Really anxious right now please help!!!

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I am feeling really anxious and worried at the moment....

Today was ok until I did the school run. I picked them up and was walking down the street with my kids. I remember this part of the journey. Then I went to cross the road (it's a small little street and I was at the bottom of it, no cars can come through the bottom of street as it is blocked off for united utilities to do work on the area so only cars can turn round in the space that's it. I remember there were no cars about that area. 

Anyway I 'must have cross the road' but I don't remember doing it. I know that sounds stupid but my two older children were in front and I 'ended up' across the road with my older children and my 3 year old and she came to me as I stopped and said 'I've fell over' now I feel like a bad mum because I didn't see her fall. And I don't remember where she was as I crossing. She gets told to stay with me. It's not a wide road just a small diameter. But I didn't see her fall, I don't remember where she was as is was crossing and I don't remember crossing over. Could I have just been in my own world and didn't realise? Or could i have blacked out of something? I'm really anxious and feel like a horrible mum for not noticing her fall and I'm normally 'on guard' of my 3 year old and normally keep her close. I was pushing a pushchair at the time with my other  toddler in. 

When I came back I was In like a 'trance like state' in other words I was kinda on speed dial just getting on with chores one after the other and not caring about anything (obv made sure my kids were ok, they were playing) then I made their tea and got this overwhelming feeling that what if I actually 'lost it' and don't care and didn't makes kids tea and neglected them. I know that I wouldn't and I have made tea and they have eaten it but got really scared thinking I'm losing my mind. Could this just be anxiety and an anxiety attack? 

I feel like coming out of whatever it is slightly but I'm still really worried as to why I didn't see my daughter fall or remember that part of the journey and scared I passed out 

I have been worried lately due to my health and come uncomfortable symptoms that are unexplained 

Has anyone else's mind ever done this?

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    Firstly,your mind is very anxious and a anxious mind exaggerates everything and makes us think all kinds of things.

    I don't think for one minute that you passed out or blacked out or are going crazy in the slightest. Your mind is just latching on to these thoughts because it is vulnerable.

    Now think logically about how you would normally react to something like this happening? You would probably just kiss your little girl better,take her hand and tell her to stay close to mummy so it doesn't happen again..You wouldn't give it a second thought afterwards.

    As for the thoughts of not making the children's tea,,,that's just another thoughts because your mind is in a anxious place right now. You will have many and wander where on earth they keep coming from and why that fill you with so much feat. They fill you with fear because anxiety is causing them.

    There is nothing wrong with you sugar. You are doing everything just right. 

    Your not going to forget to make the kids food and every mum will tell you that they think there mind is in the ball all the time but little things occasionally happen.. Maybe they get distracted,,maybe they are thinking what to make for tea or what they are going to do that evening. We try to be on the ball 24/7 and can be forgiven for the little things that didn't come to any harm xxx

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      Thank you 

      It really helps to talk to someone. I've had a horrible day and I keep going over the event in my head wondering if I was just thinking about something else and my mind was somewhere else.  It scares me to think something could have happened. Obv it didn't and I suppose this is a big lesson for me to learn and maybe get help for my anxiety and stress. Just can't understand why my mind was blank! 

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      It happens to us all chick. My mind goes blank often. It doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. It's just that distractions happen.

      Please try not to worry. It won't always be this way. I know when you are in a cycle of worry,it seems like you will never be rid of it but you will.

      In the meantime,,just label all thoughts that get you in a panic " anxious thoughts"!!! Tell them in your mind that you are not going to worry over them because they are not worth your time!,

      I mentally tell myself "no" when a thought comes and I feel that initial feeling of anxiety. It often stops it in its tracks xxx How you feeling now? Xx

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      Thank you so much Gillian!

      I'm feeling better now after day and calming down now and your replies have really helped. I suppose sometimes it helps for other people to put things into perspective for you. 

      I  am going to try shut out these anxious thoughts because it's taking over my life 

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    Hello Samantha.  I can see that gillian has been really helpful to you.  She always has sensible answers.

    Don't over worry about the situation of your little girl falling over.  It does not make you a bad mum because you did not notice.  I expect your mind was elsewhere.  We all do that.  You are an anxious person, like all of us here, so you are over worrying about what happened.

    i do hope you are feeling better now.

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    In the beginning I went through this a lot. Where I was concentrating on something, and later my mind went blank. I thought I fainted, and later couldn't remember curtain things that happened.  Made me freak out, but you will be ok. Things will get easier.  I get nervous all the time. Hate feeling that way. Sometimes don't know what I'm so anxious about...
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