realizing numbness and sickness,,dizzy..

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I have been on this medication three weeks side asffects till last 4 days realy..thinking ..this is ok..not as bad as i thought.

Till last few days..numbness meening verry week mucles and heavy feeling in body...dizzy sickness..and a verry hot sensation going thru my bodey as if someone has enjected me with very warm water..and i could feel it going thru my body then very hot feeling under skin almost like a strong heat..liken to bad sunburn..with the ebbs off tho..this is my opinion of my experience..was in hossy as i didnt know what it was..they did tests found nothing....i am a young 56 by the way lol. appart from that my mood is changing for the better..and i i dont dont stress out so mucn now..appart from these feelings becouse i didnt understand what was going sis said they changed me they tend to make you worry when your brain tunes into somthing lol.

So any one else had the hot feeling radiating thru vains all over no sweating tho..but usualy have had a lot of that.,,


Disolve smile

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    It sounds the same as when I get a panic attack.

    Its like a warm shiver all over your skin or a tingling or tiny sweat beads all over your body.

    These tablets can induce panic attacks, so maybe thats what it was.

    It will go. Keep taking them and if you start to get the feeling more often or feel worse then see you doctor.

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    hi Mrs J

    I know what you meen..but i never had beads of sweat..not even the sweats when i had these body felt realy on fire.. i supose like a very high temp but normal temprature.. no came in waves along with the weekness ot heavyness..panick attacks...i do know them well..and nothing like that..i would have understood and not worried if it were that.

    lot of weekeness today on and off..but more relaxed in a lot of was the post man that made me feel that lol..when he knocked on the window..i went to see...and he looked realy relaxed there..didnt want to disturb you (was on computer}...then thought to my self...........I WAS WASNT I!! :D smile :D .

    so am i right in assumming..affects can start after two weeks iv been on them 3 weeks just under 3..and had nothing before this except anxiety and sweats a lot...oh and a bit nervouse in going out on my own since taking them..agitation anoying also.

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    Hi Disolve,

    I think you need to take one day at a time when youre on these tablets. One day you feel as youre back to your old self and then the next day you fall down with a bump. It gets better the longer your on them. You get more good days or as I say normal days and less bad ones.

    Its great in the morning now, I take my little pill and go on a high for a few hours and then come down slowly in the afternoon.

    I know what you mean about scared to go out. It took me ages to go out on my own. At first I couldn't go out with my husband. I still find it hard to go out in th evening for a meal of pub/club.

    Hope this help


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Hi Mrs J

    It was encouraging to hear that you have some good days and bad days. I have been on med for over 5 weeks first 2 weeks on 10mg upto 20 for 3 weeks and now on 30mg.

    Last night I felt a bit happier but ads usual I am back down in the dumps again, and its at these times you fell that nothing is ever going to work.

    What dose are you on and how long has it taken to take any effect? I know everyone is different but you have to have some hope to hang on to don't you.

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    hiya smile

    yes mrs J im like that about going out..and alsways pulling myself down over it..had a good day yeaterday,,but today another weekness day with feelings of a chest infection along with it..when you say a high lol..giggling...

    I seem to expect not nice things lol..were does the high come in? I feel a lot relaxed inbeetween and more patience,,but not if something upsets me..then its whooshhhh...any sorta scared oft the muscle weekness i always think its something bad and not the pills...did you have that sort os side affect realy week like your arms are heavy and all that...and foggy head..but not as edgy and as wild in the head with the thoughts so just at the end of the first long do you think these side affects would last?


    nice to have thr chat smile

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    just an update..

    a lot of the side affects I thought were the pills..are not so my docter says?..feelings in arms like weekness same in the legs..and on ond off..any one else had simuler while taking this drug..i did look at leeflet..but the docs book does not seem to have all the affects of the pill..compaired to the leeflet with the pills..can someone comment please?

    Other than on a good day so far..4 weeks into meds..adding this post..because dont want anyone getting anxiouse about the side affects i put over last few days.


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    on my 2nd tab now. feel jittery and headachey. and a bit tense. but according to you maria and mrs j this all gets better!! im hoping it does ..!

    thanks aly :?

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    hi Disolve

    You may have the beginning of a cold.

    When I starting taking them I watch every twitch or shiver and thought it was due to the tablets.

    I don't think it was.

    I did got a couple of colds but that was down to everyone else at work coughing and sneezing over me.

    I'm less worried about side effects now.

    If it continues go to the doctor. It may be your body relaxing after all the tense feelings your've had due to the depression.

    :roll: :lol:


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