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has anyone ever refused the operation or iodine treatment and been successful I just feel like i m being given the easy option for the professionals without staying with my current treatment plan. I was put on propylthiouracil instead of carbizamole as it wasn't agreeing with me and I haven't even had blood checks while on this but got a bollocking from the specialist and he insisted they could only operate or iodine treat,ent and I am not happy 

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    Ive tried medical, dietary and supplement routes, and still feel bad.

    my endocrinologist respected my wish to avoid radical treatment, but the illness is now getting to me big time and I accept I need help.

    each to their own, I think you've been unlucky with your care xx

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      Thank you I don't have any symptoms which are typical of hyperthyroidism. I'm just so confused I know they are the experts but I went to the GP for a totally unrelated issue and came out with a raft of information all this only 5 weeks ago which is why I am so confused and shocked to be honest reading done of the stories on here with ops and iodine. Thanks for your reply. 

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      Mine was caught early thank God so I did not need a dosage of Methimazole over 10 mg.  However, my TSH would not move from 0 for 2 years even though my excess thyroid hormone was controlled with medication.  What really made the difference in my results was Acetyl-L-Carnitine.  Others on the Boards also found it worked, however, many of them went hypo because they did not monitor or adjust enough.  My antibodies normalized.  All my thyroid values, though normal, can go off a little if I am stressed but so far so good for 8 years now on a very low dose of Methimazole and supplements.
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      You're not alone, lots of people here are the same or similar. Breathe, get your results explained and ask about your prognosis 

      don't panic x

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    Dear Skippy,

    I assume you have Graves' disease .. as you mentioned Carbimazole ...

    and as long as you don't have another serious issue there ... you can treat Graves' disease...  it would be great if you are able to take  Carbimazole   or similar,  as that will do the job nicely .

    To tell you that you only have two options is absolutely awful and probably Not True.

    How dare they try to bully you into submission because it suits them for some unknown reason.

    I have Graves' disease and am now Euthyroid.. i.e. ...normal  because after using

    Carbimazole ... and getting my Thyroid gland balanced ...i started to treat my Immune System with vitamins, minerals and Nutrients ... that my body was missing because i had been running at 100 miles an hour on empty !!!

    it was my immune system , after all, that was attacking my healthy Thyroid Gland.

    its not Mumbo Jumbo Skippy it's been tried and tested on here by many of us ..and it has been proven to work.... Linda is great at supplements , particularly one called

    L Carnitine it works in a similar way to Carbimazole and is natural...  she will be along here shortly, i just know it , and she will undoubtedly help you with for other things to take i'd be happy to advise you on what supplements i took to get to Euthyroid Skippy.

    Tell your Doctor to have that RAI  and see what he thinks of it !!!

    that should shut HIM up !

    luv Mx🌹

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    Skippy, When I was diagnosed w/hyperthyroidism, I went home and started  researching treatment online.  By the time my endo prescribed medication I had already found a supplement regime  and rather than risk the side affects of a pill I purchased all of the vitamins & supplements and never looked back.  I am pretty anti-prescription drugs so this was an easy choice. You really have to go with what you believe and feel comfortable with.The supplement and vitamins are working for me. I wish you well with whatever you decide. Jeanne

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      HI sissy422

      I would be extremely interested in the supplements you take and your general diet if possible I would feel more comfortable to try all natural ways first (or supplemented but not with perscriptions drugs) . Thanks for your reply.

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      I take





       Fish oil

       Lemon balm (Melissa)



      My diet is not that good but I am trying to lower my sugar intake;  This is not an easy condition to deal with, but my T3, T4 and TSH are all in the normal range.  I was diagnosed wiith a mild case of hyperthyroidism and I just want you to know.  If you decide to go the supplement route please research it online and make sure you tell your doctor. My doctor is aware of the path I am taking and she did not object. I Willl be getting bloodwork in September

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    At my first appt with the endo, she was already talking about surgery or RAI. I refused. I've been diagnosed jistbu der a year and am now slowly healing by taking a low dose of anti thyroid meds and supplements. The key is to educate yourself on the disease. There's so much more to it that the docs don't know about or offer. Don't let the docs bully you into an irreversible decision.

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