Push for Cyst Removal? And removal of Ovary?!?

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I have had a previous surgery twice to remove ovarian cysts and surprise surpise I have more growing. They always form on my right ovary and are always in groups of 3. I have FINALLY gotten a gynaecology referral (after waiting 9 months) and due to see them at the end of the month. I have discussed it with my GP and he seems to think that I should push for surgery, and possibly removal of the offending ovary. The reasons for this is they cysts are effecting me and given my history I'll most likely grow more. Now Nobody willingly wants to go under the knife but I think if they did surgery on me sometime this year and took the ovary out then problem solved right? Im also worried as I do not want it done via keyhole surgery as I have 2 very itchy scars in my belly button and do not want a 3rd! But I do not know how to put it to the gynae doctor, I have lived with this since 2010 and I'm tired of it, I know exactly when I cyst is growing and I know that in total with everything I have had roughly 6 months off work and 8 hospital visits. I am also worried as I have not had children and at this poitn in time do not want any (deep seated issues regarding pregnancy and childbirth that only a therapist could solve) however I know this will be the consultants main arguement. I need help forming a coherrent and undisputewable arguement for having surgery and getting my ovary removed. Any Ideas????????????????????

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    Be honest with them hun. Tell them exactly how you feel and your reasons behind what you want. 

    Surely it's your body and if you want your ovary removed then they should respect that.

    Can I ask you how long between having a cyst removed does another grow? And what symptoms do you experience and is it a dermoid cyst you keep getting?

    I had a 14cm dermoid cyst removed through open surgery 10th October 2014 and within I'd say just under 2 months of surgery I felt that pushing tight feeling like I had when I had the cyst like when you lean forward it feels like it's pushing out?

    When I went for my follow up with the Gnaecologist she said no it's too soon to get another one. But on examination she was concerned as my stomach feels very bruised still and she has referred me for another scan to rule out fibroids and another cyst!!

    Any information you can give would be appreciated.

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      I have had 2 cystectomys one in march 2010 (3 cysts 1 15cm, 1 7cm and 1 4cm) these were fluid filled cysts but due to the size they took them out) the second lot was discovered 6 months later and although it was only 5cm it was the type of cyst that can develop cancer so the took them out too, again I actually had 3 and due to wait times (it took 8 weeks to get my op) the cyst was 9cm and the other 2 around 4cms. They are always on my right ovary. My symptoms invlove high abdomen pain, aches and sharp stabbing pains when having sex, my stomach also feels bloated, so I know when I have one and therefore go to the GP and ask for an ultrasound. I know it is possible to have children with one ovary as my aunt had her left on removed years ago and she has 2 children (she also had cysts) plus my cousin does have PCOS and my sister had a fluid filled cyst that burst and she was in hospital for 3 days. I was told the likelihood of having more cysts after my first operation was extremely slim, and here I am 4 years later in the same boat as before. I'm just sick of it!!!
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      Wow 3 in one go sounds crazy!!

      I was wrongly diagnosed few times so it started off with very intense constant pain back in April which I ended up in A&E with then after being wrongly diagnosed with a urine infection they sent me away with antibiotics and I ended up at the gps the day after as the pain wouldn't stop even with codeine based pain relief. Doctor was concerned I had grumbling appendicitis so they sent me to hospital where I got admitted for 3 days whilst they did a ultrasound they then found a mass of fluid where I had the pain and said I had pelvic inflammatory disease which is caused by stds!!! I told them no way. But they sent me off with 2 strong antibiotics so I took those for 10 days and the pain eased finally saw a Gnaecologist in June and had a transvaginal scan which then showed up the cyst. Then had to go on the waiting list for surgery!! Finally got my op 6 months after the beginning. When had ultrasound fluid measured 8.9cm and then was 14cm when removed crazy!! I got pictures my surgeon took and it looks like a babies head!!

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    Hi Katie, 

    I had a large cyst on my ovary at the end of my first pregnancy nearly 24 years ago and it had twisted and they weren't sure if it was cancerous or not so they took my left ovary and tube too to be on the safe side. Everything turned out fine though and it wasn't cancerous.  Within two months of having my ovary removed I was pregnant with my second child and at nearly 37 had my third child so your remaining ovary will usually just take over if you have one removed smile

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    Mine was first thought to be appenicitis, was admitted late friday night, did not have my ultrasound till monday afternoon. Was on a general surgery ward and the consultant was in a word very rude to me. I hate hospital food and despite my size I do not eat very much, My sister had bought me in some crisps and chocolate and when the consultant came round he looked at my notes and went "Oh its most likely something you ate" and I replied " I havent eaten anything other than 2 sandwiches in the past 2 days" he raised his eyebrow and said "well I highly doubt that" and waltzed off. My first ultrasound scan was by a trainee who didnt find anything (he only scanned my stomach and appendix), then I was called back by the senior technician as she saw a shadow low on one of the scans & there it was a big old cyst. I had great joy making my rude consultant apologise to me infront of the HO's, SHO's and nurses. Even tho mine are small, they are the dangerous ones so i know surgery will be advised. Even so I wish they had done what I asked the second time I had cysts removed and taken my ovary then!
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      How rude I'm glad he was made to apologise no need for uncalled comments especially from someone who doesn't even know you and is meant to be a professional.

      I didn't have the best experience in hospital first time round but I cannot complain about my surgeon and the team that time round they were amazing. And made me feel so at ease.

      I have heard of people who have had their ovary removed and had a cyst grow still on the tissue that was left from the ovary!! 

      If I have another cyst which I should find out in couple weeks when I have my scan depending how big it is and the outcome I am thinking of having my ovary removed too as I can't keep going through this I was signed off work for 8 weeks and have lost so much money financially and it is still impacting on me at times. So if there is an option for me then il go with it. 

      They have to understand surely if it is impacting on your life and health then it is best to do as you wish??

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