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Prolapsed Cord This happened to me 43 years ago, I was 3 weeks overdue ...

This happened to me 43 years ago, I was 3 weeks overdue and my baby was known to be in the breech position, and even though I had a prolonged labour with my first child,(56 hrs with him lying transverse), I was not admitted before I went into labour. When I did have pains they were not recognisable as labour pains, so in my ignorance I delayed getting to the maternity hospital,

within minute of my arrival I could feel something hanging down between my legs, they quickly got me on the examination table and I told them straightaway that my baby was breech. Thats when pandemonium broke out-I was 3 cms dilated, the chord had prolaspsed and ruptured- so they had approximately 3 minutes to get my child delivered. I was not given anaestetic as there was no time and had only the gas and air to hang on to as they literally tore me open to get my baby out, When she emerged she was rushed to the paediatrician for emergency resusitation while I watched in an absolute state of shock. When they were satisfied she was breathing ok she was put in an incubator and taken to the baby unit. Later I wa told she was very ill but if she survived 48 hrs ,her chances were good.she had contracted a form of pneumonia from being born too quickly but when I saw her in the incubator she was breathing for herself.( she looked huge in there as she weighed in at about 7lb or 3 kilo.

i stayed in a private room for the next two days and on the second morning woke up feeling very sick, I was given a sedative and then they told me my daughter had taken a turn for the worse, with in 2 hrs they returned to tell that she had died , they added the fact it was probably a blessing as she would have been 'on our hands' all our lives, and it was said later" well you have a child at home, have'nt you"


when we received the death certificate, we could see that she had a fractured skull and as a result had a intercranial haemorrhage and a suprarenal haemorrhage, we were told there would be an internel enquiry but any finding were never passed on to us .

There was no inquest and no further discussion on what had happened, we were young and assumed that the hospital knew what they were doing.

I never did have another daughter, but had another 3 sons in the attempt.

Pray to God that things have moved on and even though these things cant always be foreseen, the treatment of the bereaved parents has improved

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