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So, I dont want to upset anybody. I just found a very topical article on whether depression is an illness or something else.

Obviously it is REAL and effects millions, it has effected me. Im not denying it is a serious, horrible thing but is it something that should be primarily treated with drugs?

An interesting read!! xx

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    There are different types of depression which are caused by different things! You cannot lump them altogether. Most of the people who have come to me for help have claimed they are depressed when really the problem is that life is not going perfectly for them - or they are children in an adult's body - not able to make decisions, be logical, take charge of problems the way a normal adult automatically does without a lot of faffing about and fuss. Then there are those who have a vitamin deficiency or those who are temporarily depressed because of the end of a relationship or death. Many of those who are on tabletsl and medication do not need them and get no help from them, it is simply earning the doctor some money while they carry on very similar to before.

    cognitifive behaviour therapy is of tremendous help to many if they bother to do it, but those who faff about make an issue of doing that too, so become their own worst enemy.

    I have found that a lot of "depressed" people simply want to moan and wallow in it instead of taking control and making things better. Then they wonder why their relationships flouder too.

    One lady I was helping would become depressed every time the weather forecast said it would rain soon. Another one was saying he was depressed because of all of the stress in his life. He had no stress at all, he livedf with his mother and she did his washing and ironing, cooking and cleaning and paying the bills. He had a great life. Everyone is different. But those who look for sympathy or keep concentrating on the negatives will never get better if that is all they do, tablets or no tablets.

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      I think everything you just wrote is highly thought out, but could it not be possible to group them together by observing they are all things that are the consequence of something else- a life problem. 

      The effects, feelings and distress all real could be caused by everything you mentioned not by a 'brain disease' as argued by psychiatry for the last 50 years.


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    Interesting Sarah, here is my take on this:

    crippling illness, pain, housebound, - go for walk

    Strong robust bodies but sensitive minds easily crushed or broken by upbringing or conditioning - get over it/pull yourself together

    Struggling financially- not always self inflicted - get your 5 a day


    You get my drift? I wont go on cos the scenarios are vast. We are all unique and all made up of different things.  

    Is it an illness???  Is it genetic?? It is a debilitating, crippling condition of mind which terrifies and overwhelms. Some get stuck in a vicious cycle, afraid to tell anybody out of shame. Drive just one (important) person away will ensure your silience. Dont tell a colleague in case they "tell" on you. Dont appear weak at work.  Dont fall apart at home.

    xxx to everyone out there who is fed up/ miserable, or just plain depressed. Luv yu all. Sarah, great info, thanks.


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      Yea i agree its hard to group together unique people with unique circumstances. I found it particularly interesting though to see that there is no evidence that it is genetic or the result of a chemical imbalance. Maybe not being able to fall apart at work or at home, has something to do with psychiatry stigmatising and medicalising something that could be a learnt coping mechanism? All interesting like you said.

      I think its important for people to hear ALL of the facts when looking at their circumstances. yes you may be hurt, but you are not broken as the pharmaceutical and psychiatry bodies would have you believe. 

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    Drugs must be the last resort.  Good living is the answer.  Healthy intake and exersize.  Water and water and water.  This makes a difference.  The article says it all, wow I enjoyed that article. 

    Thank you Sarah.  When any of these factors are missing, or are present to only a slight degree, we begin to feel despondent or depressed.  It makes so much sense. 

    – good nutrition

    – fresh air

    – sunshine (in moderation)

    – physical activity

    – purposeful activity with regular experiences of success

    – good relationships

    – adequate and regular sleep

    – ability to avoid destructive social entanglements, while remaining receptive to positive encounters * This final one is the one I find the most challenging.


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    2 points.

    How do you account for those people with great lives who suffer depression?

    How when most of the brain is unmapped can you be so certain that depression doesn't exist in the usual sense?  

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      I think a great life is a peacful life.  Anybody on 30mg of mirtazapine or any other mind altering prescription drug is not at peace. 

      I am study teaching and this "unmapped" section of the brain is what I use to motivate children.  Not many people are aware of their limits, we know nothing.  And finally my friend I am certain of one thing in this world and that is I have no idea about depression but I will learn more.  If I was aksed what have you learned from this discussion? We all have it within us to beat depression.  We deserve to be happy!  If we mean it, we have to do everything in our power to beat it. 

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      I dont really understand your post below suggesting I have no idea about depression.

      This is not about me but if you would like to go there that is ok too. I was with someone who was physically abusive for years who hospitalised me and beat me every week. When I left him I ended up with depression, and anxiety he had already caused me. Is that ok for you?

      Point 1) How would you know if they have great lives? They obviously dont agree with you if they are depressed. All the money in the world does not equal happiness. Distressing events in the past can create maldaptive coping mechanisms that can be carried into the future, thats how you can become depressed again when you have a seeminly 'great' life to outsiders such as yourself. They may not address their issue, and accept that it may be a 'chemical imbalance' but this is also not proven 

      "And, yes—the “chemical imbalance” image has been vigorously promoted by some pharmaceutical companies, often to the detriment of our patients’ understanding.3 In truth, the “chemical imbalance” notion was always a kind of urban legend- - never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists. - See more at:

      Point 2. Please explain to me where I said depression does not exist. I believe I said it may not be an illness, although it is very real. 

      If the brain is unmapped, which I agree they do not know all of the facts otherwise the pharmaceutical industry would not be churning out anti depressant medication - how do you know that it is an illness?

      As I suggested before I believe it is a maldaptive coping mechanism - it may help in the short term but in the long term becomes destructive.

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    Well if you have no idea about depression it says it all really.
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