Questioning anxiety because of these symptoms.

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Firstly I do want to say without a doubt that at the very beginning of what I've experienced consistently for over 7 months now was triggered from a huge panic attack. 

What caused it was mostly me just relaxing on the lounge and it almost felt as if like a creeping water sensation started making it's way up my leg and that was is. Basically my response to it was clearly "Something isn't right, and instead of fighting it, I jumped up and started spinning out." But the body response was so severe I've questioned if it left me with permanent damage. I was so shook up to the point that I couldn't feel anything inside my body like complete numbness and the only thing that I could feel was my heart rapidly beating. 

But then after that day I had a similar episode 2 days later (which was in june) and I haven't had a panic attack or a response like that since.

But when I say I question if it left me with permanent damage or not is that ever since that day the tingling, pins and needles, bone weakness, numbness, weakness, weird sleep experiences (Such as jolting awake before asleep, another experience I've also been having is instead of actually falling asleep it's like my mind is still active but I feel like I'm falling then I also jolt awake) It's legitimately a weird experience to experience and definitely does feel similar to that of what i would imagine sleep paralysis to be although if it is I really am not bothered because these episodes have happened quite frequently on and off over the last year or so. 

But basically as much as this has been happening to me (the symptoms) in the last 7 months since the first approach to these new symptoms I've remained as calm as I possibly can, Avoided doctor google and just overall tried to manage the best I can. 

The problem is just that no matter what I've tried to do differently it still persists. I've had MRI scans came back with 3 lesions that're from smoking, he confirmed it wasn't MS now this brings me back to the reality I keep hearing is that it's "Anxiety" but for someone remaining as calm as possible through this ordeal that in all honesty for people to deal with this on a daily basis for 7 months surely most would consider suicide. I have heaps through this ordeal but I couldn't ever because the effect it would have on my family would break them. But even my mum and brother don't know what to do. My doctor tells me everytime I go there "Your blood pressure is perfect" 

Trust me on one thing, despite my pyschologist telling me "You have to change your thought patterns" I've done that, but the problem is what this suffering is doing day in day out and has been doing it for so long what can I do differently to fix it?

Do you's think this is anxiety? or can something abnormal actually be taking place? I understand the symptoms I'm experiencing can relate to anxiety. I just hope I am not alone with these exact symptoms.

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    No negative test or doctor saying you're fine will ever magically make your physical symptoms go away and that's where I'm at right now with my als fear. I have a test coming up that will either confirm or deny my suspicions and after that if it's negative I'll have to accept my symptoms as very weird anxiety symptoms and go on living and eventually our bodies will adjust to our new normal and then our anxiety should dissipate and we should feel better. Sometimes time really is the best medicine. Hang in there, im right there with ya along with hundreds of thousand of other ppl.

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    No your not alone and yes sounds like anxiety to me. Everyone as different symptoms. It's an awful thing to live with, I'm going through it very badly at the moment. Hope you feel better soon x

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    I am going ture anxiety disorder am suffering too am having a bad time my anxiety is bad right now it is ruff nat you alone hun hung on there
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    Consider your problem may be Anxiety and work on that premis, try and relax using Mindfulness and breathing exercises, that may help you come to terms with the Anxiety your GP feels is the problem.

    The reason I think above is the complexity of your situation and the various situations you are finding yourself in. Your lesions you admit to are caused by smoking, could some of your health problems be caused by that, and they would disappear if you stopped smoking, Nicotine as a drug has problems within the body, that could be causing your problems.

    At one time in the seventees I was smoking sixty kingsize each day, I worked in a stressful environment. When I reduced then went cold turkey I stopped and this caused very strong withdrawal, side effects were in many instances the same as above, it took  many months to feel better and my XRays of chest did not clear for seven years, in fact I had a chest Xray this year and there was further signs of the lungs clearing so that is about forty years to clear my airway and lungs.

    Just a suggestion, you wanted a possible explanation, under this you have a condition of nicotine in your bloods etc


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    Hi there, it really does sound like anxiety. Especially since you have been checked by a doctor and tested for various things. Anxiety manifests in so many ways, and I've only ever experienced anxiety / panic attacks in my calmest hours - which in the beginning led me to believe that there is no way that's what it could be. Although you say you are dealing with this calmly, it is quite obviously been taking its toll on you mentally, as anxiety does. Are you having any kind of treatment for anxiety? Any meds? I've suffered from anxiety daily before, and it is soul destroying but don't give up. I'm on a place now where I no longer suffer from them regularly.

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    Thanks everybody for the replies. Definitely appreciate it alot. I haven't experienced symptoms to this degree before and I've always been curious if it could be a more underlying issue at play. Often I feel that because I've experienced anxiety before (But not to this extent) and I beat that anxiety at that time that this experience has been drilling me continously every minute of the day is what makes me question it. 

    Because I thought anxiety was always more of a "come and go" sort of thing and not something that will persist throughout the day. 

    It's frightening symptoms don't get me wrong but because it has been happening for quite some time I've come to adjust to it a bit but I feel like some days it's mild some days severe but I still try to remain as calm as possible.

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