Scared heavy head black dots in eyes dizzy off balance can't focus worried

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Hi guys I've been on many forumz and listened to everyone else talk about there symptoms and a lot that mirror mine, I've been suffering recently and I'm breaking up inside my poor children are suffering this summer because daddy don't have the get up and go and it's depressing me, I'm 34 not great health self inflicted you could say I have hiatus hernia acid reflux, recent I have developed server pano attacks, I thought I was going to die from a heart attack, I could here my heart in my head and I was not able to control my self, burning sensation in my arms and legs felt like I was on fire, they werr that bad I had paramedics out 5 times, all said I am suffering with anxiety as all my vitals were good blood was a little high but to be expected as I was worried, last medic said I had too much oxygen in my body...

I have a damaged rotator cuff and he said that's the pain I am getting down my arm nerve damage maybe I don't know, my neck pain I believe to be caused by driving my van, everything else I am life has taken a beating these last few months unsure how long I have been suffering exactly but it's been a while, it's so bad my grandad passed away few days ago and I've not really processed this in full.... I feel I cannot see right I cannot focus back of my head where it meets my neck has tension aches I feel dizzy, I feel I need to put pressure on my head to relieve it... I have tinitus and not very sensitive to noise. I am getting more stressed every day and it's killing me... I try to get on with things work wise but won't go away.... Doctors put me on propannol ( I think that how you spell it ) beater blocker and he want me to try a new anxiety drug for now.... He's booked me on for a Mir scan but said he don't think it will show anything but wants to rule it out....

I am thinking this is it I have something wrong with my brain a clot or something horrid and I am completely over run with worry, even writing his message I'm feeling dizzy and worried pressure in my neck and head at the back..... I want if like magic someone can tell me i am ok I feel like a scared child I have no control... A list of what I gave the doctor I have listed below

Issues I've been having

Unable to focus

Feels like I'm not even here

Pressure in my head

Really bad tianatus

Sensitive ears especially left ear

Constant jilts of feeling scared


Hard to breath high up in my chest

Very bad panic attacks

Laying down in bed inside my head the feeling as if I've got up too fast

Server neck pain mainly caused by driving my van and caused strain on my neck where my head meets

Sometimes I get little black like orbs floating in my eyes

Having pains numbness and burning down my left arm constant feeling like something is seriously wrong with me like I have something wrong with my brain

Very very emotional constantly worrying

Trouble getting words out while talking

Feels like vertigo while looking down

Ambulance say I have too much Oxygen in my body

also suspects I have a damaged nerve in my shoulder from previous rotator cuff injury Lump in four arm sometimes hurts....

Regained Apatite since getting clear blood results back have CBT therapy on 18th August. Signed up for health trainer in uckfield next week..... Had eyes tested all fine glasses for close up work suck as laptops and writing.

People say vitamin D and asked if I have been checked for lymes??? Not sure what that is....

Please help

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    It really sounds like your brain....needs some medication.

    I experienced all the same symptoms for years...and I was on a medication but I really think the medication was causing most of my symptoms.

    I recently switched to a new medication and I have started exercising....can you join a gym?  I'm telling you....exercise...the proper medication...and diet...are HUGE to alleviating these symptoms.

    I went so FAR worried about all of these symptoms I went to a Neurologist.

    My brain MRI is abnormal..but I think it is from years of alcohol abuse.

    Also if you abuse any kind of substance...alcohol or drugs...those things also wreak this type of havok.

    Since I have been exercising (1wk)....and taking the new antidepressent...I feel 100% different.

    I'm not focused on all my "bad" symptoms all the time like I body is healthier already....I've been given every pill to alleviate symptoms and none of them really work.

    What works is mindfulness (staying in the moment) and exercise.

    The exercise...I believe is giving me better sleep too....and when someone isn't sleeping it opens the door for many of these symptoms as well.

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      Hi misssy2 thanks for the comment, I used to gym I went through a stage of social drinking a little too much but stopped at least 7 weeks ago I stopped smoking about 6 years ago never taken drugs of the illegal kind..... I'm unsure where to start

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      Well sean...try the gym again?  Actually stopping drinknig about 7 weeks ago...seems like perfect timing for the extra anxiety you are feeling.

      Everyone has a certain level of anxiety...but for us who are prone to doesn't take much to really upset our bodies....

      I think you should re-join the gym...and to start...make yourself take a walk today....they say that walking is the quickest way to easing STRESS...getting the endorphins working.....and sleeping better.

      Also, when I eat fatty mood and anxiety pay the price.

      I craved pizza all day yesterday...I did not have it.....but whenever I do eat alot of fatty foods (which is often)...I feel sluggish and anxious..more than when I try to eat healthy and drink lots of fluid!


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    Good grief - how can anyone have too much oxygen in their body? Normal is 96% - 99%.

    No wonder you're miserable - I've been to Uckfield.......... (sorry - joke)

    Seriously, Sean, you've done the heart attack thing, now you're moving on to the brain tumour thing. Or a bleed in the brain. Whatever.

    Do you know how much an MRI scan costs the NHS? Especially one that doesn't need to be done..........

    I am glad to see that you're going to be starting CBT and that you've started propranolol. That should help enormously.

    Good luck - keep us posted.     Tess xx

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      Hi thanks I'm not far from uckfield but don't live that area :-).... I'd sooner rather not go for a Mir if I am honest but doctor says overwise I just want him to say yea your fine and believe it..... Unsure what the too much oxides in my body meant if I am honest

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    Wow. .there are. .i have GAD. .your symptoms are same with mine. .if you are anxious all the time your blood pressure will definitely rise. I am currently taking physiotherapy for my neck and shoulder aches. They help alot. Just think positive even though its hard and try to keep your self busy with something else. Good luck. .
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    I have a feeling you may be very dehydrated, also. You have no idea what that can do to mind and body. You need to be drinking one half your body weight in ounces of liquid...mostly water. a bottle of gatorade a day.
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    Wow, I have all the same symptoms! The back of my head feels numb and I have neck pain. Throw in pins and needles and ringing in the ears too. I have been diagnosed with GAD too and have started taking sertraline after previousley on Venlafaxine. I'm going the excercise route too and run 3 to 5 km a day. Well, for the past week I have and hope to continue. Good luck

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    I'm having exactly same symptoms they're annoying as hell !

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