Rezum Procedure 8/1/2017

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I am 46 years old. I have suffered with urinary issues for over 20 years. When I was 24 I started having problems with starting and weak stream. It then turned into a split stream and sometimes would spray out, drip etc.

I went to the urologist and he said I probably had scare tissue from an injury or maybe a STD caused some scaring. He order a rigid cystocopy at the hospital. I was out for the entire process. When I came to all he said was you should be fine I will write you a script for Flowmax.

We I wasnt fine. I did not urinate any better and the flowmax just made me dizzy. So I just lived with it never went back.

10 years go by same problems no worse no better. I try a different uro. Same thing, he wants to do a costocopy a urodymanics test etc. Outcome - take FlowMax. Again flowmax does nothing for me.

I again leave and decide to just live with it. Its now over 20 years I have lived with this problem. I decide maybe there is someting new and I try another uro. This time he says well you have a large prostate and once I a cysto and urflow I can determine what we can offer you.

After all of the tests he recommended Rezum. So I went home did some research and scheduled the threatment.

I was given 2-10 mg Valium and 2-5/325 percocets and antibiotics to take prior to the procedure. I was nervous and scared as hell to have this thing stuck up my penis. The cystoscope is horrible for me.

The doctor did a ultrasound prostate block and then a catheter with a numbing agent before inserting the Rezum tool.

I really did not feel the prostat block at all or the Rezum tool going in. I did however feel the treatments. i have 2 on each side and they did hurt. The 4 one I did not feel for some reason. I left witha foley cath and went home without any problems or pain. I was gievn antibioyics to take for an additional 15 days and he added rapaflow for 30 days. I was given a prescrition ofr 30 percocets but I ahve not needed them once.

He had me come back in 1 day to  remove foley cath which I thought was way too soon. But they filled me with salin and I was able to pass it all with only a small amount of blood at the end and it was foaming.

Doctor said go hiome your fine. Well I am not I haven been able to pass urine much at all. Just drips and I am drinking 10-14 glasses a day. I do not have any pian or pressure but I sure cannot squeeze out a p**s. They said I woul de swollen for a few days but its been a week now and I still cannot pee as I did before the procedure which was good at all even worse now.

Hopefully things improve over the next few days or I will be going back to find out about  a catheter.

Anyone else have this problem after the prodecure of not being able to go for days/weeks?


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    I hven't had Rezum but I think most of these procedures take a few weeks (like 3-6 weeks) until the swelling goes down. You might try an anti-inflammatory like Aleve.

    I think from what you are saying you need to rush back to Urologist and get them to teach you how to do self catheterization so you can relieve the pressure on your bladder which must be too full. Good luck

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    Most people can pee well enough to function after Rezum within a week or so, but it can take longer. I had it done last year and it took over 2 weeks til I could pee at all, about 4 til I was reasonably functional and 6 til I was actually better than before the procedure. 

    It sounds as though you're retaining too much - best bet is to have the doc show you how to self cath (CiC). It will allow you to live reasonably normally until you can pee on your own and let you excercise your bladder as things improve. Its a much better option than the return to a foley that most docs recommend in this situation.

    Statistically, Rezum doesn't start to work for 30 days, most of the improvement comes in the first 90 days and you're as good as you're gonna get from it after 6 months. Often, many years of BPH causes bladder problems, so you may get some, but not all better, which is what happened to me (enough that the procedure was well worth it).

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    Hi JCL,

    It's early in the healing process so be patient as to results. That said, I would call my urologist today, explain the situation, and ask to come in right away to have your residual checked. If you're retaining too much, you will either need a temporary Foley, learn to self cath, or get your bladder emptied in some other way. If not, you can cause damage. I would not take any OTC meds as suggested without consulting your urologist, as many of them will make you retain more. 


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    Rezum Procedure 10 Day Update.

    Ok so it has now been 10 days since I had the Rezum procedure performed. As of this morning I still do not pee as well as before the procedure. So I have not seen an improvement at all. I do not have any pain or discomfort at all. I also have not had blood in urine at all. I did have my first cup of coffee since having the procedure.

    I was told there was only a 3-5% chance of retro ejaculation issues. Well not to get to personal but, nothing is coming out. So that 3-5% is pure BS!

    I understand it is early in the healing process but, I would think I would be at the least peeing as well as before the procedure by now. If what I am experincing is normal and it truley gets worse before it gets better etc. they and the doctors are not properly taking the time to explain this. My Uro is a wam-bam thank you as is every doctor I have ever seen. We are just $$ to them, cram them in like sardines practices.

    Anyway I would love to hear from other that have already had the Rezum procedure and know if they experienced the same.


