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I have been sick since July I have had several visits to the hospital, specialist and primary doctors. I have been having constant head pressure since July. I’ve lost a lot of weight but slowly gaining it back, lost my appetite kind of coming back as well now. Chest pains, pain in my throat and back of my neck and upper shoulders. Feeling like I’m going to loose consciousness and trouble breathing at times. When I drive it seems like the head pressure gets worse. I was going to the ER like everyday day and was being told nothing is wrong with me just maybe aniexty or stress, I have had CT scans a MRI and those have came back normal. Then back in August I finally was told that I have hyperthyroid and I was happy I found that out and went to my primary doctor with the information they gave me my primary doctor ran test and sent me to have an ultrasound of my thyroids and everything came back normal so she said it couldn’t be my thyroids. I went to a endocrinologist and they ran test that came back normal. I went to the ER again a month later they told me again my thyroid level was high. I haven’t been given any medicine to help with this if that is the case because my doctor and specialist said everything is normal and didn’t prescribe me anything. The ER didn’t give me any medication for the first time I went but the second time they gave me a beta blocker but that isn’t good enough. My heart was also racing a lot a few months ago but doesn’t really any more and at one point it was racing so fast I could hardly breathe. I am wondering if this could really be hyperthyroid or something else since I’m getting mixed results and not sure what else to do. I feel as if I’m dying I’ve never felt this bad in my life.. wondering if guys experienced anything this bad with having thyroid issues. Oh and I also get a frog like feeling in my throat and feel something in my chest at the same time. Sorry for the long text. Just very tired of feeling this way. 

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    I have heard of people with your symptoms when they have an adrenal problem connected with their thyroid disease.  I would ask your doctors to look into this, especially the Endocrinologist or even the Emerg Department if you are assessed there frequently..  There are specific tests for adrenal problems such as Cortisol levels, etc.  You might also want to Google adrenal/thyroid problems.
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    Hello dear, i have the same problem as yours and many more.  I have also been suffering from july with the same problems and conditions because of some dumb doctors. You should go to a medicine doctor or endocrinologist. And show him your reports and you are definitely need to get treated with anti thyroid medicine and beta blockers to control the symptoms like palpations. And don't take stress bcs it will only worse your symptoms. And also could you please tell me your TSH,  T3 and T4. I think you have subclinical hyperthyroid that is why your doctor have not prescribed you antithyroid medicine. Usually some doctors wait to worse your condition🙄.

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    If what you are saying is correct What you need is prayer and and INTERGRATED PRACTITIONER which will probably require private pay. If you are in the Boston, MA area I would suggest Dr. Beverly Wedda she was in the Marleborough area when she cared for my Mom. Sadly mainstream medicine fails to intergrate sx with what is really happening and they make people sicker. This message will probably be cut, but someone has to stick out their neck for sick and suffering people. If you are not near Massachusetts I would suggest contacting Beverly for a referral. She is good, kind and brilliant!
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    Sorry to hear you're feeling this way. I too, have been dealing with similar symptoms that started in July out of no where. I've been hypothyroid for a few years now. One day I was driving down the interstate when all of a sudden my body kind of went numb and I felt as if I was going to pass out. I pulled over and asked the attendant at the toll booth to call an ambulance. They ran all sorts of tests and said everything was fine and that it was probably just anxiety. I didn't want to believe them because I've never suffered from anxiety in my life. After that day I haven't been my self. I've been to the er several times and had mri's, ct's and ekgs done...all came back normal. All the doctors kept telling me is that it's anxiety and panic attacks. Driving is almost impossible for me too, my eyes get really blurry and it makes the back of my head hurt. I recently found out that my thyroid levels flipped and are now in a hyperthyroid state, which is causing some of my symptoms, but my endo doesn't know why I've been constantly light headed and dizzy since October. I've been put on Xanax to help with the anxiety issues. I was just referred to an ENT doctor on Monday and he is sending me the physical therapy to help with the light headed feeling. He said that the crystals in my inner ear are out of whack. I still have pain in the back of my head on the right side almost daily and I've been unable to drive since October. I hope you get some answers soon. I've learned that following some of these forums has helped me out. Try to do your own research when someone gives you suggestions. That's what I've been doing and it's opened my eyes to so much and now when I go in to the doctor for something I feel more educated and can bring up things that they may not see on a daily basis.  

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    Hello Shonna, 

        I’m so sorry you are going through this, it sounds pretty awful.   There are a couple of others on here with similar symptoms, I think Shonna and Rmichell.  ?  Please excuse me if I have the names wrong!

         Please post your test results when you can.  I was diagnosed with Graves, hyper thyroid last July with symptoms like yours.  TSH was 0.01, and T’s above range.  Also positive for TSI and TPO antibodies.  I was put on Methimazole and a beta blocker.   

    My TSH remained low until I started L-carnitine 2000 mg.  In a month TSH jumped to 3.66 so I stopped the l-carnitine because I was having hypo symptoms.   

          I never got a definitive answer as to whether I have Graves or Hashimotos.   

            In the last month I stopped both the methimizole and the atenenol beta blocker.    My numbers are all in range and antibodies have gone down since eliminating gluten.  (TSH 1.65, with the Ts in range but near the bottom. )

             But in the past month my problems with weight and muscle loss and pain and hair loss have increased!  I’ve also got that painful headache on the back of my head like several others here have mentioned. And I’m not hyper anymore so why ?  It’s so discouraging!  I'm wondering if it could be an adrenal problem as some have mentioned on here. 

    I’m wondering if I should start the L-carnitine again but I don’t want to go hypo as I was trending when I took it. 

       Seems there have been several posters on here that have had similar issues.  

         I’m having a CT of my head tomorrow to rule out anything serious, (since I’m 74 and “old” the GP ordered it), and am starting physical therapy next week for weak muscles. 

         I’m beginning to look anorexic and don’t want that!

          I hope you get some answers soon!  It is so depressing when you feel nobody is helping you and things arn’t getting better.  Keep the faith Shonna, and learn all you can about the thyroid as it seems a lot is on the patient to figure out these days.  💕

           If anyone has any suggestions for me please chime in.  


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