Really bad couple of days :(

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Ugh, so I went out drinking with my mates all day Saturday, woke up Sunday morning very hungover and just feeling very depressed/anxious. Can't shake it off, I just feel so depressed, I hate my job but it's so well paid I couldn't possibly quit it.

But my main gripe is health anxiety, Ive just got so many symptoms and one will randomly pop into my head and i'm like what if it does kill me? Mole on my arm is it cancer, palpitations are they some deadly arrythmia? im just so tired of it sad Yesterday what set it off is that theres a footballer who's just had to retire from football at 23 who plays for Benfica because on his medical it found he had heart problems. And reading anything like that just sets me off, hate hate hate it. 

I've had all the tests done, i've had a load of ecg's, a 72 hour ecg, stress perfusion cardiac MRI, an echocardiogram, excercise ecg.. 

Just symptoms like every now and again i'll get like a flutter/tremor in my chest that will last like 0.5 seconds, then it'll stop, sometimes with a thud of a heartbeat like after an eptoic beat. It's not one of those its an actual flutter, I googled it and they say it's fine, its basically your anxiety just tipping over and that aslong as it doesn't last longer than 30 seconds theres no need to see a doctor but i'm like just dreading if it ever does last that long. 

My current job is just sitting in an office with no windows or anything 9 hours a day 5 days a week basically doing nothing, sometimes I wish i left an become and electrican or something so i'm always up and about doing something keeping myself busy.

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    Sounds like you need to see your GP as much of what you are describing sounds like Depression/Anxiety maybe you need something to help with that?


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    Hi there.

    I know the feeling...

    Do you really think you are depressed or anxious though or is it the job getting you down???

    That can have a terrible effect on anyones health.

    I'm  an active person and know I couldn't sit in an office with no windows, no naturel daylight or sunshine coming through keeping me cheerful and  basically doing nothing!! Wow No Way!!!.

    I think perhaps  you have answered your own problem.

    Whilst you have a job you could take your time and look for another and for your sake  tell no one!

    Good luck


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      Easier said than done, all my mortgage and bills are set on what money I earn now, its alot more than what I would get doing anything anywhere else. 

      It is horrible but i'm stuck i suppose, the thing is I was doing college every wednesday and thursday doing electrical installation, which broke the week up nicely, two days at work, two days at college then Friday at work again. But now college has broken up for summer and im back to 5 days at work and it's getting me down.

      I love the saying 'find a job you love doing and you'll never work a day in your life' unfortuantly my job the complete opposite, i hate every day here. No motivation at all.

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      I understand you where you are coming from. It's very hard work trying to make something of yourself these days and I sympathise for you but at the same time admire you for taking the chance. What you are doing now will better your life for the future and make things much easier.

      But it's making you ill is it not?

      Perhaps you could get another interest/hobby. 

      It your life and you won't get another chance and surley anything is better than being ill.

      All the best

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      Thats an excuse  Gyda. If this is just temporary job then its whatever and it will pass. You go for what you love. So many success stories come with having a professiin you enjoy. 
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    Heres a thiught can you go to school in the evening and learn the trade of an electrician?  Theres tons of trade schools with night classes. Look if you cant stand your job, its effecting your health and well being then its nit worth the money. But not being a fool you need training and schooling for a different job.  There a many many jobs out there that allow a oerson hands on, outdoors, windows lol aside from the humdrum of sitting still all day everyday. Just a thought. You get one life might as well go for it.
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    You say about all the tests you've had done. I haven't heard about the antipressants  that you started, because you've had enough. You sound like your ready to kick this anxiety in the butt. All your aches and pains are major anxiety. I have been there.This is so familiar to all of us suffering from anxiety. But I am shocked at how many people  will continue to suffer, have all these tests run, but won't take a med to feel fabulous again.I refused to suffer any more so I went to my doc and she said you need a antidepressant, and at that point I would have taken anything to stop this. Honest to god, it's the best thing I ever did for myself. This started for me at 23, Iam now 56. I will be on meds for the rest of my life,and I thank god we have them. The other thing that people do, is they start to feel good so they stop taking them, and then their anxiety  comes right back. I have changed meds a couple of times through the years for one reason or another, a little side effect or what not. No big deal, just go to another. I have been on 60mg Cymbalta,20 mg Amitriptyline for 8 yrs. So far so good. I have my life back. Can;t ask for more then  that.  

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    Thanks for all the nice replys! smile 

    I agree with you all I need to change jobs, but like I say it's easier said than done. I'm 24 years old, I have a car on finance and i have bills to pay, if i dropped down to an electricians starting wage I would be losing around £14,000 a year off my salary. I will try work something out, I have a perk that my boss is actually my dad, he owns the full company that I actually work for at the minute. He is very understanding but at the same he wants me to push myself to my max, but if i tell him i'm really unhappy here he might understand, its not a one off thing, i crave having a job that's out and about, keeping myself busy! not stuck in a windowless office 9 hours a day.

    Plus obviously me having anxiety, as you can imagine some of my worst anxiety days are sat in here, bored with google at my will, googles my symptoms etc.

    I've just finished my level 2 In electrical installation, I've got 5 weeks left till I start college again on my level 3 course in electrical installation, where i'll go back to been at college two days a week. So i think i'll be able to cope again when I go back to doing college two days a week, and once I get my level 3 under my belt I should be able to push on and become an electrician? That's the plan. So i can still do my level 3 course while on the salary that I am now. I'll finish the course when i'm 25, it sounds simple eh? lets see if it is that simple lol 

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      Hello GYDA.

      Thats a real positive reply that made my day.

      I wish you all the very best of good luck for your exams and your future ahead.

      All the best Pat

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      You have this all planned out very nicely. Sounds like a wonderful plan. May you be very successful in all you do. I  Like what pat wrote. 
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