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I suffered health anxiety from July which has now caused me to have postnatal depression, I've been to the docs got to wait till December for counciling and tried meds but they were awful!! Family try and help but I feel like I can't cope my partner left his job Monday so he could help me look after our daughter but now I feel bad because of money worries we could lose our house and everything! I don't no what to do my daughter is hard work she cries a lot she plays for 5 mins then she's bored screams the house down, I'm finding it hard as I have health anxiety regarding my heart and anaemia. I don't want to feel this way but I feel like everyone hates me because of how I am I don't want to feel like this, I go back to work on Monday because I need money! I love my daughter to pieces but I'm just finding it so hard! What do I do?

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    I understand you.

    I have anxiety since june,am constantly thinking about heart attack and dying.

    I started feeling this way after i heard news of a young guy in his 30s passed away from a heart attack.

    I have a 16 mths old son and am always worrying.

    I dont eat and drink much anymore and im constantly tired and in pain.

    Every aches and pain just stresses me out.

    I guess the best way is to always realise you have this condition,accept it and then believe that every little pain or discomfort you feel is all caused by the anxiety and nothing else.

    Believe you're healthy and just relax.

    I have been out of mood ever since june and i have been staying at home all the time.

    Im 23,so it sucks.

    Today im feeling abit positive eventhough i have been having sharp discomfort around my left side alot.

    Focus on something that can relax you.

    As for me,praying helps.

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      It's awful I feel guilty everyday for what I am putting my family through I am ok now with my health anxiety (well have it under control) it's just the not being able to cope with my daughter I hate it x
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      Hang in there.

      I was in your position when i first had my baby.

      He wants to be carried all the time and when he sleeps its just for like 20 mins.

      I didnt time to do anything at all.

      He still wakes up at night for milk now.

      I guess your daughter just wants attention from you.

      Wow can you share me how to manage to control your HA?

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      She's exactly the same she cries but as soon as you pick her up she's fine, and when she has a nap it's for 20 mins she's started waking up at 4.30am thinking its time to get up and we can't get her to go back to sleep so I'm really tired and she's so demanding!!

      With my health anxiety i realise that my rapid heart rate was due to anaemia and stress, I was put on iron supplement and touch wood it hasn't done it again, I still get a flutter every now and then but nothing bad at all so I've learnt to deal with it it's been 3 months and I've been ok so just trying to keep my mind off it, I read books and use the adult colouring books (when I have time) they help to sidetrack your mind. I also drink plenty of water as that seems to help me. I've started to take a multivitamin too. I'm underweight and tall so I'm desperate to put weight on I'm eating plenty healthy balanc d diet but don't seem to put weight on but my grandad was the same! I currently feel like I can't breathe and my heart rates a little fast so going to read a book and relax while I have the house to myself for an hour xx

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      Thats exactly the same.

      Me and hubby have to take turns to carry and put him to sleep all the time up till he turns 1.

      Im sure you'll be okey.

      Maybe you daughter just feels insecure if youre not arround her.

      Your touch means alot to her.

      Oh,as for me i recently when i got a blood test urine test done,thyroid fybroid blood pressure.

      Everything came out fine and heatlhy.

      So i guess its all in my head.

      Reading helps me too.

      Nowadays i just focus praying.

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    First of all you talk to your doctor. December is a long wait for counselling..Secondly, what happened in July?  You say your meds were awful. What were they? Just because one medication doesn't suit you doesn't mean another won't either - sometimes you need to try and you have a lot at stake here. Your partner has felt it necessary to give up his job and he's doing this for you and your daughter. How old is your daughter? Perhaps she needs to go the doctor too?   Do you take medication for your heart problem - Warfarin perhaps? Why should everyone hate you?  Contact the Mental Health Foundation and see if they can offer any advice. In the meantime see if you can calm down. Perhaps with your partner at home you can go for walks in the fresh air? He could take your daughter out for an hour and you could relax? Negotiate some sort of agenda between you. Post replies to my questions and I can get a better idea of what has been going on.
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      I had a sudden rapid heart rate out of the blue. I was anaemic and put on iron it hasn't done it since but I'm still scared! I've tried sertraline and citalopram they both made me anxious with constant panic attack I had an attack for 6 hours their awful and I darent take any other meds because of it! My daughter is 8 months. I don't take medication for my heart I don't need anything. Because I'm causing problems for everyone my partner has got to go and speak with his dad as he isn't happy about him quiting work. But he felt he had no choice as I can't get any other help from anyone, I'm finding it hard to look after her and get housekwork done I don't have many friends so I'm constantly stuck in especially when it's raining. He's going to his dad's soon so I'm going to try and get things sorted in the house. I've been to the doctors loads of times he says I'm fine and it's just stress rolleyes x
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