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Hi everyone.

I am going for oesophageal manometry and ph testing at the end of thus month. Im on ppi once a day. The invitation letter from hospital said to stop ppi 7days before procedure.

Ill be a complete mess in just 3 dys with no meds. Sad i know.

Has anyone here had these procedures done and could advice if i could help myelf somehow?

Also im nervous. What were yr experiences?

Thank u.

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    Unfortunately, you’re not in for a fun time. I’m sorry to have to break it to you. 

    This is the procedure: 

    - if it’s a 48hr bravo, you’ll get a spritz of numbing stuff to the back of your throat. You’ll have an endoscope put down your throat (while awake) and they’ll hook on the pill tester. This may sting a little. But it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. 

    - if it’s a 24 hour test (which is what this sounds like), they’ll spritz your throat and coat your nose a bit. Then you’ll have a (coated) thin cable thing put up your nose then down your throat. They’ll then tape the cable in place on your face. You’ll totally look like a Star Trek Borg. 

    In both cases you’ll get a monitor you’ll use to track symptoms. 

    The 48hr Test is more comfortable, but the 24hr Test is more informative, because it tells you things like how high  reflux goes, rather than whether it’s just acidic or not. 

    Yes, PPI’s need to be stopped 7 days before. Ask about h2 blockers. I believe the rule on these is 3 days, but check with your doctor. Also, I believe you can use antacids all the way up to the day before you have the monitor installed. Again, check with your doctor. 

    Remember that this is only short term. Yes, you’ll feel like crud. And yes, it’ll feel like you’re doing tons of dramage to your esophagus. But you’ll be fine. The esophagus is surprisingly sturdy under these conditions. 

    During the test, do your worst. Include a hot cup of black coffee with you breakfast fried egg and sausage sandwich. Eat pizza with onions and extra garlic. Want that fatty ice cream? Go for it. Oh, and when eating Mexican, don’t skimp out on the hot sauce. 

    The point is, while on the test, eat on the bad side of normal. Don’t eat foods you never eat (so if you’ve never had a fried chicken habit, don’t start right now). But do eat foods you avoid due to GERD. 

    FOLLOW THEIR RULES TO THE LETTER. When in doubt, there’s usually a call line. Call it. 

    And if it’s a 24 hour exam, sorry for the whole nose discomfort. It’ll feel OK-ish after some time, but never normal. Hope you don’t have a terribly sensitive gag reflex. The cable down the throat thing is NOT fun. 

    On the bright side, you’ll get good info from this, and that is worth any discomfort you’ll need to deal with. 

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      Thank u for coming back to me.

      Im glad u suggested what to eat as i would probably eat what i do now and not before all this started.

      What did u mean by the bit where u wrote the nose will never be the same.

      Ive had my nose and voicebox scoped before. It was odd.

      Did have endoscopy but was knocked out.

      I looked it up and yrs ill look wierd.

      Im hoping the results will help with my treatment.

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      If you’ve had the voice box scoped before (a laryngoscopy) then this will be fine. I’ve had one, too, and *hated* it. If you did well with it, then that’s half the battle. The other is your gag reflex. But all of that takes maybe 2 minutes.  

      By “never normal”, I meant during the test, sorry. It’s just not normal to have a wire shoved up your nore and down the back of your throat for a whole day! 

      Best of luck. 

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    Hi Katherine, I had manometry test done last June, I was also very nervous, it is uncomfortable for 24*hours while tube is in but it is manageable, the worst part for me was the discomfort of tube up my nose, it was no problem to eat as normal, don't be afraid it will not be as bad as you expect, discomfort but boring pain. I had to come off my ppi 12days in advance, I felt way better off them than on, I stayed of them then as I felt so well until September and then bang, horrible rebound reflux and am suffering every day since, in due back to hospital in May to see gastrointestinal doctor, good luck with it all, hope you get good results, my showed mild night time reflux. Kate

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      Thank u very much for yr time and reassurance.

