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i was on cipralex,as i have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder following the very tragic death of my second child,

i was prescribed sertraline over 10 days ago,thankfully i found this site,i have been taking sertraline now for 3 days,i knew the side affects,as i had already read all the posts,i am not feeling great,but i have no option,as i cannot feel any worse than i already do,so i`ll hang in here and hope like others have said that in 3/4 weeks time i will be feeling better,

does anyone have any tips please?or blogs to follow,as like the rest of you i feel so alone,i know i`m not because we`re all writing in,the main problem that i have,is that i am more or less a total recluse,i have no friends anymore,and i don`t see my family

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    Hi, I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of a child and i wouldn't even attempt to understand what you are going through. The only advice i can give is that Sertraline worked for me I suffer from anxiety/panic and severe episodes of depression which has taken a toll on my life for the last 6 years. I've been taking Sertraline for 3 years. The first 2 years i was on 50mg and they worked a good few weeks after starting them. Then just recently had bad episodes of depression and a stay in hospital so gradually went up to 150mg which is working really well.

    Stick with them i know you feel there is no help and nothing will work and it may take you a few different meds to get the right one but you will find it. Have hope.

    How much are you on? :lol:

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    thankyou so much for replying,as you will know depression is a very solitary place to be,so the feedback is really appreciated,today is my 4th day on sertraline and i feel awful,but i am sure i will get there,i am on 25mg to be doubled in 2wks,i am also on librium 5mg 6 times a day,i couldn`t start on a higher dose of sertraline because all the stress has made me have allergy attacks now,

    i am so pleased that you are feeling better and that sertraline has worked for you,i am taking days 1 at a time,and knowing that it works for you really helps me,what caused your depression please?

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    Hi, how you feeling today. What is the other medication your on for?

    My anxiety and panics started after i had my first baby six years ago - i personally wouldn't class it as post-natal depression but every professional i have seen would but it into that box (although its only the anxiety that made me feel low). Anyway just had a really tough time during 2007 due to family stuff and come 2008 and thinking new year new start my world just came crashing down, after being everyone's rock for a year i crumpled which took me by surprise. But hey i'm out of the woods now and heading for a better 2009 as i'm not 100% yet i'm hoping by 2009 i'll be back to 'normal'.

    Write any time

    Boog 100 8)

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    Hi all,

    I too am a mum, which to be honest is the only thing keeping me sane right now. Because children need routine etc etc. But I am falling apart inside! My second son James has Downs Syndrome, and he is a fab boy, but v. hard work. I am separated from their dad, and trying to sort everything out on me own. Not given to bouts of self pity, but can identify totally with everything you're feeling. I have been prescribed just about everything under the sun, have been on this sertraline for about 3 months. Don't really notice a difference, but then it's been a long long time since I felt 'normal', whatever that is!!!

    Good to know there are other people out there that are willing and ready to talk about this difficult stuffXX

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    it`s nice to have your replies,yes it is good to talk about how we feel,

    firstly i have heard post natal depression is very bad for the mother,and apparantly leaves the very sad moms open to further repercussions,that will be why you crashed at christmas,so pleased you are feeling better for now,

    to the new mom,you will find it very difficult on your own with your child especially with a downes syndrome child,after i lost my eldest child i brought up my 2 surviving children on my own,it was very hard work,but thankfully we were very happy,that is until i lost my youngest child,thats` when my world ended

    it is hard finding the right medication,and trying to see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel,sometimes the tunnel is never ending,as i have said earlier i think it is best to take it 1 day at a time,even though we feel so alone we aren`t there are thousands of us,but very very sadly depression \"i have found is a taboo subject,\"and after a while people don`t want to listen to us anymore,i can`t find a support group that i fit in with,i also don`t think that there is enough support for us from the government,

    yesterday late afternoon i had a severe reaction to the sertraline,i rang the psychiatrist for advice,they tried to get an emergency appointment,there isn`t 1!!thankfully i always keep antihistermines on stand by,i rang the crisis team and they advised me not to take meds last night,still itching today,but i do feel a lot better in myself funny enough,we know we must go on,but it is so hard,i feel it`s like climbing mount everest and never getting to the top,for the elated bit,it`s being stuck in a crater,and trying to claw our way out,but don`t know how!

    thanks again for replying,look forward to your replies

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    Thanks for your reply. Sorry if i gave impression i am a new mum, i'm not. James, my boy with DS is 6. Eldest is nearly 10 and youngest 3.

    he (james) just started school and this has been a pretty anxious time, which has sent me even more into orbit than i was already. I expect you as a parent understand all these fears and emotions. I am beginning to realise that my depression and low moods are starting to rub off on the children, inevitably. One of the things i have noticed about the sertraline, s that it does supress emotion, or your reactions to things. I have been on other Anti depressants - fluoxetine, mirtazipine, and they all have this effect too. It's like you are watching things unfold, but unable to react in the way you 'normally' would. In fact, i have forgotten i think, what being 'normal' for me is. I am on 100mg of this sertraline. What dose have you all been given?

    very glad to have someone to talk to about this. XX

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