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Rhofade for Severe Atopic Dermatitis

I know that Rhofade is specifically for rosacea, but, could it possibly [/b]be efficacious for severe facial dermatitiswith significant erythema (redness)

The most current Rx for general dermatitis is called: Eucrisa

My theory (concerning my facial redness) is that beginning at age 12

Iwas Dx with cystic acne.

I was placed on (2) rounds of Accutane, and used a kaleidoscope of ointments (benzyl peroxide) and many other creams, including corticosteriods, for ----years----

I think the Accutane damaged my skin's ability to moisturize itself.

As a result, even ------lightly---- shaving my face results in profound blotches of unsightly redness (and pain)

I have tried Elidel and Protopic...and now the new Eucrisa.

I know I do not necessarily have rosacea, but in many respects, what I have is profoundly worse.

And although the conditions do clinically differ erythema is one variable both have in common

Has anyone tried Rhofade for a condition such as mine.  

The main symptom is redness that lasts for hours

Mirvaso was a caused permanent "white blotchy areas" on my skin.

I an looking forward to anyone who might be kind enough to provide feedback, especially as it relates with Rhofade results   

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