reassurance from psychochief hopefully :O)

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hiya peeps :cheerup:

this depression lark is really hard work, as we all know :? however, do not get the observation wrong that i'm gonna try to make :mrgreen:

peeps that still are working/studying/functioning, all be it at a reduced rate :cry: are doing great, you peeps are moderately depressed, not chronically depressed, well done :ok:

BUT and it's a BIG but, if you can't handle your situation, working etc. don't fight it, tell the professionals that are looking after you that things are getting worse, there is no 'weakness' in that, if you do not, things might and probably will get worse :cry:

i don't mean to 'down' peeps, but that's how it is i'm afraid folks, this is a REAL PHYSICAL illness, let's not forget that ok ?? :ok:

cheers, take care peeps :cheers:

Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :run: :rainbow: :peace:

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    I do agree it is all very very very hard... And it is different for every

    But have to say just because someone is able to function at some level that doesn't mean they don't have severe depressions... I had to see a psychiatrist who told me I have severe depression, but until recently I have been very successful at work and am still able to go in every day and while I might not be as good at keeping up the \"happy act\" as I have been over the past few years I have still been contributing more than most...

    While like that at work I have been letting the rest of my life slip completly and without meaning to sound to dramatic I could have easily killed myself and no-one at work would have been aware of how bad things were... So I find it dangerous to assume people that are able to appear ok at work etc are not severly depressed as it is just not the case...

    The only reason I got help was because I also developed anxiety as a result of the depression and that was impossible to hide and when a friend did the old \"Are you ok?\" and I brokedown...

    I think the point I am trying to make is jsut because someone is outwardly ok, please don't assume their depression isn't severe... If my friend hadn't asked I would not be here now, I'm pretty sure of that.

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    Hi Psychochief.its good to hear from you. how are you doing??????

    Im having a bad time again. trying to fidle through an msc in Psychs, trying to hold down a part time job, trying not to drink, or thik, trying to sleep, but cant, trying to reduce citalopram but so far havent managedas 2 police officers walked me to the train station and-I dont know whats triggering it ! Im getting frustrated and too old for this!!!!

    its no longer lampost.I no w ahve atendency to slither down the sides of walls whilst trying to brethe.

    Im really peeved at myself. I was looking and hoping that the bright side would take over and I could escape-but its not happening. I was thinking I am 33, ive 2 beautiful children, I work -its not like i take drugs ( though i do) but its not like i take them and lie down to it( as much as id like to). I have ambition I am lucky to have got on this course-but then the big butiM panicing more than ever.

    Ex want budge and acts like I am crying wolf. Im still waiting to hear from housing, but I argued that I aint moving until something realtively decent happens( i dont actually know if I can wait that long)

    I got up at 3pm today. ive an appointment with the drinks nurse tomorrow and I think we are going to go on antabuse now( which is another dissapointment).

    My sister is telling me to fond a nice man and run with the girls(Lol)This is my thing though -if I fail ill be worse than ever-but if I pass ill be jumping over mountains, and wanting to do a phd.

    Anyway, Id better go do something.The days just begun for me!

    Hope your all right . Your a good guy for just helping folks here.ta :ta:

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    awe-it just got better-not!

    I tried to get my children to school but they ran on ahead with friends.I trired to catch them up, but as they were so far ahead i dont know what happened . i turned a corner, and that was it-started to go realy dizzy and there was no way I was going to make it past the fire station with all the painted zig zag yellow lines. So I stood and cried. I wanted to see them in , iss them goodbye. (Apparently they were fine , never even noticed that I wasnt there.

    Then tried to cross the road to get hope-extreme dizziness came over me, so took me i would say about 10 minutes to cross a flippin road.

    Im now stuck at home, haven rang in sick, my stomach is cramping and i fear i wll loose my job. Feel really guilty-but then if id carried on I wouldnt have mde it to work.

    Went beserk at ex.Just for being really. he doesnt care, yet uses it as a tool to stay.God , if he were to leave Icould even get my course funded.

    Why is this happening to me again????

    Owe well, hopefully i can get some sleep , do some work , see a profesional tonight and see where to go from here.

    Reluctant-your doing well-keep up the good work!!!!

    What am i going to do?

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    bad girl cant sleep-is anyone else awaake.Im wide awake and goin now to do some studying.i cant be bothered fighting my sleep problems.Just lying worrying and worrying and worrying!

    I watched a horror 9 huh huh-my ex drinking) Oh -was that a joke? :shock: right night night-god this essay plan is driving me demented! help!

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