      I have symptoms every day so know what discomfort and pain are.

      I was a perfectly healthy person 1 yr ago.

      This all started when i stopped smoking for good.

      Very bizzare i know. Doctors must think im bonkers.

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      No your not bonkers, mine all started two years ago when my then gp frightening the life out of me after I had an mri of my back and she said I might possibly have an incurable disease, luckily for me it turned out to be nothing, but I got so stressed all this reflux started, I wish I had never gone for that mri but I was suffering severe back pain at the time
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    Has it helped u in further treatment of yr condition?

    Im desperatly hoping for some answers.

    All tests so far came back normal or according to doctors nothing to worry about.

    Im winging i know, sorry.

    Its been over a yr and from healthy to this I still struggle and cant adjust with daily symptoms. I had to beg and pester doctors to get this upcoming test fir many months. 5 months of suffering and waiting for thus test.

    I found many gps were almost dismissive of what i was describing to them. Very little time spent with me. No diet suggested. I had to research all myself. Emergency services told me off for turning up in pain.

    I want my life back. There is lot i cant do now.

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      When you say daily symptoms, can you describe, I too am suffering daily symptoms, last endoscopy was done in 2016 and I'm very worried about the condition of my oesophagus now

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      I get chest pains mainly in one area. It has changed so much in that yr.

      Sometimes the oains goes through to my back near by left scapula.

      Sometimes i burp but i used lods more then now. I dont feel food coming up yet thats very rare.

      But burping can hurt.

      I get the pain iften after eating.

      Too cold or too hot isnt good.

      I get that pain sometimes dull or sharp when i do certain movements such as driving a car.

      My post nasal drip reduced.

      Sometimes i get warm burn like symptom acriss chest. But nainly pain.

      My breathing is fine. I no longer cough.

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      I also felt some involuntary spasms in my chest and some matter in mid chest and next was followed by either pain and tightness across chest and back or burning. Those came out of nowhere even when i was resting.
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    All sounds so familiar, worst for me is pain a nd burning in my chest sometimes going tru to my back, hope you will let's us know how you get on with your manometry test, best of luck

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      Thank u. I will.

      I just looked at yr profile and it seems uve been suffering similar period of time to me.

      How strange.

      Was going to write u a private message but i cant see an option for it.

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      Hi Katerina,

      Not sure if I would be allowed to send you my email, think it would probably be blocked

      but yes we seem to be suffering same length of time and symptoms, have you had your

      manometry yet and if so how did you get on, 


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      Im sure u eat well and sleep elevated.

      I found ome relief on low or lower carbs food which was also from sibo diet of low fermentable chart.

      Also probiotic tablets helping.

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      Crazy to have to wait so long, but remember you will get through it and it will be easier than you are nervous about, I've slept with my bed elevated for past year, I eat little to no bread, maybe I should give up potatoes as well

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      Have them less often or less of them.

      I miss bread so much. Still have it now and then. Sometimes it is ok sometimes it hurts.

      I replaced lots of my potatoes with swede or butternut squash( both ok to mash and roast, butternut squash is lush roasted with the skin on as it stops it from going soggy) and I eat quite a bit of leafy veg. I can eat any leaner meat without issues and believe me it tastes ok to have grilled meat with low carb veg and no spuds or half spuds and half swede to start with.

      Im no doctor so pls dont take it as a gospel.

      As no doctors had time to advice me i keep searching and trying anything which could help.

      Lot of the gas, bloating and burps etc can be from fermenting and bacterial overgrowth.

      So i found the list of Sibo friendly foods and from that list picked low acid ones too. I found vegetables less risky to be triggers than fruit. No sugars if u can help.

      If some sweetness is needed i got stevia, but very steady as sweeteners can be unhelpful too.

      Not sure if u eat dairy but i reduced them to minimum . I also use plant based milk. I buy probiotic capsules in boots. I have some vitamins too. I tend to take each on alternative days as dont like swallowing too many tablets.

      Have u found anything which gave u comfort and relief?

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