leave me if I don't give up. I really really want to but  i've failed so many times. Hoping that having online support helps me

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    HI rmd, I'm 28 years old and I drink most nights. I believe it has become more and more of a problem for me in recent years. My father died at age 55 from being an alcoholic and I feel like I've stood in his shoes. I only recently moved out of my parents  home and got my own place, I'm happy, I have a good job, nice friends and family yet I'm very lonely, I moved to a new area and have no friends. Drinking seems to stem the boredom. I would love some support but also to support you as well. It sounds like you have a

    Wonderful family supporting you wink) x

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      It would be healthier to find a better way to get thru the boredom .

      just a small note. Alcoholism runs in UR family that's a clue to try for ways to find counceling and treatment. Some jobs have private insurance to treat employees .. This is you caring the torch UR father handed down to you now  u can pas the torch off to UR UR dad around?

      BE STRONG ...

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      Hi Jenny , sorry to hear your problems it's easy to get into the habit

      of having a drink when bored then it becomes the norm to keep on

      drinking as you know first hand what drink can do. It would be good if you could try and find some new interest you have a good job and your own 

      place try and take each day as a new day and try a new challenge each day I know when we are concerned about our drinking it takes over try and have other positive thoughts it does work counselling is good but not

      for everyone and not always necessary try to do it yourself if you can. I know the us think counselling is be all and end all but not always you can

      do it if you make up your mind not to have a drink. Stay stron Ann 

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      Hi Ann .

      u cannot stop on UR own.. That is the biggest misconception . Denial only serves to drink another day.. 

      To really want to quit... If UR serious.. Ask UR dr for referals. He knows UR medical history and can advise u .. Counseling is available for teaching techniques to not fall in the same behaviors like boredom to start drinking.

      and yes it also teaches u to understand how the cravings are what controls the behavior behind the power that drives u to alcohol. Also helps change the way to think so u do not ot set urself up for the past everyday habbits that set off the same patterns to drink.

      Craving - a strong need to drink

      Loss of control - not being able to stop drinking once you've begun

      Physical dependence - withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating or shakiness after stopping drinking

      Tolerance - the need to drink greater amounts of alcohol in order to get "high"


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      Yes I agree alcoholics do have mental physical problems I myself

      thought my drinking was getting to be a habit most days, I made up

      my mind to do something about it and I did I also know more people

      who have taken charge of their drinking.

      i think you are labelling everyone on here as serious alcoholics who normally

      reach rock bottom before they realise their problem. Some people on hear

      are looking for help and advice without needing  cancelling etc.

      everyone is different a lot of people just want to Chang a habit not a full blown

      addiction. I shan't be replying to you again as I don't think you fully understand where I'm coming from good luck to everyone Ann 

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    Hi, it's good to recognise a pattern, am in recovery myself i'm 35 started drinking very early, became dependent and in deniel for years, till it all came to a blow, and everything was lost. don't give up there are many things to do, a suggestion would be an on-line course which you can get funding for (UK), you type pretty well, so would suggest IT, but there are many at the open uni... just an open thought, and if you drink in the house don't stack the bottles, that was my mistake. good luck and let us know how you are getting on or need any more on discussion etc...
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      Hi CPNAA71?

      with this disease before sobriety life is like running in the dark. Now that UR havd found sobriety UR life is now like running in the light.

      Some times we have to make choices ... Some times the choices makes us..

      congratulations on finding UR way to sobriety.

      could u share with is how ? U mention the many thing u can do .. Can u name a few?


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      One thing I have learnt is to assosiate drinking with alternatives, like I go to the pub when I feel really down, now I walk the dog or go for a small walk, seems to help me, also been on this site, reading other life stories, takes the mind away, don't every get me wrong it is not easy, and will be like this the rest of my life, but it gets easier, one thing, last time I tried sobriety i thought one drink would be okay, a total misconseption, one drink was a bottle a day in the end.

      Am still looking for a hobby, quite good with my hands, so looking into online courses, as not too confident yet to jump right into the social world, but one day at a time. For all those with struggles there is help, open your eyes and look around, it's amazing just what you can see and find. good luck

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      Well done just keep positive I'm sure your find something

      you really enjoy. Please don't be put off by some negative remarks

      at changing you can do it yourself I know people who have.

      good luck keep positive Ann 

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