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      JCL: I'm 61. I had the Rezum procedure 5/26/17. 3 injections on left, 3 on right, and 1 in middle. Prostate was 54 gm. I kept a day-by-day summary until about a week ago. Here's what I experienced so you can compare your progress.

      Day 7: Flow got back to pre-Rezum level, which was not great, but at least I was back to where I started.

      Day 15: Flow greatly improved. Occasional urgency issue, but flow and volume much better.

      Day 21: First attempt at sex. Did not want to even try before then, even though they said I could after 3 days. Maybe 25% of previous pleasure level, ejaculate was brownish.

      Day 61 (July 26): Sex pleasure at 100% since this day. Ejaculate clear since Day 44 (July 9). It had been brownish prior to this (blood from prostate I assume). It was successively clearer each time from the first. There was one occurance of no orgasm at all (antegrade or retrograde) on Day 33. On the plus side, erections in general are stronger than before Rezum.

      I have not been, and am not now, or any kind of medication for BPH or anything else.

      There are many variables in how bodies respond to any procedure, so hang in there. I hope your healing and satisfation with Rezum (and your Uro) ramp up quickly.


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      Did you notice the improved erections immediately? or was this an improved with time?

      I have also felt that my erections were not where they should be for someone my age (46) for many years now. I have tried Cialis etc but I never really noticed that it made things any better..


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      I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary the first few times. I was nervous about what might or might not happen at the moment of truth. After a few times when the sensation increased to 90%+ of the pre-Rezum level (about Day 44), I relaxed a bit. That's when I noticed my erection feeling harder and lasting longer.

      If this is a side effect of the procedure, I'll take it. So will my wife.

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    They don't know why, but Rezum seems to set the sexual clock back 20 years for a decent % of men. They won't let you post links here, but Google it if you're interested, there's a study confirming it. Better erections and less recovery time can happen after Rezum - a side benefit.

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    Today I am 60 maybe 61 days into my recovery. To date I have not had a benefit from the Rezum procedure. I am still dealing with some pain issues and the same, maybe worse flow pressure and start times.

    I do have RE after the procedure at 60 days so I do not see that clearing up, and, sorry so say the feelings during sex are dulled. Add the dull feel to no orgasm and no improvement in flow I would say this procedure needs to be tested a subjects followed before they make all these claims.

    I did call my doctor and his office says 2 months (60) days is too soon to expect to see a benefit, however when the treatment was offered as a solution I was told 2 weeks to see a benefit then better from there through the next 90 days and I was also told no RE. Of course they made me sign a form that they were not liable if I did get RE are any sexual problems.

    We post again at 90 days.

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      I'm sorry to hear of your status, JCL.

      I don't see how your doctor can say 60 days is too soon to see a benefit. I was back to where I was before Rezum after a week and measurably better after two weeks. I'm about 128 days out and doing relatively well from both a flow and sexual pleasure standpoint (and no RE).

      I looked back at your first post and saw you had 4 steam injections; I had 7. Maybe this, coupled with the site selection for the injections (which seems to me to be based on the uro's judgement, not scientific certainty), accounts for the difference in our current conditions.

      What was your initial prostate size? Is seems that you had prostate issues much longer than I did, maybe this factors into the equation, too. In any case, I think you are more than justified at this point to sit down with your urologist and get some direct answers as to why you are where you are and what can be done to get you to where you want to be.

      Best wishes,


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    I had my surgery February 26 and it is now day 4 for I can’t speak for anyone else but I experiencedexcruciating pain which lasted for about 10 minutes but it seemed  like as though itlasted for an hour.  If I had to do it all over I would have opted for being knocked out I guess I have a low level tolerance for pain .  I had a catheter installed  which is more cumbersome than anything else. I am not experiencing any pain with it. I have a lot of drainage especially overnight while sleeping and I’ve had to get up in the middle the night to drain the bag. I am also drinking as much water as possible. There was blood in the bag a few days but not experiencing a lot of blood as of today. I am supposed to have the catheter removed Monday, March 5 I am hoping for good results I will follow up with you again
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    I had the Rezum procedure in office late January two days later I was in the emergency room with a massive cipro resistant E-coli blood infection and have been in and out of the hospital since trying to get rid of the infection including a follow up TURP operation to remove the dead tissue caused by Rezum where the E-Coli is hiding from the anti biotics. 

    Still on massive doses of antibiotics. This has been one "simple" procedure that almost killed me, ruined my sex life and wracked havoc on my body. 

    It is now mid May and I am praying that in two weeks when I am done with this coarse of anti-biotics I will be rid of this infection.

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    Hey buddy.  Just checking on you.  How are you doing now.  Any improvement.  Take care  Ken
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