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Can anyone advise me, as I am getting desperate. I am currently taking a massive dose of Ranitidine for heartburn and oesophagitis. After two and a half weeks it seems to have stopped working. So I went to my GP and she put me on Rabeprazole as well. That worked well for two days but I am now in pain. I have cut everything out of my diet that might be a trigger and only eat fruit, veg , fish, meat and drink water. What more can I do?

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    Have you considered that you may actually be low in stomach acid?  Look into taking betaine hcl with pepsin -  Google it for instructions.  Has helped me and my brother recently.  I know the struggle smile
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    Hi I have been suffering from reflux for

    Years now I take esomeprazole 60 mg and 300 mg ranitidine and Gaviscon throughout each day and I still suffer with acid reflux.

    I am now looking into surgery.

    I avoid spiced , fried foods.

    I eat smaller snacks throughout the day as a big meal sets off my reflux.

    I also do not eat anything just before going to bed.

    How long have u been on meds ?

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      Been on Ranitidine for about one month and rabeprazole for three days. The Rabepresole was excellent for two days then stopped working. I was so happy to feel well for once and now feel hopeless. My reflux doesn't seem to be triggered by anything, it's there all the time. I avoid everything that might trigger it but for all the good it does I might as well go mad and have a cup of tea. At what time should I take PPi? Don't eat any citrus only apples and melon but have very poor appetite anyway.
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      Are u still taking the PPI. I would take the PPI maybe an half hour after breakfast and mid day. How long did

      u take the Acidphex u said it worked

      for 2 days did u stop taking it. In regards to apples they are a great source of fiber but the skin in tough. Do not eat an apple close to bed it could cause reflux at night. I am serious about raising your head at night. Get several large books and put it under your mattress u have to raise your head. Regular pillows will not work. I heard GI drs tell their patients for over 20 years put the head of your bed up do not sleep

      flat with pillows it will help. If u stopped the PPI start on it again u will have good days and bad days.

      Keep in contact with your dr if the medicine doesn't work u can increase the dose and the amount of pills per day chew sugarless gum I have it all over my house it works. Eat soft foods for awhile like tuna salad chicken noodle soap no carbonated beverages actually herbal tea is fine to drink no soda it can take awhile. Are u on any new meds that could have started your symptoms I felt Lije I had a staple caught in my esophagus for 2 months it finally went away. Drink only skim milk no more then 8 ounces per day. If u read

      what people are doing everyone seems to find a way to get relief wether it be diet meds. Stay away from meds that have aspirin ibuprofen research any meds ur taking if ur eating one food all the time. For example I had a friend who complained of gas and diarrhea for weeks it turned out she was eating

      a ton of raisins. Look at your lifestyle are you smoking or drinking alchohol if so stop immediately. I know it sucks.

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    Hilary what kind of fruit are u eating.?

    Stay away from all citrus fruit that will make

    it worse. You are taking Acidphex. I am not sure how long u have been on it. My exboyfriend tried all the PPI for his reflux Prilisec Prevacid Nexium. Acidphex(rabeprazole) was the only thing

    that helped him. Maybe give it some more time. Do not take

    the Acidphex and Zantac at the same time of day. Take Zantac

    45-60 minutes before you eat and at bedtime. You can also switch

    to Pepcid or Tagamet if Zantac doesn't work. They are all H2

    Blockers. Pepcid is the most popular H2 Blocker sold on the market

    Pepcid should be over the counter it is in other countries.

    My GI dr loves to order Gaviscon he said it is the best liquid

    form of the Antacids. If Acidphex isn't working ask for a different

    PPI. Protonix really helped me it is a PPI u need a prescription.

    Give it time get a massage try to distress. Good Luck

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    Put the head of your bed o

    up on 6 inches blocks. I think u Cau buy a pillow that angles your head up but blocks would be better it keeps your head up at night. Chewing gum creates a more alkaline acid it neutralizes the acidic acid.

    If it gets really bad like ur on fire mix baking

    soda with water about 2-3 gulps u should

    get instant relief. It is temporary do not

    do it all the time because baking soda is loaded with salt. Too much water can be harmful it is ok to suck on vitamin c lozenges if not full of menthol. Watermelon

    is ok to eat. I read bananas were ok with acid reflux but when u was having GERD and I tried to swallow part of a banana it just about killed me. But I was having pain

    on swallowing it felt like I had a lump there.

    If u can't stand it anymore do research on the surgery if u have a hiatal hernia go online talk to people who had it done like

    on this forum. Good Luck

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    I second the comment on fruits. I can't take anything acidic like oranges.

    Do you take the meds 30mins before eating at the start of the day.

    Do you eat breakfast? How long do you go between eating?

    I take a large dose PPI at the start of the day 30mins before breakfast and I eat regularly during the day. I get into all manner of problems even with the meds if I go long periods without eating, does that help?


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