prolapse again??

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I still can't believe that I have prolapse again. I'm so upsetting.

I'm 11 weeks post surgery. I had posterior repair, TVT and slings.

It's still long way to back to normal life. I'm tired easily.

Today it was very first time to touch my vagina in the shower and I touched the bulge. It is quite hard. It is harder than it used to be prior surgery. I'm so disappointed. I'm not recoverd yet I can't think to have another surgery.

At 6 weeks check up, doctor told me everything was OK.

I'm so sad....

I'm just hoping it is not. Is there any chance I don't have re prolapse even I touched something???😭

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    As Matron said tomoko it could just still be swelling from surgery.

    I very slightly re-prolapsed after first repair, and still continued to recover going back to work around 8/9 months post-op. I managed between 4 shifts a week and managed fine including regular swimming and cycling.

    Pelvic floor muscles were much stronger and did not have problems until around 3 year post-op when back end started to prolapse too, too many shifts at work during heavy period/run up to Xmas.

    Looks like I will always have to be extra careful from now on. First time round even after a year I still had to be careful, I remember going to tenerife and spending the day walking from Costa Adele, through playa de americas to Los christianos and back. It was a leisurely walk along the coast stopping now and again for a seat and having lunch break, but I did feel it that night and spent next day on sun bed most of day swimming and doing lots of PF exercises.

    It really is a long recovery and if you are normally very active it takes lonher before you can return to some of the active sports and then maybe only low impact sport but gave to make sure your pelvic floor is strong enough first.

    Think we all just have to learn where our limatations are are avoid what our body can no longer cope with.

    Try not to worry, there is plenty time yet for swelling to go down, matron always says it can take a little longer for posterior repair to heal, and I definitely found that to be the case.

    Take care,

    Phyl x💖

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      Wow, Phyl you are very active? I always wanted to be active but my skin conditions stopped me to swear since young age.

      You are right. I have to know my limitations and be careful rest of my life.

      I'll try not to worry at this stage. I'm still in recovery physically but also mentally. I'm kind of depressed after surgery. I feel like it is not me. I can't stop thinking negatively about everything lol

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      Think it's pretty normal to be a little depressed after prolapse surgery if is so life changing even more if you have already been pretty active.

      I use to go to gym and swim every other day before my first surgery and I was never warned about possible problems with lady parts.

      The only cautionary we get is to check with GP first and they only know of a possible problem if you have already been referred and told to avoid particular exercise.

      We have far too much pressure from all sides on staying fit and healthy as we get older and staying slim and I know for me that meant not only watching what I eat but also doing the

      Cardio... machines that get the heart rate going, my favorite being the treadmill. I loved the tummy crunch too which probably excellerated my imminent prolapse along with weakening ligaments during the menopause.

      Gym membership should come with a clear warning of possible problems for women due to childbirth and menopause.

      Anyway limited to walking (uphill is meant to be especially good), swimming and moderate cycling.

      Take care time is the best healer,

      Phyl x

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      Yes, I'm worried if I see people doing on the treadmill or crunching.

      For me, I think the gardening was not good. I digged too much and carried too heavy after having 2 children in 1 and 1/2 yesrs. I wish I knew potential to be prolapsed.

      I might have not having surgery if I knew the recovering time was this tooooo long as I have't got bothered from any symptoms before surgery.

      Above one is the biggest my negative

      I have to think it positively. Otherwise It makes me just tired.

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      Hi Tomoko, I understand you very well, I'm 3 weeks post rectocele op and am thinking all the time that something has gone wrong with the op although the dr said everything was fine! Hope you can put your mind at rest! Lucky us that we have this forum! Hugs!

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      Yes, I couldn't survive after surgery without Matron and nice ladies on here.

      The 3rd weeks was toughest time for me. After 4th weeks, life was so much different.

      Hijadeonagro, hope you have nice healing.

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      Its a tough journey this prolapse lark.. I know exactly how yuyuou all feel.getting ready to go through it all again.this time with the best urogynacologist in Wales.. Still very scared though ladies.😘😘

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      Bless you hun..thankyou . yes I have big faith in him and I have thoroughly researched and of course a very close friend had patients who have seen him and all with excellent results for various issues. I was told he is the finest therte is so thasts all I needed to make my decision.😘

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      Hi Welshgirl,

      Ask them when you get your date if you can be one of the first to go down for surgery so you don't have to sit waiting all day, explain how scared and worried you get and that you don't want your blood pressure going up. Hopefully they will understand and be able to accommodate you, avoiding the chance of being cancelled and wound up further.

      It will be good if you get a cancellation that way you won't have too long to wait or to worry about it.

      Phyl x?

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      Hi phyl,

      Yes your right blood pressure was up wehen I was waiting for pre op assessment. I get myself very upset when in a hospital setting. I have been like it since a child when I used to visit my grandfather in hospital, iit frightened me at the age of 8. I was rushing though as my husband couldn't find a parking space and I got lost lol. My heart was racing. Stupid girl I know.xx

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      I'm usually fine in hospital environment, but do get a little worried just before going down to theatre.

      But having said that I didn't get a bed last time and was unsure if surgery was going ahead and that waiting about not knowing was worse. Finally got my bed just before getting pre-op and they walked me down too theatre, that did kind of Calm me down a bit.

      I think because my favourite aunt was a matron and I know how professional the nursing staff are , I always know I am in good hands and do tend to trust them.

      Healing hugs x

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    Hi. I am not sure about prolapsing again but it is possible. Keep me posted about what Doc says. What is tvt? I have prolapse stage 3 of uterus and a little bladder prolapse. Can you explain to me what the did in surgery for you and how bad it was? I was wondering about doing serger.


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      Buster, TVT is the tension-free vaginal tape procedure is designed to provide support for a sagging urethra  so that when you cough or move vigorously or suddenly, the urethra can remain closed with no accidental release of urine.

      I had posterior repair and I barely moved first 2 weeks with pain. I'm 11 weeks post op and still far from backing normal life.

      But don't forget that people found here when they have tough time and desperate for advices. There should be lots of ladies having no problem and never seek advices from otheres.

      Good luck.

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